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Name:Coniothecium Corda apud Sturm, J.W., Deutschlands Flora 3 (1833) page 71 [basionym]


Coniotheciella Speg. (1918)


Genus, anamorph (hyphomycete)

Taxonomic position:

Pezizomycotina O.E. Erikss. & Winka [Subdivision / Subphylum]
Ascomycota Caval.-Sm. [Division / Phylum]
Fungi R.T. Moore [Kingdom]

Constituent taxa:

Coniothecium abietis J. Lindau
Coniothecium acanthophylli Massee
Coniothecium agaves Petr.
Coniothecium albocinctum Preuss
Coniothecium album Miura
Coniothecium alneum P. Karst.
Coniothecium amentacearum Corda
Coniothecium ampelophloeum Sacc.
Coniothecium anaptychiae J. Lindau
Coniothecium anisosporum Mont.
Coniothecium antarcticum Speg.
Coniothecium applanatum Sacc.
Coniothecium arachideum Lucks
Coniothecium argentinense Speg.
Coniothecium asperulum Durieu & Mont.
Coniothecium atroviride Bubák
Coniothecium atrum Corda
Coniothecium austriacum Thüm.
Coniothecium bertheraudi Mégnin
Coniothecium betulinum Corda
Coniothecium capsularum Grognot
Coniothecium carpophylum Bubák
Coniothecium catamarcense Speg.
Coniothecium caulicola P. Karst.
Coniothecium celtidis Peck
Coniothecium cerasi McAlpine
Coniothecium charticola Fuckel
Coniothecium chomatosporum Corda
Coniothecium chromatosporum Corda
Coniothecium citri McAlpine
Coniothecium complanatum Sacc.
Coniothecium conglutinatum Corda
Coniothecium corticola Bubák
Coniothecium crustaceum (Lindner) Neger
Coniothecium cupulariae Pass.
Coniothecium cydoniae Brunaud
Coniothecium didymum Durieu & Mont.
Coniothecium discoideum Cooke
Coniothecium donacinum Sacc.
Coniothecium effusum Corda
Coniothecium epidermidis Corda
Coniothecium eriodictyonis Dearn. & Barthol.
Coniothecium erumpens Sacc. & Syd.
Coniothecium eryngii Moesz
Coniothecium eucalypti Thüm.
Coniothecium globiferum Corda
Coniothecium glumarum Sacc.
Coniothecium gonorrhoicum Hallier
Coniothecium gramineum Sacc.
Coniothecium graphideorum (Nyl.) Keissl.
Coniothecium halimodendri Kravtzev
Coniothecium haloxyli Kravtzev
Coniothecium helicoideum Sacc. & Roum.
Coniothecium heraclei Oudem.
Coniothecium heterosporum Reichert
Coniothecium intricatum Peck
Coniothecium kabatii Bres.
Coniothecium lenticellarum Syd.
Coniothecium lichenicola Linds.
Coniothecium macowanii Sacc.
Coniothecium macrosporum Sorokīn
Coniothecium meiomerum Speg.
Coniothecium micromerum Speg.
Coniothecium mollerianum Thüm.
Coniothecium mucigenum Bubák
Coniothecium mughi Oudem.
Coniothecium oligomerum Speg.
Coniothecium olivaceum McAlpine
Coniothecium pampaninianum Sacc.
Coniothecium perplexum Peck
Coniothecium persicae Speg.
Coniothecium pertusaricola
Coniothecium pertusariicola (Nyl.) Keissl.
Coniothecium pervagatum Preuss
Coniothecium phyllogenum Desm.
Coniothecium phyllophilum Desm.
Coniothecium platense Speg.
Coniothecium psammae Oudem.
Coniothecium pulverulentum P. Karst.
Coniothecium punctiforme Corda
Coniothecium pyramidula E. Bommer, M. Rousseau & Sacc.
Coniothecium quercinum Sacc.
Coniothecium questieri Desm.
Coniothecium radians Sacc.
Coniothecium rameale Corda
Coniothecium rhododendri Bubák
Coniothecium rhois Sacc. & Trotter
Coniothecium ribis P. Karst.
Coniothecium richardiae (Mercer) Jauch
Coniothecium rubi Peck
Coniothecium saccharinum Peck
Coniothecium sarcosporioides (Ellis & F.W. Anderson) Pound & Clem.
Coniothecium scabrum McAlpine
Coniothecium scrabrum McAlpine
Coniothecium seriale Durieu & Mont.
Coniothecium silaceum (Fée) Keissl.
Coniothecium sociale Peck
Coniothecium sophorae Pass.
Coniothecium sphaerale (Ach.) Keissl.
Coniothecium stilesianum Rivolta
Coniothecium subglobosum Cooke
Coniothecium syphiliticum Hallier
Coniothecium syringae Speschnew
Coniothecium tamaricis Lobik
Coniothecium tamariscinum Thüm.
Coniothecium tiliae Lasch
Coniothecium toruloides Corda
Coniothecium transversale Sacc.
Coniothecium variegatum Preuss
Coniothecium velutinum Speg.
Coniothecium viticola Cooke & Massee

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