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Name:Cryptosporium Kunze, (1817) page 1 [basionym]


Cryptomela Sacc. (1884)


Genus, anamorph (hyphomycete)

Taxonomic position:

Pezizomycotina O.E. Erikss. & Winka [Subdivision / Subphylum]
Ascomycota Caval.-Sm. [Division / Phylum]
Fungi R.T. Moore [Kingdom]

Constituent taxa:

Cryptosporium acerinum Bres.
Cryptosporium acharii
Cryptosporium acicola Thüm.
Cryptosporium aegopodii Preuss
Cryptosporium ammophilae Durieu & Mont.
Cryptosporium ampelinum Thüm.
Cryptosporium amygdalinum Sacc.
Cryptosporium andropogonis Morochk.
Cryptosporium androsaces Rostr.
Cryptosporium anthrisci Lind
Cryptosporium arundinis Durieu & Mont.
Cryptosporium atrum Kunze
Cryptosporium aucupariae Allesch.
Cryptosporium aurantiacum Link
Cryptosporium betivorus
Cryptosporium betulinum Jaap
Cryptosporium betulinum Corda
Cryptosporium boycei Dearn.
Cryptosporium boycii Dearn.
Cryptosporium brunneoviride (Auersw.) Jacq.
Cryptosporium buxicola Rolland
Cryptosporium calami Niessl
Cryptosporium camelliae Siemaszko
Cryptosporium candidum Dearn.
Cryptosporium capparidis S. Ahmad
Cryptosporium capparis S. Ahmad
Cryptosporium caricinum (Fr.) Höhn.
Cryptosporium caricis Corda
Cryptosporium carpogenum Roum. & Pat.
Cryptosporium cerasinum Peck
Cryptosporium ceuthosporoides Cooke & Harkn.
Cryptosporium circinans Welw. & M.A. Curtis
Cryptosporium confluens Kunze
Cryptosporium conicum Bonord.
Cryptosporium corni Negru
Cryptosporium coronatum Fuckel
Cryptosporium coronillae Hollós
Cryptosporium corticale (Ellis & Everh.) Gregory & Waller
Cryptosporium crypticum Cooke ex Grove
Cryptosporium cydoniae Schulzer
Cryptosporium deplanatum Fr.
Cryptosporium ellipticum Syd.
Cryptosporium epiphyllum Cooke & Ellis
Cryptosporium eucalypti Cooke & Harkn.
Cryptosporium euphorbiae Höhn.
Cryptosporium falcatum Dearn.
Cryptosporium falcisporum Antok.
Cryptosporium fasiculata (Tode) Petr.
Cryptosporium ferrugineum Bonord.
Cryptosporium filicinum Berk. & M.A. Curtis
Cryptosporium fraxini Rostr.
Cryptosporium fusarioides Sacc.
Cryptosporium graminis Fr.
Cryptosporium hippocastani Cooke
Cryptosporium hyalosporum Mont. & Ces.
Cryptosporium hypodermium Auersw.
Cryptosporium hysterioides Corda
Cryptosporium imberbe Fr.
Cryptosporium ipirangae Speg.
Cryptosporium leptostromiforme J.G. Kühn
Cryptosporium lonicerae Cooke & Ellis
Cryptosporium ludwigii Sacc.
Cryptosporium lunasporum Linder
Cryptosporium lunatum Nann.
Cryptosporium lunulatum Bäumler
Cryptosporium lupini Cooke
Cryptosporium macrospermum Peck
Cryptosporium maculans Corda
Cryptosporium magnoliae Thüm.
Cryptosporium malvae Grove
Cryptosporium minimum Laubert
Cryptosporium montanoae Sousa da Câmara
Cryptosporium mori Fuckel
Cryptosporium neesii Corda
Cryptosporium nigrum Bonord.
Cryptosporium noveboracense Berk. & M.A. Curtis
Cryptosporium nubilosum Ellis & Everh.
Cryptosporium nyssae Cooke & Ellis
Cryptosporium opegraphoides Malbr. & Sacc.
Cryptosporium oxyspermum Schulzer & Sacc.
Cryptosporium perularum Thüm.
Cryptosporium phillyreae Pat.
Cryptosporium pini Berk. & M.A. Curtis
Cryptosporium pinicola Linder
Cryptosporium populi Bonord.
Cryptosporium prunicola Ellis & Everh.
Cryptosporium pseudacaciae Schwein.
Cryptosporium psoraleae Politis
Cryptosporium punctiforme Cooke & Harkn.
Cryptosporium rhodocyclum Mont.
Cryptosporium ribis Fuckel
Cryptosporium robiniae Dearn. & House
Cryptosporium rusci Maire
Cryptosporium savulescui Negru
Cryptosporium scirpi Peck
Cryptosporium seseli Moesz
Cryptosporium siphonis Oudem.
Cryptosporium solidaginis Cooke & Ellis
Cryptosporium sorbi Ces.
Cryptosporium staphyleae Gonz. Frag.
Cryptosporium tami Grove
Cryptosporium tiliae Sacc.
Cryptosporium tubeufianum
Cryptosporium turgidum Berk. & Broome
Cryptosporium vincae G.H. Otth
Cryptosporium vineae G.H. Otth
Cryptosporium viride Bonord.
Cryptosporium vulgare Fr.

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