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Name:Gymnopilus P. Karst., (1879) page xxi, 400 [basionym]


Fulvidula Romagn. (1936)



Taxonomic position:

Strophariaceae Singer & A.H. Sm. [Family]
Agaricales Underw. [Order]
Agaricomycetidae [Subclass]
Agaricomycetes Doweld [Class]
Agaricomycotina Doweld [Subdivision / Subphylum]
Basidiomycota R.T. Moore [Division / Phylum]
Fungi R.T. Moore [Kingdom]

Constituent taxa:

Gymnopilus abramsii Murrill
Gymnopilus abruptus (Fr.) Horniček
Gymnopilus aculeatus (Bres. & Roum.) Singer
Gymnopilus acystidiatus Guzm.-Dáv. & Guzmán
Gymnopilus aeruginosus (Peck) Singer
Gymnopilus alabamensis Murrill
Gymnopilus allantopus (Berk.) Pegler
Gymnopilus alpinus (Singer) Singer
Gymnopilus amarissimus Murrill
Gymnopilus angustifolius Hesler
Gymnopilus arenicola Hesler
Gymnopilus areolatus Murrill
Gymnopilus armillatus Murrill
Gymnopilus aromaticus Murrill
Gymnopilus astragalinus (Fr.) Imai
Gymnopilus aurantiacus Hesler
Gymnopilus aurantiobrunneus Z.S. Bi
Gymnopilus aurantiophyllus Hesler
Gymnopilus aureobrunneus (Berk. & M.A. Curtis) Murrill
Gymnopilus aureoviridis
Gymnopilus austropicreus B.J. Rees
Gymnopilus austrosapineus B.J. Rees
Gymnopilus avellanus (Cooke & Massee) Pegler
Gymnopilus baileyi (Berk. & Broome) Pegler
Gymnopilus bakeri Dennis
Gymnopilus bellulus (Peck) Murrill
Gymnopilus braendlei (Peck) Hesler
Gymnopilus brevipes (Cleland) Grgur.
Gymnopilus brittoniae (Murrill) Singer
Gymnopilus bryophilus Murrill
Gymnopilus caerulovirescens Z.S. Bi
Gymnopilus capitatus Guzm.-Dáv. & Guzmán
Gymnopilus carbonarius (Fr. ex Fr.) Murrill
Gymnopilus castaneus Murrill
Gymnopilus chilensis Singer
Gymnopilus chrysimyces (Berk.) Manjula
Gymnopilus chrysites (Berk.) Singer
Gymnopilus chrysopellus (Berk. & M.A. Curtis) Murrill
Gymnopilus chrysotrichoides Murrill
Gymnopilus chrysotrichus
Gymnopilus communis Guzm.-Dáv.
Gymnopilus corsicus Romagn.
Gymnopilus corticophilus B.J. Rees
Gymnopilus crassitunicatus Guzm.-Dáv.
Gymnopilus croceoluteus Hesler
Gymnopilus crocias (Berk. & Broome) Singer
Gymnopilus crociphyllus (Cooke & Massee) Pegler
Gymnopilus decipiens (W.G. Sm.) P.D. Orton
Gymnopilus decoratus Murrill
Gymnopilus decurrens Hesler
Gymnopilus depressus Murrill
Gymnopilus dilepis (Berk. & Broome) Singer
Gymnopilus dryophilus Murrill
Gymnopilus dulongjiangensis M. Zang
Gymnopilus earlei Murrill
Gymnopilus echinulisporus Murrill
Gymnopilus elongatipes Z.S. Bi
Gymnopilus eucalyptorum (Cleland) Singer
Gymnopilus excentriciformis Singer
Gymnopilus fagicola Murrill
Gymnopilus farinaceus Murrill
Gymnopilus ferruginosus B.J. Rees
Gymnopilus fibrillosipes Murrill
Gymnopilus filicea (Cooke) Singer
Gymnopilus filiceus (Cooke) Singer
Gymnopilus flavidellus Murrill
Gymnopilus flavifolius Murrill
Gymnopilus flavipunctatus (Speg.) Singer
Gymnopilus flavus (Bres.) Singer
Gymnopilus foedatus (Peck) Murrill
Gymnopilus fulgens (J. Favre & Maire) Singer
Gymnopilus fulvicolor Murrill
Gymnopilus fulviconicus Murrill
Gymnopilus fulvosquamulosus Hesler
Gymnopilus fuscosquamulosus Hesler
Gymnopilus galerinopsis Guzm.-Dáv.
Gymnopilus giganteus K. Natarajan & Raman
Gymnopilus gummosus (Lasch) Maire
Gymnopilus hainanensis T.H. Li & W.M. Zhang
Gymnopilus helvoliceps Berk. & M.A. Curtis
Gymnopilus hemipenetrans Guzm.-Dáv.
Gymnopilus hillii Murrill
Gymnopilus hispidellus Murrill
Gymnopilus hispidus
Gymnopilus holocrocinus (Berk.) Singer
Gymnopilus humicola Harding ex Singer
Gymnopilus hybridus (Fr.) Singer
Gymnopilus hybridus (Giller) Maire
Gymnopilus hypholomoides Murrill
Gymnopilus igniculus Deneyer, P.A. Moreau & Wuilb.
Gymnopilus imperialis (Speg.) Singer
Gymnopilus intermedius (Singer) Singer
Gymnopilus jalapensis Murrill
Gymnopilus janthinosarx (Singer) Singer
Gymnopilus josserandii Antonín
Gymnopilus junonius (Fr.) P.D. Orton
Gymnopilus karnalensis S.M. Kulk.
Gymnopilus karrara Grgur.
Gymnopilus konkinyerius Grgur.
Gymnopilus lacticolor Murrill
Gymnopilus laricicola J. Favre
Gymnopilus lateritius (Pat.) Murrill
Gymnopilus latus Murrill
Gymnopilus lepidotus Hesler
Gymnopilus levis Raithelh.
Gymnopilus limulatus (Fr.) Maire
Gymnopilus liquiritiae (Pers.) P. Karst.
Gymnopilus longipes Guzm.-Dáv. & Guzmán
Gymnopilus longisporus Murrill
Gymnopilus lubricus (Pers.) S. Imai
Gymnopilus ludovicianus Murrill
Gymnopilus luteocarneus Hesler
Gymnopilus luteofolius (Peck) Singer
Gymnopilus luteoviridis Thiers
Gymnopilus lutescens Hesler
Gymnopilus luteus (Peck) Hesler
Gymnopilus macrocheilocystidiatus Guzm.-Dáv. & Guzmán
Gymnopilus macrosporus (Singer) Singer
Gymnopilus magnificus Guzm.-Dáv. & Guzmán
Gymnopilus marasmioides (Berk.) Singer
Gymnopilus marginatus B.J. Rees
Gymnopilus marticorenai Garrido
Gymnopilus medius Guzm.-Dáv.
Gymnopilus megasporus Grgur.
Gymnopilus melleus Hesler
Gymnopilus mesosporus E. Horak
Gymnopilus microloxus Singer
Gymnopilus micromegas (Berk.) Manjula
Gymnopilus microsporus Singer
Gymnopilus minutosporus Natarajan & Raman
Gymnopilus mitis Hesler
Gymnopilus moabus Grgur.
Gymnopilus mullaunius Grgur.
Gymnopilus nashii Murrill
Gymnopilus naucorioides Hesler
Gymnopilus nevadensis Guzm.-Dáv. & Guzmán
Gymnopilus nitens (Cooke & Massee) Dhanch.
Gymnopilus njalaensis (Beeli) Pegler
Gymnopilus norfolkensis B.J. Rees & Lepp
Gymnopilus noviholocirrhus S. Ito & S. Imai
Gymnopilus novoguineensis Hongo
Gymnopilus obscurus Hesler
Gymnopilus ochraceus Høil.
Gymnopilus odini (Fr.) Kühner & Romagn.
Gymnopilus olivaceobrunneus S.M. Kulk.
Gymnopilus olivaceus
Gymnopilus omphalina Murrill
Gymnopilus oregonensis Murrill
Gymnopilus ornatulus Murrill
Gymnopilus oxylepis (Berk. & Broome) Singer
Gymnopilus pachycystis Singer
Gymnopilus pacificus Hesler
Gymnopilus pallidus Murrill
Gymnopilus palmicola Murrill
Gymnopilus pampeanus (Speg.) Singer
Gymnopilus panelloides E. Horak & Corner
Gymnopilus panurensis (Berk.) Pegler
Gymnopilus parrumbalus Grgur.
Gymnopilus parvisporus B.J. Rees
Gymnopilus parvisquamulosus Hesler
Gymnopilus parvulus Murrill
Gymnopilus patriae B.J. Rees
Gymnopilus peliolepis (Speg.) Singer
Gymnopilus penetrans (Fr.) Murrill
Gymnopilus perisporius Garrido
Gymnopilus permollis Murrill
Gymnopilus pholiotoides Murrill
Gymnopilus piceinus Murrill
Gymnopilus picreus (Pers.) P. Karst.
Gymnopilus pleurocystidiatus Guzm.-Dáv. & Guzmán
Gymnopilus praecox (Peck) Murrill
Gymnopilus praefloccosus Murrill
Gymnopilus praelaeticolor Murrill
Gymnopilus pratensis Singer
Gymnopilus primulinus (Berk.) Pegler
Gymnopilus psamminus (Berk.) Pegler
Gymnopilus pseudocamerina Singer
Gymnopilus pseudocamerinus Singer
Gymnopilus pseudofulgens Romagn.
Gymnopilus pulchrifolius (Peck) Murrill
Gymnopilus punctifolius (Peck) Singer
Gymnopilus purpuratus (Cke. & Mass.) Sing.
Gymnopilus purpureonitens (Cooke & Massee) Pegler
Gymnopilus purpureosquamulosus Høil.
Gymnopilus pyrrhum (Berk. & M.A. Curtis) B.J. Rees
Gymnopilus pyrrhus (Berk. & M.A. Curtis) B.J. Rees
Gymnopilus radicicola Singer
Gymnopilus robustus Guzm.-Dáv.
Gymnopilus rubrocastaneus Soop
Gymnopilus rufescens Hesler
Gymnopilus rufobrunneus Hesler
Gymnopilus rufopunctatus (Pat. & Gaillard) Dennis
Gymnopilus rufosquamulosus Hesler
Gymnopilus rugulosus R. Valenz., Guzmán & J. Castillo
Gymnopilus russipes Pegler
Gymnopilus sapineus (Fr.) Maire
Gymnopilus satur Kühner
Gymnopilus sordidostipes Hesler
Gymnopilus spadiceus Romagn.
Gymnopilus spectabilis (Fr.) A.H. Sm.
Gymnopilus spinulifer Murrill
Gymnopilus squamulosus Murrill
Gymnopilus stabilis (Weinm.) Kühner & Romagn.
Gymnopilus subbellulus Hesler
Gymnopilus subcarbonarius Murrill
Gymnopilus subdryophilus Murrill
Gymnopilus subearlei R. Valenz., Guzmán & J. Castillo
Gymnopilus suberis (Maire) Singer
Gymnopilus subflavidus Murrill
Gymnopilus subfulgens Guzm.-Dáv.
Gymnopilus subgeminellus Guzm.-Dáv. & Guzmán
Gymnopilus submarasmioides Singer
Gymnopilus subpenetrans Murrill
Gymnopilus subpurpuratus Guzm.-Dáv. & Guzmán
Gymnopilus subrufobrunneus Guzm.-Dáv. & Guzmán
Gymnopilus subsapineus Hesler
Gymnopilus subspectabilis Hesler
Gymnopilus subsphaerosporus (Joss.) Kühner & Romagn.
Gymnopilus subtropicus Hesler
Gymnopilus tasmanicus B.J. Rees
Gymnopilus tenuis Murrill
Gymnopilus terrestris Hesler
Gymnopilus terricola K.A. Thomas, Guzm.-Dáv. & Manim.
Gymnopilus testaceus B.J. Rees
Gymnopilus thiersii M.T. Seidl
Gymnopilus tomentulosus B.J. Rees
Gymnopilus tonkinensis (Pat.) Singer
Gymnopilus trailii (Berk. & Cooke) Singer
Gymnopilus traillii
Gymnopilus tropicus Natarajan
Gymnopilus tuxtlensis Guzm.-Dáv.
Gymnopilus tyallus Grgur.
Gymnopilus underwoodii (Peck) Murrill
Gymnopilus unicolor Murrill
Gymnopilus validipes (Peck) Hesler
Gymnopilus velutinus (Petch) Singer
Gymnopilus ventricosus (Earle) Singer
Gymnopilus vialis Murrill
Gymnopilus vinicolor
Gymnopilus viridans Murrill
Gymnopilus viscidissimus Murrill
Gymnopilus weberi Murrill
Gymnopilus yangshanensis Z.S. Bi
Gymnopilus zempoalensis Guzmán & V. Mora
Gymnopilus zenkeri (Henn.) Singer

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