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Name:Chaetomella Fuckel, (1870) page 401-402 [basionym]


Volutellospora Thirum. & P.N. Mathur (1965)
Harikrishnaella D.V. Singh & A.K. Sarbhoy (1972)


Genus, anamorph (coelomycete)

Taxonomic position:

Leotiomycetes O.E. Erikss. & Winka [Class]
Pezizomycotina O.E. Erikss. & Winka [Subdivision / Subphylum]
Ascomycota Caval.-Sm. [Division / Phylum]
Fungi R.T. Moore [Kingdom]

Constituent taxa:

Chaetomella acutiseta B. Sutton & A.K. Sarbhoy
Chaetomella andropogonis Cooke & Ellis
Chaetomella artemisiae Cooke
Chaetomella atra Fuckel
Chaetomella beticola Oudem.
Chaetomella brachyspora Sacc. & Speg.
Chaetomella brassicae (Schwein.) Starbäck
Chaetomella cavallii Mattir.
Chaetomella cinnamomea (Thirum. & P.N. Mathur) Petr.
Chaetomella circinata Bres. & Torrend
Chaetomella circinoseta Stolk
Chaetomella cycadina R. Rao & Bahekar
Chaetomella eucrypta Cooke & Massee
Chaetomella flavoviridis Torrend
Chaetomella furcata Cooke & Massee
Chaetomella gasteriae Trinchieri
Chaetomella helicotricha Torrend
Chaetomella heteropogonis Gonz. Frag.
Chaetomella horrida Oudem.
Chaetomella hypogaea (D.V. Singh & A.K. Sarbhoy) A.K. Sarbhoy
Chaetomella indica Syd.
Chaetomella lignicola Sacc.
Chaetomella longiseta Delacr.
Chaetomella lygei Gonz. Frag.
Chaetomella madeirensis Torrend
Chaetomella melandrii Gonz. Frag.
Chaetomella microspora Manka & Gierczak
Chaetomella oblonga Fuckel
Chaetomella ochracea Torrend
Chaetomella perforata Ellis & Everh.
Chaetomella raphigera Swift
Chaetomella raripila (Mont.) Sacc.
Chaetomella sacchari Delacr.
Chaetomella stevensoni Ellis
Chaetomella stevensonii Ellis
Chaetomella terricola P.Rama Rao
Chaetomella tinosporae Bahekar
Chaetomella tortilis Delacr.
Chaetomella tritici Tehon & E.Y. Daniels

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