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Name:Tubercularia Tode, (1790) page 18 [basionym]


Stromateria Corda (1837)
Ollula Lév. (1863)
Knyaria Kuntze (1891)


Genus, anamorph (hyphomycete)

Taxonomic position:

Nectriaceae Tul. & C. Tul. [Family]
Hypocreales Lindau [Order]
Hypocreomycetidae O.E. Erikss. & Winka [Subclass]
Sordariomycetes O.E. Erikss. & Winka [Class]
Pezizomycotina O.E. Erikss. & Winka [Subdivision / Subphylum]
Ascomycota Caval.-Sm. [Division / Phylum]
Fungi R.T. Moore [Kingdom]

Constituent taxa:

Tubercularia absoluta
Tubercularia acinorum Cavara
Tubercularia aequatoriensis Petr.
Tubercularia ailanthi Cooke
Tubercularia antarctica Speg.
Tubercularia argentina Speg.
Tubercularia atomospora Sacc.
Tubercularia aurantiaca (Bab.) Seifert
Tubercularia aurata
Tubercularia baeomyces
Tubercularia berberidis Thüm.
Tubercularia bulbicola (Henn.) Sacc.
Tubercularia cactophila Speg.
Tubercularia carpogena Corda
Tubercularia cava (Corda) Sacc.
Tubercularia ciliata Ditmar
Tubercularia ciliata Alb. & Schwein.
Tubercularia circinata Lév.
Tubercularia citrina Speg.
Tubercularia coccicola F. Stevens
Tubercularia confluens Pers.
Tubercularia confluens Corda
Tubercularia crenulata (Hepp) anon.
Tubercularia depressa Lév.
Tubercularia endogena Speg.
Tubercularia ericetorum (Scop.) F.H. Wigg.
Tubercularia eryngiicola Speg.
Tubercularia erythrella (Mont.) anon.
Tubercularia eucalypti Cooke & Harkn.
Tubercularia evonymi Roum.
Tubercularia fasciculata Tode ex Tul.
Tubercularia fasiculata Tode
Tubercularia fici Edgerton
Tubercularia fungiformis (Scop.) anon.
Tubercularia fungoides (Sw.) anon.
Tubercularia granulata Pers.
Tubercularia grayana (Sacc. & Ellis) Seifert
Tubercularia guaranitica Speg.
Tubercularia hamata Ellis & Everh.
Tubercularia heteromorpha
Tubercularia hymenuloides (Sacc.) Höhn.
Tubercularia icmadophila (L. f.) Kuntze
Tubercularia imbricata
Tubercularia insignis Cooke & Harkn.
Tubercularia jodinae Speg.
Tubercularia kmetiana Bäumler
Tubercularia laburni Opiz
Tubercularia lateritia (Berk.) Seifert
Tubercularia leptosperma Speg.
Tubercularia liceoides Fr.
Tubercularia lichenicola Sacc.
Tubercularia maculicola Sacc.
Tubercularia menispermi Fr.
Tubercularia miniata Earle
Tubercularia minor Link
Tubercularia minuta Speg.
Tubercularia minutispora Höhn.
Tubercularia nigricans (Bull.) Link
Tubercularia orchidearum Speg.
Tubercularia pachypus (Nyl.) anon.
Tubercularia paraguaya Speg.
Tubercularia pelargonii Speg.
Tubercularia persicina Ditmar
Tubercularia pezizoidea Schwein.
Tubercularia philadelphi Wallr.
Tubercularia pinastri Corda
Tubercularia pinophila Corda
Tubercularia pircuniae Speg.
Tubercularia placophylla
Tubercularia prostii
Tubercularia pteleae Oudem.
Tubercularia puiggarii Speg.
Tubercularia pulverulenta Speg.
Tubercularia ramalinella
Tubercularia resinae (Ehrenb.) Thüm.
Tubercularia rhodophila Pass.
Tubercularia rhois Halst.
Tubercularia rosea (Schreb.) Pers.
Tubercularia rosella Speg.
Tubercularia rubi Rabenh.
Tubercularia sabuletorum (Schreb.) Baumg.
Tubercularia saccharicola Speg.
Tubercularia sambuci Corda
Tubercularia sarmentorum Fr.
Tubercularia schweinfurthii Bres.
Tubercularia smaragdina (Alb. & Schwein.) Seifert
Tubercularia squamarioides (Nyl.) Kuntze
Tubercularia sulcata Tode
Tubercularia trachypus (Nyl.) anon.
Tubercularia ulmea J.C. Carter
Tubercularia vinosa Sacc.
Tubercularia volutella Corda
Tubercularia volvata Tode
Tubercularia vulgaris Tode

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