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Name:Hypochnus Fr., (1818) [basionym]

Accepted name:

Tomentella Pers. ex Pat.



Taxonomic position:

Thelephoraceae Chevall. [Family]
Thelephorales Corner ex Oberw. [Order]
Agaricomycetes Doweld [Class]
Agaricomycotina Doweld [Subdivision / Subphylum]
Basidiomycota R.T. Moore [Division / Phylum]
Fungi R.T. Moore [Kingdom]

Constituent taxa:

Hypochnus acerinus (Pers.) Pat.
Hypochnus albocinctus Mont.
Hypochnus albostramineus Bres.
Hypochnus albus Burt
Hypochnus anceps Rick
Hypochnus andinus Pat.
Hypochnus anthochrous (Pers.) Fr.
Hypochnus arachnoideus (Berk. & Broome) Bres.
Hypochnus araneosus (Höhn. & Litsch.) Sacc. & Trotter
Hypochnus argillaceus P. Karst.
Hypochnus asperulus P. Karst.
Hypochnus asterophorus Bonord.
Hypochnus atroruber (Peck) Burt
Hypochnus atrovirens (Fr.) Donk
Hypochnus atrovirens Bres.
Hypochnus aurantiacus (Pat.) Burt
Hypochnus aureus Fr.
Hypochnus avellaneus Burt
Hypochnus basicola Rostr.
Hypochnus beccarianus Pass.
Hypochnus bicolor G.F. Atk. & Burt
Hypochnus bisporus J. Schröt.
Hypochnus bombycinus (Sommerf.) Fr.
Hypochnus botryoides (Schwein.) Burt
Hypochnus brefeldii Sacc.
Hypochnus bresadolae Brinkmann
Hypochnus brunneus J. Schröt.
Hypochnus bubacii Velen.
Hypochnus burnatii Lender
Hypochnus byssoides (Pers.) Quél.
Hypochnus caesius (Pers.) Bres.
Hypochnus canadensis Burt
Hypochnus candidus (Sacc.) Sacc.
Hypochnus capnophilus Arnaud
Hypochnus carneoroseus Rick
Hypochnus centrifugus Tul. & C. Tul.
Hypochnus chaetophorus Höhn.
Hypochnus chalybaeus J. Schröt.
Hypochnus chalybaeus (Pers.) Sacc.
Hypochnus chlorinus Massee
Hypochnus cinerascens P. Karst.
Hypochnus cinereoumbrinus Bres.
Hypochnus cinereus Bonord.
Hypochnus cinnamomeus (Pers.) Bonord.
Hypochnus coeruleus (Lam.) Fr.
Hypochnus confluens (Fr.) Bonord.
Hypochnus conspersa Fr.
Hypochnus conspersus Fr.
Hypochnus coriarius (Peck) Burt
Hypochnus coronatus J. Schröt.
Hypochnus cremicolor Bres.
Hypochnus cucumeris A.B. Frank
Hypochnus cyaneus Wakef.
Hypochnus dendriticus Wallr.
Hypochnus dussii Pat.
Hypochnus echinospora (Ellis) Burt
Hypochnus echinosporus (Ellis) Burt
Hypochnus effusus Bonord.
Hypochnus elaeodes Bres.
Hypochnus eleaodes Bres.
Hypochnus epigaeus Burt
Hypochnus epiphyllus (Pers.) Wallr.
Hypochnus epiphyllus (Schwein.) Burt
Hypochnus eradians (Fr.) Bres.
Hypochnus erythroxylii Sawada
Hypochnus euphorbiae Pat.
Hypochnus euphrasiae Lagerh.
Hypochnus eylesii Van der Byl
Hypochnus ferrugineus (Pers.) Fr.
Hypochnus ferruginosus (Höhn. & Litsch.) Burt
Hypochnus fibrillosus Burt
Hypochnus filamentosus Pat.
Hypochnus filamentosus Burt
Hypochnus flaccidus Britzelm.
Hypochnus flavescens Bonord.
Hypochnus flavoaurantius Trav. ex Sacc.
Hypochnus flavobrunneus Dearn. & Bisby
Hypochnus flavus (Bref.) Sacc.
Hypochnus floccidus Britzelm.
Hypochnus fuciformis McAlpine
Hypochnus fuligineus Burt
Hypochnus fulvescens Sacc.
Hypochnus fulvocinctus Bres.
Hypochnus fumosus Fr.
Hypochnus furfuraceus Bres.
Hypochnus fuscatus P. Karst.
Hypochnus fuscellus Sacc.
Hypochnus fuscus (Pers.) Bres.
Hypochnus fusisporus J. Schröt.
Hypochnus gardeniae Zimm.
Hypochnus glaucus Bonord.
Hypochnus gracillimus Velen.
Hypochnus grandinioides Rick
Hypochnus granosus Bres.
Hypochnus granulatus Bonord.
Hypochnus granulosus (Peck) Burt
Hypochnus helvolus Fr.
Hypochnus holoxanthus Mont.
Hypochnus isabellinus Fr.
Hypochnus lacteus (Fr.) Bonord.
Hypochnus lacunosus (Berk. & Broome) Sacc.
Hypochnus laevis (Pers.) Bonord.
Hypochnus langloisii Pat.
Hypochnus lilacinoroseus Pat.
Hypochnus longisporus Pat.
Hypochnus marchandii (Pat.) Pat.
Hypochnus michelianus Caldesi
Hypochnus microsporus P. Karst.
Hypochnus mollis (Fr.) Fr.
Hypochnus mucidulus P. Karst.
Hypochnus mucidus J. Schröt.
Hypochnus muscorum J. Schroet.
Hypochnus mustialaensis P. Karst.
Hypochnus nigrocinctus Ehrenb.
Hypochnus niveus Britzelm.
Hypochnus obducens (P. Karst.) Sacc.
Hypochnus ochroleucus F. Noack
Hypochnus olivaceus Fr.
Hypochnus olivascens (Berk. & M.A. Curtis) Burt
Hypochnus pallescens (Schwein.) Burt
Hypochnus pallidofulvus (Peck) Burt
Hypochnus pellicula Fr.
Hypochnus peniophoroides Burt
Hypochnus pennsylvanicus Overh.
Hypochnus peronosporoides Speg.
Hypochnus pilosus Burt
Hypochnus polyporoideus (Berk. & M.A. Curtis) Overh.
Hypochnus puberus (Fr.) Bon
Hypochnus puniceus (Alb. & Schwein.) Sacc.
Hypochnus purpureus Tul.
Hypochnus quercinus Bagl.
Hypochnus radiosus (Fr.) Bonord.
Hypochnus rimincola Speg.
Hypochnus roseocinctus (Fr.) Fr.
Hypochnus roseogriseus Wakef. & A. Pearson
Hypochnus roseus (Pers.) J. Schröt.
Hypochnus ruberrimus Ces.
Hypochnus rubiginosus Bres.
Hypochnus rubrocinctus Ehrenb.
Hypochnus sacchari Speg.
Hypochnus sambuci (Pers.) Bonord.
Hypochnus sasakii Shirai
Hypochnus schroeteri Sacc.
Hypochnus sericeus (Schrad.) Wallr.
Hypochnus serus (Pers.)
Hypochnus setariae Saw.
Hypochnus setosus J. Schroet.
Hypochnus sitnensis Bres.
Hypochnus solani Prill. & Delacr.
Hypochnus sordidellus (Höhn. & Litsch.) Rick
Hypochnus sordidus J. Schröt.
Hypochnus sparsus Burt
Hypochnus sphaerosporus Maire
Hypochnus spiniferus Burt
Hypochnus spongiosus (Schwein.) Burt
Hypochnus strigosus (Pers.) Wallr.
Hypochnus subdendriticus Rick
Hypochnus subferrugineus Burt
Hypochnus subfuscus
Hypochnus submutabilis (Höhn. & Litsch.) Rea
Hypochnus subterraneus Harz
Hypochnus subtilis J. Schröt.
Hypochnus subvinosus Burt
Hypochnus subviolaceus Peck
Hypochnus subzygodesmoides Rick
Hypochnus sulphureus (Pers.) J. Schröt.
Hypochnus sulphurinus (P. Karst.) Sacc.
Hypochnus terrestris Kniep
Hypochnus theae Bern.
Hypochnus thelephoroides (Ellis & Everh.) Burt
Hypochnus theobromae Faber
Hypochnus tristis (P. Karst.) P. Karst.
Hypochnus tulasnelloideus (Höhn. & Litsch.) Rea
Hypochnus typhae (Pers.) Pat.
Hypochnus umbrinus (Alb. & Schwein.) Quél.
Hypochnus uvidus (Fr.) Bonord.
Hypochnus vagus (Fr.) Kauffman
Hypochnus violaceus Jacob Erikss.
Hypochnus violascens (Fr.) Fr.
Hypochnus violeus Quél.
Hypochnus viridescens Bres. & Torrend
Hypochnus viscosus (Pers.) Bonord.
Hypochnus vitellinus Mont. ex Fr.
Hypochnus weisseanus Henn.
Hypochnus zygodesmoides (Ellis) Burt

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