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Name:Hypogymnia Nyl., (1896) page 39


Ceratophyllum M. Choisy (1951)


Genus, lichen-forming

Taxonomic position:

Parmeliaceae Zenker [Family]
Lecanorales Nannf. [Order]
Lecanoromycetidae P.M. Kirk, P.F. Cannon, J.C. David & Stalpers ex Miądl., Lutzoni & Lumbsch [Subclass]
Lecanoromycetes O.E. Erikss. & Winka [Class]
Pezizomycotina O.E. Erikss. & Winka [Subdivision / Subphylum]
Ascomycota Caval.-Sm. [Division / Phylum]
Fungi R.T. Moore [Kingdom]

Constituent taxa:

Hypogymnia almquistii (Vain.) Rass.
Hypogymnia alpicola (Th. Fr.) Hav.
Hypogymnia alpina D.D. Awasthi
Hypogymnia antarctica (Bitter) C.W. Dodge
Hypogymnia apinnata Goward & McCune
Hypogymnia arcuata Tchaban. & McCune
Hypogymnia asahinae K. Yoshida
Hypogymnia atrofusca (E.A. Schaer.) Räsänen
Hypogymnia austerodes (Nyl.) Räsänen
Hypogymnia australica Elix
Hypogymnia billardierei (Mont.) Filson
Hypogymnia billardieri
Hypogymnia bitteri (Lynge) Ahti
Hypogymnia bitteriana (Zahlbr.) Räsänen
Hypogymnia bryophila McCune
Hypogymnia bullata Rass.
Hypogymnia cornuta C.W. Dodge
Hypogymnia delavayi (Hue) Rassad
Hypogymnia deserti (Hue) C.W. Dodge
Hypogymnia deusta (Hook. f. & Taylor) C.W. Dodge
Hypogymnia duplicata (Ach.) Rass.
Hypogymnia duplicatoides (Oksner) Rass.
Hypogymnia elgonensis C.W. Dodge
Hypogymnia elongata (Hillmann) Rass.
Hypogymnia encausta (Sm.) Walt. Watson
Hypogymnia enteromorpha (Ach.) Nyl.
Hypogymnia enteromorphoides Elix
Hypogymnia farinacea Zopf
Hypogymnia flavida McCune & Obermayer
Hypogymnia fragillima (Hillmann ex Sato) Rass.
Hypogymnia fujisanensis (Asahina) Kurok.
Hypogymnia furfuracea (L.) Krog
Hypogymnia gracilis McCune
Hypogymnia guadalupensis McCune
Hypogymnia hengduanensis J.C. Wei
Hypogymnia heterophylla L.H. Pike
Hypogymnia hokkaidensis Kurok.
Hypogymnia hultenii (Degel.) Krog
Hypogymnia hypotrypa (Nyl.) Rass.
Hypogymnia hypotrypella (Asahina) Rass.
Hypogymnia imshaugii Krog
Hypogymnia inactiva (Krog) Ohlsson
Hypogymnia incurvoides Rass.
Hypogymnia inflata C.W. Dodge
Hypogymnia intestiniformis (Vill.) Räsänen
Hypogymnia kangdingensis (J.C. Wei) J.B. Chen & J.C. Wei
Hypogymnia kiboensis C.W. Dodge
Hypogymnia kosciuskoensis Elix
Hypogymnia krogiae Ohlsson
Hypogymnia krogii Ohlsson
Hypogymnia laccata J.C. Wei & Y.M. Jiang
Hypogymnia laminisorediata D. Hawksw. & Poelt
Hypogymnia lijiangensis J.B. Chen
Hypogymnia lophyrea (Ach.) Krog
Hypogymnia lugubris (Pers.) Krog
Hypogymnia macrospora (J.D. Zhao) J.C. Wei
Hypogymnia madeirensis (Tav.) D. Hawksw.
Hypogymnia metaphysodes (Asahina) Rass.
Hypogymnia mollis L.H. Pike & Hale
Hypogymnia mundata (Nyl.) Oksner ex Rass.
Hypogymnia nikkoensis (Zahlbr.) Rass.
Hypogymnia obscurata (Bitter) Räsänen
Hypogymnia occidentalis L.H. Pike
Hypogymnia oceanica Goward
Hypogymnia oroarctica Krog
Hypogymnia oroaretica
Hypogymnia pectinatula (Zahlbr.) Elix
Hypogymnia pertusa
Hypogymnia physodes (L.) Nyl.
Hypogymnia pruinosa J.C. Wei & Y.M. Jiang
Hypogymnia pseudobitteriana (D.D. Awasthi) D.D. Awasthi
Hypogymnia pseudoenteromorpha M.J. Lai
Hypogymnia pseudohypotrypa (Asahina) Ajay Singh
Hypogymnia pseudophysodes (Asahina) Rass.
Hypogymnia pulchrilobata (Bitter) Elix
Hypogymnia pulverata (Nyl.) Elix
Hypogymnia rhodesiana C.W. Dodge
Hypogymnia rugosa (G. Merr.) L.H. Pike
Hypogymnia schizidiata McCune
Hypogymnia sibirica (Zahlbr.) Rass.
Hypogymnia sikkimensis G.P. Sinha & Elix
Hypogymnia sinica J.C. Wei & Y.M. Jiang
Hypogymnia solidepedicellata (Bitter) C.W. Dodge
Hypogymnia stricta (Hillmann) K. Yoshida
Hypogymnia subarticulata (J.D. Zhao, L.W. Hsu & Z.M. Sun) J.C. Wei & Y.M. Jiang
Hypogymnia subcapitata (Nyl.) Rass.
Hypogymnia subcrustacea (Flot.) Kurok.
Hypogymnia subduplicata (Rass.) Rass.
Hypogymnia submundata (Oksner) Rass.
Hypogymnia subobscura (Vain.) Poelt
Hypogymnia subphysodes (Kremp.) Filson
Hypogymnia subpruinosa J.B. Chen
Hypogymnia subteres (Bitter) W. Martin & J. Child
Hypogymnia subvittata (J.D. Zhao) J.C. Wei
Hypogymnia taiwanalpina M.J. Lai
Hypogymnia tasmanica Elix
Hypogymnia tavaresii D. Hawksw. & P. James
Hypogymnia thomsoniana (Müll. Arg.) D.D. Awasthi
Hypogymnia tubularis (T. Taylor) Elix
Hypogymnia tubulosa (Schaer.) Hav.
Hypogymnia tumidula L.H. Pike ined.
Hypogymnia turgidula (Bitter) Elix
Hypogymnia vittata (Ach.) Parrique
Hypogymnia wattiana (Müll. Arg.) D.D. Awasthi
Hypogymnia yunnanensis Y.M. Jiang & J.C. Wei
Hypogymnia zeylanica (R. Sant.) D.D. Awasthi & Kr.P. Singh

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