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Name:Peronospora myosotidis de Bary, Annales des Sciences Naturelles 20 (1863) page 112, tab. 20 [basionym]



Taxonomic position:

Peronospora Corda [Genus]
Peronosporaceae Warm. [Family]
Peronosporales E. Fisch. [Order]
Peronosporidae [Subclass]
Peronosporea [Class]
Oomycota Arx [Division / Phylum]
Chromista Cavalier-Smith [Kingdom]

Constituent taxa:

Subspecific taxa
Peronospora myosotidis forma lithospermi Rabenh.
Peronospora myosotidis forma myosotidis
Peronospora myosotidis forma pulmonariae Lobik
Peronospora myosotidis var. echii K. Krieg.
Peronospora myosotidis var. minor Benua
Peronospora myosotidis var. myosotidis

Catalogue data:

Saccardo, Sylloge Fungorum 7 (1): 245, Saccardo, Sylloge Fungorum 12: 500, Saccardo, Sylloge Fungorum 20: 297, Saccardo, Sylloge Fungorum 20: 1282

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