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Name:Isariopsis Fresen., (1863) page 87 [basionym]

Accepted name:

Phacellium Bonord.


Genus, anamorph (hyphomycete)

Taxonomic position:

Mycosphaerellaceae Lindau [Family]
Capnodiales Woron. [Order]
Dothideomycetidae P.M. Kirk, P.F. Cannon, J.C. David & Stalpers ex C.L. Schoch, Spatafora, Crous & Shoemaker [Subclass]
Dothideomycetes O.E. Erikss. & Winka [Class]
Pezizomycotina O.E. Erikss. & Winka [Subdivision / Subphylum]
Ascomycota Caval.-Sm. [Division / Phylum]
Fungi R.T. Moore [Kingdom]

Constituent taxa:

Isariopsis acanthacearum Cooke
Isariopsis alborosella (Desm.) Sacc.
Isariopsis annonarum Petr. & Cif.
Isariopsis bulbigera (Fuckel) Savile
Isariopsis caespitosa Petr. & Cif.
Isariopsis carnea Ellis & G. Martin
Isariopsis ceratella Pat.
Isariopsis cirsii Maki & Katsuki
Isariopsis clavata Ellis & G. Martin
Isariopsis clavispora (Berk. & Cooke) Sacc.
Isariopsis colladoana Syd.
Isariopsis dearnessii Bubák
Isariopsis destructiva (W. Phillips & Plowr.) U. Braun
Isariopsis ecuadorensis (Syd.) U. Braun
Isariopsis empetri Lind
Isariopsis episphaeria (Desm.) Höhn.
Isariopsis fuckelii (Thüm.) du Plessis
Isariopsis fuckelli
Isariopsis geranii Săvul. & Sandu
Isariopsis grayana Ellis
Isariopsis grayiana Ellis
Isariopsis griseola Sacc.
Isariopsis indica K.R.G. Nair
Isariopsis irregulare (Peck) U. Braun
Isariopsis irregularis (Peck) U. Braun
Isariopsis kamatii Subramon. & V.G. Rao
Isariopsis laxa (Ellis) Sacc.
Isariopsis linderae (Ellis & Everh.) Sacc.
Isariopsis magnoliae Plakidas
Isariopsis mespili Woron.
Isariopsis mexicana Ellis & Everh.
Isariopsis muehlenbeckiae R. Rao
Isariopsis narkandensis (Deighton) U. Braun
Isariopsis neoboutoniae Hansf.
Isariopsis penicillata Ellis & Everh.
Isariopsis pilosa Earle
Isariopsis pusilla Fresen.
Isariopsis salicina (Vestergr.) U. Braun
Isariopsis sapindi
Isariopsis stellariae Trail
Isariopsis subulata Ellis & Everh.
Isariopsis tweediana Speg.
Isariopsis veronicae (Pass.) Savile
Isariopsis vitis Lév.
Isariopsis volkartiana (Magnus) Mangenot
Isariopsis vossiana (Thüm.) U. Braun
Isariopsis vulgaris

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