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Name:Albugo candida Kuntze, (1891) page 658


Albugo cruciferarum (DC.) Gray (1821)
Uredo candida Pers. (1801)
Cystopus candidus (Pers.) Lév. (1847)



Taxonomic position:

Albugo (Pers.) Roussel [Genus]
Albuginaceae J. Schröt. [Family]
Albuginales Thines [Order]
Albuginidae [Subclass]
Peronosporea [Class]
Oomycota Arx [Division / Phylum]
Chromista Cavalier-Smith [Kingdom]

Constituent taxa:

Subspecific taxa
Albugo candida forma brassicaenigrae
Albugo candida forma candida
Albugo candida forma cheiranthicheiri
Albugo candida forma coronopiprocumbens
Albugo candida forma intermedia O. Săvul.
Albugo candida forma lepidii-perfoliati Săvul. & Rayss
Albugo candida forma microcarpa O. Săvul.
Albugo candida forma microspora O. Săvul.
Albugo candida forma sinapidis-arvensis Săvul. & Rayss
Albugo candida forma syreniaesessiliflorae
Albugo candida var. candida Biga
Albugo candida var. ellipsoidea O. Săvul.
Albugo candida var. globosus
Albugo candida var. intermedia O. Savul.
Albugo candida var. macrospora Togashi
Albugo candida var. microspora Togashi & Shibas.

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