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Name:Physoderma Wallr., (1833) page 192 [basionym]


Urophlyctis J. Schröt. (1886)
Oedomyces Sacc. ex Trab. (1894)



Taxonomic position:

Physodermataceae Sparrow [Family]
Blastocladiales H.E. Petersen [Order]
Blastocladiomycetes T.Y. James [Class]
Blastocladiomycota T.Y. James [Division / Phylum]
Fungi R.T. Moore [Kingdom]

Constituent taxa:

Physoderma acetosellae Rostr.
Physoderma aeschynomenes Thirum. & M.D. Whitehead
Physoderma aeschynomenis Thirum. & M.D. Whitehead
Physoderma aeschynomeris Thirum. & M.D. Whitehead
Physoderma agropyri Sampson & W. Weston
Physoderma agrostidis Lagerh.
Physoderma alfalfae (Pat. & Lagerh.) Karling
Physoderma alfallae
Physoderma allii K. Krieg.
Physoderma alpina R. Sprague
Physoderma alpinum R. Sprague
Physoderma aneilemae Pavgi & Thirum.
Physoderma aneilematis Pavgi & Thirum.
Physoderma aponogetonicola Pavgi & L. Singh
Physoderma aponogetonis Sparrow
Physoderma asphodeli (de Bary) Karling
Physoderma asphodelii (de Bary) Karling
Physoderma astomae (Rayss) Karling
Physoderma astomatis (Rayss) Karling
Physoderma australasica (McAlpine) J. Walker
Physoderma australasicum (McAlpine) J. Walker
Physoderma beckmanniae R. Sprague
Physoderma bohemicum Sacc.
Physoderma bothriochloae Thirum. & Pavgi
Physoderma brachiariae-eruciformis Thirum. & Pavgi
Physoderma brachiariae Thirum. & Pavgi
Physoderma butomi J. Schröt.
Physoderma calami K. Krieg.
Physoderma chloridis Patil & Kapendis.
Physoderma chrysopogonicola Thirum. & Pavgi
Physoderma citri Childs, Kopp & T.W. Johnson
Physoderma claytoniae Greene
Physoderma claytoniana H.C. Greene
Physoderma claytonianum
Physoderma coicis Paul & Kapandis.
Physoderma comari (Berk. & F.B. White) Lagerh.
Physoderma commelinae Lingappa
Physoderma corchori Lingappa
Physoderma crepidis Rostr.
Physoderma cynodontis Pavgi & Thirum.
Physoderma debeauxii Bubák
Physoderma deformans Rostr.
Physoderma dichanthicola Pavgi & Thirum.
Physoderma dichanthiicola Pavgi & Thirum.
Physoderma dicksonii Thirum. & Pavgi
Physoderma digitariae-longiflorae Thirum. & Pavgi
Physoderma digitariae-marginatae Thirum. & Pavgi
Physoderma digitariae Pavgi & Thirum.
Physoderma dulichii Johns
Physoderma echinochloae Thirum. & M.D. Whitehead
Physoderma eleocharidis (Fuckel) J. Schröt.
Physoderma endogenum (Unger) Cornu
Physoderma eragrostidis Thirum. & Pavgi
Physoderma eriochloae Pavgi & Thirum.
Physoderma eryngii Corda
Physoderma fabae Syd.
Physoderma gerhardtii J. Schröt.
Physoderma gibbosum Wallr.
Physoderma graminis (Büsgen) De Wild.
Physoderma heleocharidis (Fuckel) J. Schröt.
Physoderma hemisphaerica (Speg.) Karling
Physoderma hemisphaericum (Speg.) Karling
Physoderma hippuridis Rostr.
Physoderma hydrocotylidis Viégas & Teixeira
Physoderma indica Narayan. & Thirum.
Physoderma indicum Narayan. & Thirum.
Physoderma isachnae Patil & Kapandis.
Physoderma ischaemi Patil & Kapandis.
Physoderma johnsii Sparrow
Physoderma kyllingae Pavgi & Thirum.
Physoderma lathyri (Palm) Karling
Physoderma leproides (Trab.) Karling
Physoderma leproldes
Physoderma limnanthemi Thirum.
Physoderma lycopi Sparrow
Physoderma maculare Wallr.
Physoderma magnusianum K. Krieg.
Physoderma majus J. Schröt.
Physoderma marsileae M.S. Brewster
Physoderma marsiliae M.S. Brewster
Physoderma maydis (Miyabe) Miyabe
Physoderma meliloti (Maire) Karling
Physoderma menthae J. Schröt.
Physoderma menyanthis de Bary
Physoderma mouretii (Maire) Karling
Physoderma mouretti
Physoderma mundkuri Paul & Kapandis
Physoderma muscari G. Poirault
Physoderma myriophylli (Rostr.) Vestergr., Rostr. & Lind
Physoderma narasimhanii Thirum. & Pavgi
Physoderma narcissi (G. Poirault) Sacc. & Trotter
Physoderma negeri Karling
Physoderma nelumbii Mishra & Thirum.
Physoderma notosciadii (Speg.) Karling
Physoderma ornithogali Maire
Physoderma palustre Sparrow
Physoderma palustris Sparrow
Physoderma pancratii Pathak, Prasad & Shukla
Physoderma panicis Patil & Kapandis.
Physoderma paspali J.A. Stev.
Physoderma paspalidii Thirum. & Pavgi
Physoderma pluriannulatum (Berk. & M.A. Curtis) Karling
Physoderma pluriannulatus (Berk. & M.A. Curtis) Karling
Physoderma polysporum J. Schröt.
Physoderma portulacae Patil & Kapandis.
Physoderma potteri A.W. Bartlett
Physoderma pulposa Wallr.
Physoderma pulposum Wallr.
Physoderma punctiforme (Speg.) Karling
Physoderma punctiformis (Speg.) Karling
Physoderma purandharense Patil & Kapandis.
Physoderma rayssi Karling
Physoderma rayssiae Karling
Physoderma rayssii Karling
Physoderma ruboaameni
Physoderma rubsaameni (Magnus) Karling
Physoderma sagittariae Fuckel
Physoderma schroeteri K. Krieg.
Physoderma scirpicola Pavgi & L. Singh
Physoderma setariicola Pavgi & Thirum.
Physoderma sparrovii Thirum. & Pavgi
Physoderma speciosum J. Schröt.
Physoderma tenue P. Karst.
Physoderma thirumalacharii Pavgi & L. Singh
Physoderma trachoniticum Syd.
Physoderma trifolii (Pass.) Karling
Physoderma urgineae (Petr. & Trab.) Maire
Physoderma vagabunda (Speg.) Karling
Physoderma vagabundum (Speg.) Karling
Physoderma vagans J. Schröt.
Physoderma zeae-maydis F.J.F. Shaw

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