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Name:Trichia varia Pers., (1794) page 90 [basionym]



Taxonomic position:

Trichia Haller [Genus]
Trichiaceae Chevall. [Family]
Trichiales T. Macbr. [Order]
Myxogastrea [Class]
Mycetozoa [Subdivision / Subphylum]
Amoebozoa [Division / Phylum]
Protozoa [Kingdom]

Constituent taxa:

Subspecific taxa
Trichia varia var. fimicola Marchal
Trichia varia var. genuina Pers.
Trichia varia var. nigripes Rostaf.
Trichia varia var. olivacea Brândză
Trichia varia var. piriformis P. Karst.
Trichia varia var. sessilis Rostaf.
Trichia varia var. subrufescens Bong.
Trichia varia var. varia

Catalogue data:

Saccardo, Sylloge Fungorum 7 (1): 442, Saccardo, Sylloge Fungorum 7 (1): 445, Saccardo, Sylloge Fungorum 12: 794, Saccardo, Sylloge Fungorum 18: 212, Saccardo, Sylloge Fungorum 20: 984, Saccardo, Sylloge Fungorum 20: 1307

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