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Name:Peniophora quercina Cooke, (1879) page 20, tab. 125, fig. 13


Thelephora quercina Pers.


Auricularia corticalis Bull. (1786)
Thelephora corticalis (Bull.) DC. (1805)
Corticium corticale (Bull.) Quél. (1888)
Peniophora corticalis (Bull.) Bres. (1897)
Kneiffia corticalis (Bull.) Bres. (1903)
Corticium quercinum (Pers.) Fr. (1838)
Peniophora pezizoides Massee (1889)



Taxonomic position:

Peniophora Cooke [Genus]
Peniophoraceae Lotsy [Family]
Russulales Kreisel ex P.M. Kirk, P.F. Cannon & J.C. David [Order]
Agaricomycetes Doweld [Class]
Agaricomycotina Doweld [Subdivision / Subphylum]
Basidiomycota R.T. Moore [Division / Phylum]
Fungi R.T. Moore [Kingdom]

Constituent taxa:

Subspecific taxa
Peniophora quercina forma phlebioides Hallenb.
Peniophora quercina forma quercina
Peniophora quercina subsp. caucasica Parmasto
Peniophora quercina subsp. quercina
Peniophora quercina var. quercina
Peniophora quercina var. tiliacea Thüm.

Catalogue data:

Saccardo, Sylloge Fungorum 6: 641, Saccardo, Sylloge Fungorum 12: 495, Saccardo, Sylloge Fungorum 20: 284: 1281, Zahlbruckner, Catalogus Universalis Lichenum 7: 779

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