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Name:Bilimbia De Not., Giornale Botanico Italiano 2 (1.1) (1846) page 190 [basionym]


Myxobilimbia Hafellner (2001)


Genus, lichen-forming

Taxonomic position:

Lecanorales Nannf. [Order]
Lecanoromycetidae P.M. Kirk, P.F. Cannon, J.C. David & Stalpers ex Miądl., Lutzoni & Lumbsch [Subclass]
Lecanoromycetes O.E. Erikss. & Winka [Class]
Pezizomycotina O.E. Erikss. & Winka [Subdivision / Subphylum]
Ascomycota Caval.-Sm. [Division / Phylum]
Fungi R.T. Moore [Kingdom]

Constituent taxa:

Bilimbia abietina (Ach.) Branth & Rostr.
Bilimbia accedens Arnold
Bilimbia acclinis (Flot.) anon.
Bilimbia acerina
Bilimbia acervulata (Nyl.) Jatta
Bilimbia alabastrites (Nyl.) H. Olivier
Bilimbia albescens (Kremp.) Zwackh
Bilimbia albicans Arnold
Bilimbia albicerata (Kremp.) anon.
Bilimbia albidocarnea (Nyl.) A.L. Sm.
Bilimbia albidocincta Vain.
Bilimbia albidolivens (Nyl.) anon.
Bilimbia allotropa (Nyl.) anon.
Bilimbia amylacea (Ehrh. ex Pers.) Boistel
Bilimbia annua Vain.
Bilimbia anomala
Bilimbia aparallacta A. Massal.
Bilimbia arceutinoides Anzi
Bilimbia arnoldii
Bilimbia aromatica (Turner ex Sm.) Jatta
Bilimbia arthoniza (Nyl.) anon.
Bilimbia artyta (Ach.) Fink
Bilimbia artytoides Riddle
Bilimbia athalloides Nyl.
Bilimbia atrocandida
Bilimbia atrolivida
Bilimbia atropurpurea (Schaer.) Branth & Rostr.
Bilimbia bacidioides
Bilimbia badensis
Bilimbia banatica Rehm ex Lojka
Bilimbia borborodes Körb.
Bilimbia bouteillei (Desm.) Hulting
Bilimbia brittoniana Riddle
Bilimbia brouardi
Bilimbia brouardii de Lesd.
Bilimbia byssoboliza (Nyl.) A.L. Sm.
Bilimbia cacoti de Lesd.
Bilimbia caesiomarginata Kernst.
Bilimbia calcariella (Nyl.) Blomb. & Forssell
Bilimbia calooensis
Bilimbia caloosensis (Tuck.) Fink
Bilimbia cambrica Wheldon
Bilimbia candida (Weber) anon.
Bilimbia capitata (Anzi) anon.
Bilimbia caprodes Körb.
Bilimbia caradocensis (Leight. ex Nyl.) A.L. Sm.
Bilimbia carbonacea (Anzi) Jatta
Bilimbia carneofusca
Bilimbia caryotae Vain.
Bilimbia caudata (Nyl.) Fink
Bilimbia caulescens (Anzi) anon.
Bilimbia chlorococca (Graewe ex Stenh.) Stenh.
Bilimbia chlorotica Nyl.
Bilimbia chytrina (Stizenb.) anon.
Bilimbia cinerea (Schaer.) Körb.
Bilimbia cinereoglauca de Lesd.
Bilimbia cinereovirens (Schaer.) Jatta
Bilimbia clavigera
Bilimbia coniangioides
Bilimbia coprodes Körb.
Bilimbia corisopitensis
Bilimbia cuprea A. Massal.
Bilimbia cupreorosella (Nyl.) anon.
Bilimbia cyrtella Ach.
Bilimbia decedens (Nyl.) anon.
Bilimbia declinis Tuck.
Bilimbia deducta (Nyl.) Arnold
Bilimbia deformans (Jatta) anon.
Bilimbia delicatula
Bilimbia deposita
Bilimbia dispersella Vain.
Bilimbia dolosa (Duby) Dalla Torre & Sarnth.
Bilimbia effusa Auersw. ex Rabenh.
Bilimbia elegans Vain.
Bilimbia epimelas (Stizenb.) Mereschk.
Bilimbia episema (Nyl.) Arnold
Bilimbia epixanthina
Bilimbia epixanthoides (Nyl.) Kullh.
Bilimbia erysibe
Bilimbia erysibella
Bilimbia erysiboides (Nyl.) anon.
Bilimbia faginea Körb.
Bilimbia fallasca
Bilimbia farinosa (Ach.) Branth & Rostr.
Bilimbia faroeensis
Bilimbia finkii Vain.
Bilimbia fiumensis (Zahlbr.) Szatala
Bilimbia flavidosulphurea de Lesd.
Bilimbia floridana (Tuck.) anon.
Bilimbia fraterculans
Bilimbia fritzei
Bilimbia fusca A. Massal.
Bilimbia fuscatula (Müll. Arg.) Szatala
Bilimbia fuscoviridis Anzi
Bilimbia gabrielis (Müll. Arg.) Szatala
Bilimbia galbinea
Bilimbia gallica de Lesd.
Bilimbia gelatinoides
Bilimbia glaucomaria (Nyl.) Arnold
Bilimbia globulosa Flörke
Bilimbia gomphillacea Nyl.
Bilimbia granosa (Tuck.) Fink
Bilimbia granulans (Vain.) H. Olivier
Bilimbia grossa (Pers. ex Nyl.) Branth & Rostr.
Bilimbia gyalectiformis Zahlbr.
Bilimbia gyalizella (Nyl.) Fink
Bilimbia hemipolioides (Nyl.) A.L. Sm.
Bilimbia heppii
Bilimbia herbidula (Nyl.) A.L. Sm.
Bilimbia hexamera
Bilimbia hormospora
Bilimbia hyalinescens (Nyl.) Boistel
Bilimbia hypnophila (Turner) Th. Fr.
Bilimbia igniarii (Nyl.) Arnold
Bilimbia iloilensis Vain.
Bilimbia ilyophora (Stirt.) Wheldon & A. Wilson
Bilimbia incrassata (Hedl.) anon.
Bilimbia intercedens
Bilimbia intermixta
Bilimbia interspersula (Nyl.) anon.
Bilimbia jeanjeani de Lesd.
Bilimbia killiasii (Hepp) H. Olivier
Bilimbia lecideoides (Hazsl.) Th. Fr.
Bilimbia lecidoides Anzi
Bilimbia lenticularis (Ach.) Branth & Rostr.
Bilimbia leprosa (Schaer.) H. Olivier
Bilimbia leprosula (Th. Fr.) Lettau
Bilimbia leptalea (Durieu & Mont.) Trevis.
Bilimbia leptosperma Anzi
Bilimbia leucoblephara
Bilimbia leucophaea
Bilimbia leucophaeopsis (Nyl.) A.L. Sm.
Bilimbia lignaria (Ach.) A. Massal.
Bilimbia livida Bagl. & Carestia
Bilimbia lividofusca
Bilimbia lividonigricans
Bilimbia lubens (Nyl.) A.L. Sm.
Bilimbia lugubris (Sommerf.) Th. Fr.
Bilimbia lyngeana Erichsen
Bilimbia macrocorpa
Bilimbia magellanica (Müll. Arg.) Oksner
Bilimbia maravalensis Vain.
Bilimbia marginata Arnold
Bilimbia mastophoriza Vain.
Bilimbia meadii (Tuck.) Fink
Bilimbia meizospora
Bilimbia melaena (Nyl.) Arnold
Bilimbia mesoidea (Nyl.) A.L. Sm.
Bilimbia metamorphea
Bilimbia microcarpa Th. Fr.
Bilimbia microdiscus Vain.
Bilimbia micromma (Nyl.) Arnold
Bilimbia microphana Vain.
Bilimbia milliaria (Fr.) Körb.
Bilimbia minima (Vain.) Räsänen
Bilimbia minutula Körb.
Bilimbia mixta (Mont.) anon.
Bilimbia molybditis (Tuck.) Riddle
Bilimbia mucida Rehm ex Lojka
Bilimbia mullea Kremp.
Bilimbia multiseptata (Anzi) anon.
Bilimbia muscorum
Bilimbia myriocarpa Erichsen
Bilimbia myrtillicola Erichsen
Bilimbia naegelii (Hepp) Kremp.
Bilimbia nanipara
Bilimbia nidulans
Bilimbia nigrescens (Anzi) anon.
Bilimbia nitschkeana J. Lahm ex Rabenh.
Bilimbia notarisiana A. Massal.
Bilimbia novae-caledoniae de Lesd.
Bilimbia novohedridica
Bilimbia obscurata (Sommerf.) Th. Fr.
Bilimbia ocelliformis (Nyl.) Branth & Rostr.
Bilimbia pachycarpa
Bilimbia pallens Kullh.
Bilimbia pallidissima Riddle
Bilimbia palmicola
Bilimbia pammellii Fink ex J. Hedrick
Bilimbia peliocarpa Anzi
Bilimbia philippina Vain.
Bilimbia pictonica (Nyl.) Boistel
Bilimbia pineti (Schrad.) Branth & Rostr.
Bilimbia pinguicola
Bilimbia pitardii de Lesd.
Bilimbia plumbina (Anzi) H. Olivier
Bilimbia polillensis Vain.
Bilimbia populorum
Bilimbia prasinoides (Nyl.) Arnold
Bilimbia premnea (Ach.) H. Olivier
Bilimbia premneoides (Nyl.) A.L. Sm.
Bilimbia protuberans (Ach.) A. Massal.
Bilimbia psorodosa
Bilimbia pulchra Oxner
Bilimbia pusilla
Bilimbia pyrenocarpoides
Bilimbia quintula
Bilimbia radicicola Riddle
Bilimbia ravenelii (Tuck.) Fink
Bilimbia regeliana (Hepp) Körb.
Bilimbia rhaphidophylli Rehm
Bilimbia rhaphydophylli Rehm
Bilimbia rhapidophylli Rehm
Bilimbia rhexoblephara (Nyl.) A.L. Sm.
Bilimbia rhyparabola
Bilimbia rivulicola
Bilimbia rizalensis Vain.
Bilimbia rubidofusca (Willey) Fink
Bilimbia rubiginosa
Bilimbia rubricosa (Müll. Arg.) Fink
Bilimbia rufidula Graewe
Bilimbia rufopunctata Vain.
Bilimbia sabuletorum (Schreb.) Arnold
Bilimbia sabulosa A. Massal.
Bilimbia salevensis (Müll. Arg.) M. Choisy
Bilimbia sanguinaria
Bilimbia sardoa
Bilimbia saxigena
Bilimbia scoliciosporoides
Bilimbia sibiriensis (Willey ex Rothr.) Oksner
Bilimbia sordida
Bilimbia sororians (Nyl.) anon.
Bilimbia spartii
Bilimbia sphaeralis
Bilimbia sphaeroides (Dickson) Körber
Bilimbia sphaeroidiza (Vain.) anon.
Bilimbia spododes (Nyl.) Arnold
Bilimbia sprucei
Bilimbia squalida (Ach.) Jatta
Bilimbia squamulosa
Bilimbia stenhammari (Fr.) Boistel
Bilimbia stereocaulorum (Th. Fr.) Rostr.
Bilimbia stevensonii Fink
Bilimbia stictarum (De Not.) H. Olivier
Bilimbia suballinita (Nyl.) Oksner
Bilimbia subcoprodes
Bilimbia subfuscae (Arnold) Arnold
Bilimbia subfuscaria (Nyl.) H. Olivier
Bilimbia subfuscula (Nyl.) Th. Fr.
Bilimbia sublecanorina (Nyl.) Szatala
Bilimbia subleprosula (Vezda) Ozenda & Clauzade
Bilimbia sublubens Paulson
Bilimbia sublutescens
Bilimbia submilliaria (Nyl.) Arnold
Bilimbia subspaeroides
Bilimbia subspareoides
Bilimbia substipitata (Nyl.) anon.
Bilimbia subtrachona Arnold
Bilimbia subturgidula (Nyl.) A.L. Sm.
Bilimbia subviridescens (Nyl.) A.L. Sm.
Bilimbia syncomista (Fr.) Körb.
Bilimbia templetonii
Bilimbia ternaria Nyl.
Bilimbia terrestris Riddle
Bilimbia tetramera de Not.
Bilimbia thysanota Riddle
Bilimbia tornensis H. Magn.
Bilimbia trachona (Ach.) Trevis.
Bilimbia translucida (P. Crouan & H. Crouan) anon.
Bilimbia tricholoma (Mont.) Fink
Bilimbia tricolor (With.) anon.
Bilimbia trigemmis
Bilimbia triplicans
Bilimbia trisepta Hellb.
Bilimbia triseptata
Bilimbia triseptatula
Bilimbia triseptatuloides
Bilimbia triseptulans
Bilimbia turneri (Leight.) A.L. Sm.
Bilimbia tylocarpa
Bilimbia vagula
Bilimbia vallistellinae
Bilimbia verecundula Th. Fr.
Bilimbia vernalis (L.) Trevis.
Bilimbia viarum H. Magn.
Bilimbia violacea (Crouan ex Nyl.) Th. Fr.
Bilimbia visianica Beltr.
Bilimbia weberi

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