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Name:Keissleriella Höhn., (1919) page 582 [basionym]


Chaetopyrena Sacc. (1883)
Chaetopyrenis Clem. & Shear (1931)
Zopfinula Kirschst. (1939)
Coenosphaeria Munk (1953)



Taxonomic position:

Massarinaceae Munk [Family]
Pleosporales Luttr. ex M.E. Barr [Order]
Pleosporomycetidae C.L. Schoch, Spatafora, Crous & Shoemaker [Subclass]
Dothideomycetes O.E. Erikss. & Winka [Class]
Pezizomycotina O.E. Erikss. & Winka [Subdivision / Subphylum]
Ascomycota Caval.-Sm. [Division / Phylum]
Fungi R.T. Moore [Kingdom]

Constituent taxa:

Keissleriella abruptipapilla M.E. Barr
Keissleriella aesculi (Höhn.) Höhn.
Keissleriella alpina Bose
Keissleriella andersonii (Sacc.) M.E. Barr
Keissleriella bavarica Butin
Keissleriella blepharospora Kohlm. & E. Kohlm.
Keissleriella caudata (E. Müll.) Corbaz
Keissleriella cladophila (Niessl) Cobaz
Keissleriella conferta M.E. Barr
Keissleriella culmifida (P. Karst.) Bose
Keissleriella emergens (P. Karst.) S.K. Bose
Keissleriella fusispora Scheuer
Keissleriella gallica (E. Müll.) Bose
Keissleriella genistae (Fuckel) E. Müll.
Keissleriella gloeospora (Berk. & Curr.) S.K. Bose
Keissleriella holmii (Luttr.) Arx
Keissleriella holmiorum Math.
Keissleriella hyalinospora (Kirschst.) E. Müll.
Keissleriella linearis E. Müll. ex Dennis
Keissleriella mediterranea S.K. Bose
Keissleriella ocellata (Niessl) Bose
Keissleriella pindaundeensis Otani
Keissleriella pinicola D. Hawksw. & Sivan.
Keissleriella podocarpi Butin
Keissleriella rara Kohlm., Volkm.-Kohlm. & O.E. Erikss.
Keissleriella subalpina (Rehm) S.K. Bose
Keissleriella syzygii R. Rao & Modak
Keissleriella taminensis (H. Wegelin) Bose
Keissleriella turcica (Luttr.) Arx

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