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Name:Phyllosticta Pers., (1818) page 55, 147 [basionym]


Phyllosphaera Dumort. (1822)
Phyllostictina Syd. & P. Syd. (1916)
Macrophyllosticta Sousa da Câmara (1929)
Caudophoma B.V. Patil & Thirum. (1968)


Genus, anamorph (coelomycete)

Taxonomic position:

Botryosphaeriaceae Theiss. & P. Syd. [Family]
Botryosphaeriales C.L. Schoch, Crous & Shoemaker [Order]
Dothideomycetes O.E. Erikss. & Winka [Class]
Pezizomycotina O.E. Erikss. & Winka [Subdivision / Subphylum]
Ascomycota Caval.-Sm. [Division / Phylum]
Fungi R.T. Moore [Kingdom]

Constituent taxa:

Phyllosticta aberiae Nann.
Phyllosticta abietis Bissett & M.E. Palm
Phyllosticta abortiva Ellis & Kellerm.
Phyllosticta abramovii Lavrov
Phyllosticta abricola Cif. & Gonz. Frag.
Phyllosticta abutilonis Henn.
Phyllosticta acaciicola Henn.
Phyllosticta acanthopanacis Syd.
Phyllosticta acanthospermi Ellis & Everh.
Phyllosticta acanthosyridis Speg.
Phyllosticta acericola Cooke & Ellis
Phyllosticta acerina Allesch.
Phyllosticta aceris-obtusati Moesz
Phyllosticta aceris Sacc.
Phyllosticta acetosae Sacc.
Phyllosticta acetosellae A.L. Sm. & Ramsb.
Phyllosticta acicola Bissett & M.E. Palm
Phyllosticta aconiti Siemaszko
Phyllosticta aconitifoliicola A.S. Patil & V.G. Rao
Phyllosticta aconitina Petr.
Phyllosticta acorella Sacc. & Penz.
Phyllosticta acori Oudem.
Phyllosticta acoridii Henn.
Phyllosticta acrocomiicola Bat.
Phyllosticta actinidiae Ablak. & Koval
Phyllosticta acuifolia
Phyllosticta adeloica Speg.
Phyllosticta adenostylis Allesch.
Phyllosticta adianticola E. Young
Phyllosticta adjuncta Bubák & Serebrian.
Phyllosticta adoxae Clem.
Phyllosticta adusta Ellis & G. Martin
Phyllosticta advena Pass.
Phyllosticta advenula Sacc.
Phyllosticta aecidiicola Ana Hulsa
Phyllosticta aecidiorum Petr.
Phyllosticta aegiphilotolia Bat. & Silva
Phyllosticta aegopodii Allesch.
Phyllosticta aesculana Oudem.
Phyllosticta aesculi Ellis & G. Martin
Phyllosticta aesculicola Sacc.
Phyllosticta aesculina Sacc.
Phyllosticta aethilis Speg.
Phyllosticta aetoxici Speg.
Phyllosticta aextoxici Speg.
Phyllosticta affine Ellis & Kellerm.
Phyllosticta africanae (Pandotra & A. Husain) Aa
Phyllosticta afrostyracis C. Moreau
Phyllosticta agarwalii Hasija
Phyllosticta agaves Maubl.
Phyllosticta agnostoica Speg.
Phyllosticta agrifolia Ellis & Everh.
Phyllosticta agrimoniae (Lasch) Allesch.
Phyllosticta ailanthi Sacc.
Phyllosticta aizoi Cooke
Phyllosticta aizoon Cooke
Phyllosticta ajacis Thüm.
Phyllosticta ajugae Sacc. & Speg.
Phyllosticta ajugaecola Hollós
Phyllosticta akebiae Naito
Phyllosticta alangii Hasija
Phyllosticta alaterni Pass.
Phyllosticta alba-brunnea Bubák & Wróbl.
Phyllosticta albanica Bubák
Phyllosticta albina Bubák & Kabát
Phyllosticta albizinae V.G. Rao
Phyllosticta albobrunnea Bubák & Wróbl.
Phyllosticta albomaculans Kabát & Bubák
Phyllosticta alcides Sacc.
Phyllosticta aleuritidis Cif. & Gonz. Frag.
Phyllosticta aliena (Fr.) Sacc.
Phyllosticta alii-saikiae Vanev & Aa
Phyllosticta alismatis Sacc. & Speg.
Phyllosticta allantella Sacc.
Phyllosticta allantospora Ellis & Everh.
Phyllosticta allegheniensis Tehon & G.L. Stout
Phyllosticta allescheri Syd.
Phyllosticta allescheriana Elenkin & Ohl
Phyllosticta alliariaefoliae Allesch.
Phyllosticta alliariifoliae Allesch.
Phyllosticta allii-rotundi Lobik
Phyllosticta allii Tehon & E.Y. Daniels
Phyllosticta alliicola Lobik
Phyllosticta allophyli H.S. Yates
Phyllosticta alnea Oudem.
Phyllosticta alni-glutinosae P. Syd.
Phyllosticta alnicola C. Massal.
Phyllosticta alnigena Thüm.
Phyllosticta alniperda Oudem.
Phyllosticta aloës Kalchbr.
Phyllosticta alocasiae N.D. Sharma
Phyllosticta aloidis Oudem.
Phyllosticta alopecuri Lavrov
Phyllosticta aloysiae Speg.
Phyllosticta alpigena Sacc.
Phyllosticta alpina Allesch.
Phyllosticta alpiniae-kelungensis Sawada
Phyllosticta alpiniae Bat.
Phyllosticta alpinicola Solheim
Phyllosticta alsophilae Syd.
Phyllosticta altaica Nann.
Phyllosticta alternantherae Cif.
Phyllosticta althaeicola Pass.
Phyllosticta althaeina Sacc.
Phyllosticta alugicola
Phyllosticta alysciae Hansf.
Phyllosticta alyssae Hollós
Phyllosticta alyxiae Hansf.
Phyllosticta amaltasia S. Chandra & Tandon
Phyllosticta amaranthi Ellis & Kellerm.
Phyllosticta amaryllidicola Aa
Phyllosticta amaryllidis Bres.
Phyllosticta amazonica Syd.
Phyllosticta ambigua Scalia
Phyllosticta ambiguella Sacc.
Phyllosticta ambrosiae Davis
Phyllosticta ambrosioides Thüm.
Phyllosticta ambrosioidis Thüm.
Phyllosticta americana Gucevic
Phyllosticta americanicola Gucevic
Phyllosticta amicta Ellis & Everh.
Phyllosticta amorphae Kabát & Bubák
Phyllosticta amorphophallicola V.G. Rao
Phyllosticta ampelicida (Engelm.) Aa
Phyllosticta ampelina
Phyllosticta ampelophila Politis
Phyllosticta ampelopsidis Ellis & G. Martin
Phyllosticta ampelopsidis Speschnew
Phyllosticta amphigena J.V. Almeida
Phyllosticta amphipterygii Ricker
Phyllosticta ampla Brunaud
Phyllosticta amsoniae Tassi
Phyllosticta anacardiacearum Aa
Phyllosticta anacardicola Bat. & A.F. Vital
Phyllosticta anacardiicola Bat. & A.F. Vital
Phyllosticta anagallidis Hollós
Phyllosticta ananassae Sawada
Phyllosticta anceps Sacc.
Phyllosticta andromedae Westend.
Phyllosticta andropogonivora R. Sprague & Rogerson
Phyllosticta anemones Ellis & Everh.
Phyllosticta anemonicola Sacc. & Syd.
Phyllosticta angelica Sacc.
Phyllosticta angelicae Sacc.
Phyllosticta angulata Wenzl
Phyllosticta anibae Massee
Phyllosticta anigozanthi (Tassi) Allesch.
Phyllosticta annonae-squamosae V.G. Rao
Phyllosticta annonae Henn.
Phyllosticta annonarum Bat. & A.F. Vital
Phyllosticta annulicaudata H.Y. Yip
Phyllosticta anogeissi Sahni
Phyllosticta anonae Henn.
Phyllosticta anonarum Bat. & A.F. Vital
Phyllosticta anonicola
Phyllosticta anserinae Tehon
Phyllosticta antennariae Ellis & Everh.
Phyllosticta anthoxella R. Sprague
Phyllosticta anthrophylli Koord.
Phyllosticta anthyllidis
Phyllosticta antilleana Cif.
Phyllosticta antirrhini P. Syd.
Phyllosticta apatela Allesch.
Phyllosticta apiahyna Speg.
Phyllosticta apicalis Davis
Phyllosticta apiculata Sacc. & Syd.
Phyllosticta apii Halst.
Phyllosticta aplectri Ellis & Everh.
Phyllosticta apocyni-androsaemifolii Bubák & Dearn.
Phyllosticta apocyni Trel.
Phyllosticta aporoica Speg.
Phyllosticta aposeridis Allesch.
Phyllosticta aquatica Speg.
Phyllosticta aquifolina Grove
Phyllosticta aquilegiae Roum. & Pat.
Phyllosticta aquilegiicola Brunaud
Phyllosticta araceae Cif. & Gonz. Frag.
Phyllosticta arachidis-hypogaea V.G. Rao
Phyllosticta arachidis-hypogaeae V.G. Rao
Phyllosticta arachidis Khokhr.
Phyllosticta aracicola Bat.
Phyllosticta araliae-cordatae Sawada
Phyllosticta araliae Ellis & Everh.
Phyllosticta araliana E. Young
Phyllosticta araratiana Husseinova
Phyllosticta aratae Speg.
Phyllosticta araucariae Woron.
Phyllosticta araucariaecola Trotter
Phyllosticta araucariicola Trotter
Phyllosticta arborea Cejp
Phyllosticta arbuti-unedonis Pass.
Phyllosticta arbuti (Desm.) Sacc.
Phyllosticta arbuticola Gucevic
Phyllosticta arbutifolia Ellis & G. Martin
Phyllosticta arbutifoliae Ellis & G. Martin
Phyllosticta ardisiae Trinchieri
Phyllosticta arecae Died.
Phyllosticta arenariae Nelen
Phyllosticta arethusa Bubák
Phyllosticta argentinae Desm.
Phyllosticta argillacea Bres.
Phyllosticta argyraea Speg.
Phyllosticta argyrea Speg.
Phyllosticta ariaefoliae Allesch.
Phyllosticta aricola Bubák
Phyllosticta arida Earle
Phyllosticta ariopsidis Tassi
Phyllosticta arisaematis Bunkina & Koval
Phyllosticta arisari Pat.
Phyllosticta arisaricola Sacc. & Syd.
Phyllosticta aristolochiae Tassi
Phyllosticta aristoteliae Speg.
Phyllosticta armeniaca Tasl.
Phyllosticta armenicola Farneti
Phyllosticta armeriae Allesch.
Phyllosticta armitageana Sacc.
Phyllosticta armoraciae (Cooke) Sacc.
Phyllosticta arnicae Fuckel
Phyllosticta aromatica Tassi
Phyllosticta aromatophila Sacc.
Phyllosticta aronici Sacc.
Phyllosticta artabotrydicola V.G. Rao
Phyllosticta artemisiae-lactiflorae Sawada
Phyllosticta arthrophylli Koord.
Phyllosticta artocarpi Speg.
Phyllosticta artocarpicola Bat.
Phyllosticta artocarpina Syd, P. Syd. & E.J. Butler
Phyllosticta arunci Sacc.
Phyllosticta aruncicola Lobik
Phyllosticta aruncina Sacc.
Phyllosticta arundinacaea
Phyllosticta arxii Aa
Phyllosticta asari Askel
Phyllosticta asclepiadearum Westend.
Phyllosticta asclepiadeum
Phyllosticta ashtonii H.Y. Yip
Phyllosticta asiatica Cooke
Phyllosticta asiminae Ellis & Kellerm.
Phyllosticta asperulae Grove
Phyllosticta aspidiospermatis Speg.
Phyllosticta aspidistrae Oudem.
Phyllosticta aspidopterygis Ananthan.
Phyllosticta aspidospermatis Speg.
Phyllosticta asplenii Jaap
Phyllosticta associata Bubák
Phyllosticta astericola Ellis & Everh.
Phyllosticta asteris Bres.
Phyllosticta asterisci Speg.
Phyllosticta asteromoides Bubák
Phyllosticta astragali Peck
Phyllosticta astragalicola C. Massal.
Phyllosticta astrantiaecola Gonz. Frag.
Phyllosticta atomata Tehon
Phyllosticta atractyli Koval
Phyllosticta atriplicicola Speg.
Phyllosticta atriplicis Desm.
Phyllosticta atriplicis Westend.
Phyllosticta atromaculans Speg.
Phyllosticta atropae Tassi
Phyllosticta atropina Vassiljevskiy
Phyllosticta atrozonata W. Voss
Phyllosticta aucubae Sacc. & Speg.
Phyllosticta aucubicola Sacc.
Phyllosticta aucupariae Thüm.
Phyllosticta auerswaldii Allesch.
Phyllosticta aurantiaca Bat. & Cavalc.
Phyllosticta aurantiicola (Berk. & Cooke) Sacc.
Phyllosticta aurea C.Z. Wang
Phyllosticta auriculata Kalchbr. & Cooke
Phyllosticta australis Speg.
Phyllosticta austriaca Sacc.
Phyllosticta autumnalis Speg.
Phyllosticta avenae Lobik
Phyllosticta avenophila Tehon & E.Y. Daniels
Phyllosticta axonopi Bat. & A.F. Vital
Phyllosticta azadii Jamaluddin, M.P. Tandon & Tandon
Phyllosticta azedarachis Thüm.
Phyllosticta azevinhi Torrend
Phyllosticta azukiae Miura
Phyllosticta babajaniae Tasl.
Phyllosticta babylonicae Chen
Phyllosticta baccharidis Dearn. & House
Phyllosticta bacillaris Montem.
Phyllosticta bacilliformis Padwick & Merk.
Phyllosticta bacillispora Kabát & Bubák
Phyllosticta bacilloides Dominik
Phyllosticta bacteriiformis (Pass.) Sacc.
Phyllosticta bacterioides Vuill.
Phyllosticta bacteriosperma Pass.
Phyllosticta badhami Cooke
Phyllosticta badhamii Cooke
Phyllosticta bakeri Syd.
Phyllosticta balcanica Bubák & Picb.
Phyllosticta baldensis C. Massal.
Phyllosticta baldrati Canonaco
Phyllosticta baldratii Canonaco
Phyllosticta ballotae Died.
Phyllosticta ballotaecola Cejp
Phyllosticta balsaminae Voglino
Phyllosticta bambusina Speg.
Phyllosticta bambusinifolia Bat.
Phyllosticta banatica Bubák
Phyllosticta banksiae Henn.
Phyllosticta baphiae Novos.
Phyllosticta barleriae da Costa & Mundk.
Phyllosticta barnadesiae Gutner
Phyllosticta barssii R. Sprague
Phyllosticta basilici Brunaud
Phyllosticta batatae (Thüm.) Sacc.
Phyllosticta batatas (Thüm.) Cooke
Phyllosticta bataticola Ellis & G. Martin
Phyllosticta bauhiniae-reticulatae Henn.
Phyllosticta bauhiniae Cooke
Phyllosticta bauhiniicola Henn.
Phyllosticta bauhiniicola Rangel
Phyllosticta beaumarisii A.P. Paul & M.D. Blackburn
Phyllosticta begoniae Brunaud
Phyllosticta begoniaecola Rangel
Phyllosticta begoniicola F. Stevens & Baechler
Phyllosticta beguinotiana Sacc.
Phyllosticta belgradensis Bubák & Ranoj.
Phyllosticta bellidicola Nelen
Phyllosticta bellidis V. Bond.-Mont.
Phyllosticta bellunensis C. Mart.
Phyllosticta beltranii Penz.
Phyllosticta benedicti T.M. Achundov & Agaeva
Phyllosticta berberidicola Speg.
Phyllosticta berberidis Rabenh.
Phyllosticta berberidis Westend.
Phyllosticta bergeniae Koval
Phyllosticta berlesiana Sacc.
Phyllosticta berolinensis Henn.
Phyllosticta berteroae I.E. Brezhnev
Phyllosticta bertholletiae Bat., H. Maia & Peres
Phyllosticta betae Oudem.
Phyllosticta betonica Allesch.
Phyllosticta betonicae Brunaud
Phyllosticta betulae Oudem.
Phyllosticta betulicola
Phyllosticta betulina Cooke
Phyllosticta betulina Sacc.
Phyllosticta bicolor Peck
Phyllosticta biennis
Phyllosticta biformis Heald & F.A. Wolf
Phyllosticta bignoniae Westend.
Phyllosticta bignonicola V.G. Rao & Solank.
Phyllosticta bignoniicola V.G. Rao & Solank.
Phyllosticta bischofiae da Costa & Mundk.
Phyllosticta bixina E. Young
Phyllosticta bizzozeriana C. Massal.
Phyllosticta blackwoodiae H.Y. Yip
Phyllosticta bletiae Zimm.
Phyllosticta boehmeriae Sawada
Phyllosticta boehmeriicola Davis
Phyllosticta boerhaviae Speg.
Phyllosticta bokensis (Henn.) Aa
Phyllosticta boldensis
Phyllosticta bolleana Sacc.
Phyllosticta boltoniae (Dearn.) Rulamort
Phyllosticta bombacis Bat.
Phyllosticta bombayensis Aa
Phyllosticta bonanseae Sacc.
Phyllosticta bonanseana Sacc.
Phyllosticta bonariensis Speg.
Phyllosticta bondarzevii Askel
Phyllosticta bonduc F. Stevens
Phyllosticta borinquensis E. Young
Phyllosticta borszczowii Thüm.
Phyllosticta bosensis Bose & Mathur
Phyllosticta botrychii (Jacz.) Jaap
Phyllosticta bougainvilleae Cejp
Phyllosticta bougainvilleicola V.G. Rao
Phyllosticta bouginvilleicola
Phyllosticta boussingaultiae Speg.
Phyllosticta bractearum Oudem.
Phyllosticta bracteophila Ferraris
Phyllosticta brasiliensis Linder
Phyllosticta brassicae-oleraceae Sawada
Phyllosticta brassicae (Curr.) Westend.
Phyllosticta brassicicola McAlpine
Phyllosticta brassicina Sacc.
Phyllosticta bresadolae Sacc. & D. Sacc.
Phyllosticta bresadoleana Bubák & Kabát
Phyllosticta briardii Sacc.
Phyllosticta brideliae P. Weid.
Phyllosticta bridgesii Speg.
Phyllosticta briosiana Traverso
Phyllosticta bromeliae J.V. Almeida & Sousa da Câmara
Phyllosticta bromeliicola Bat. & A.F. Vital
Phyllosticta bromi Potebnia
Phyllosticta bromiicola Gonz. Frag.
Phyllosticta bromivora R. Sprague
Phyllosticta brosimi Speg.
Phyllosticta broussonetiae Traverso & Migliardi
Phyllosticta bruchiana Speg.
Phyllosticta brunellae Ellis & Everh.
Phyllosticta brunfelsiae V. BondMont.
Phyllosticta brunnea Dearn. & Barthol.
Phyllosticta bryophila Racov.
Phyllosticta bubakiana Picb.
Phyllosticta bucklandiae Shreem.
Phyllosticta buddleicola Speg.
Phyllosticta buddleiicola Cejp
Phyllosticta buddlejae Syd.
Phyllosticta bufonii Oudem.
Phyllosticta bumeliae Underw. & Earle
Phyllosticta bumeliifolia Heald & F.A. Wolf
Phyllosticta buphthalmi Allesch.
Phyllosticta bupleuri (Fuckel) Sacc.
Phyllosticta bupleuricola Hollós
Phyllosticta burserae Gonz. Frag. & Cif.
Phyllosticta buteae Syd.
Phyllosticta butleri da Costa & Mundk.
Phyllosticta buxina Sacc.
Phyllosticta caatingae Bat.
Phyllosticta caballeroi Gonz. Frag.
Phyllosticta cacaliae H.C. Greene
Phyllosticta cacti (Berk.) W.A. Archer
Phyllosticta cajani Rangel
Phyllosticta cajanicola Trotter
Phyllosticta calabrica Sacc. & Trotter
Phyllosticta caladii Bat.
Phyllosticta caladit
Phyllosticta calami Verpl. & Van den Broecke
Phyllosticta calaminthae Ellis & Everh.
Phyllosticta calaritana Briosi & Cavara
Phyllosticta calathaeae Verpl. & Claess.
Phyllosticta calatheae Verpl. & Claess.
Phyllosticta calceolariae Speg.
Phyllosticta calistegiae
Phyllosticta calophylli Cif. & Gonz. Frag.
Phyllosticta calopogoniorum Bat.
Phyllosticta calthae Tranzschel
Phyllosticta calycanthi Sacc. & Speg.
Phyllosticta calycanthicola Hollós
Phyllosticta calystegiae Sacc.
Phyllosticta camelliae Westend.
Phyllosticta camelliaecola Brunaud
Phyllosticta campanulae-latifoliae Dobr.
Phyllosticta campanulae Sacc. & Speg.
Phyllosticta campanulicola Marchal & Sternon
Phyllosticta campanulina Moesz
Phyllosticta campestris Pass.
Phyllosticta camphorae Gucevic
Phyllosticta camusiana Sacc.
Phyllosticta canangae Gonz. Frag. & Cif.
Phyllosticta canavaliae van der Byl
Phyllosticta candicans Pass.
Phyllosticta canescens Ellis & Everh.
Phyllosticta cannabis (L.A. Kirchner) Speg.
Phyllosticta cannicola V.G. Rao
Phyllosticta capitalensis Henn.
Phyllosticta capparearum Speg.
Phyllosticta capparicola Speg.
Phyllosticta capparidearum Speg.
Phyllosticta capparidicola Speg.
Phyllosticta capparidis-heyneanae da Costa & Mundk.
Phyllosticta capparidis Sacc. & Speg.
Phyllosticta capparis-heyneanae da Costa & Mundk.
Phyllosticta capparis Sacc. & Speg.
Phyllosticta caprifolii (Opiz) Sacc.
Phyllosticta capsellae
Phyllosticta capsici Speg.
Phyllosticta capsulicola Sacc. & Speg.
Phyllosticta caraganae Syd.
Phyllosticta caranoi Cif.
Phyllosticta cardamines-amarae Petr.
Phyllosticta cardamines Allesch.
Phyllosticta cardiospermi Speg.
Phyllosticta careyae Sahni
Phyllosticta cariae Ellis & Everh.
Phyllosticta caricae-papayae Allesch.
Phyllosticta caricae C. Massal.
Phyllosticta caricaecola Sawada
Phyllosticta caricicola Sacc. & Scalia
Phyllosticta caricis (Fuckel) Sacc.
Phyllosticta carissae Kalchbr. & Cooke
Phyllosticta carlinae Unamuno
Phyllosticta carniolica W. Voss
Phyllosticta carpathica Allesch. & Syd.
Phyllosticta carpinea Sacc.
Phyllosticta carpini Schulzer & Sacc.
Phyllosticta carpogena (Shear) Aa
Phyllosticta carthami Tropova
Phyllosticta caryae Peck
Phyllosticta caryicola Melnik
Phyllosticta caryogena Sacc.
Phyllosticta caryotae C.I. Chen
Phyllosticta casaresi Gonz. Frag.
Phyllosticta casimiroae F. Stevens & Weedon
Phyllosticta casinalbensis D. Sacc.
Phyllosticta cassavae Sawada
Phyllosticta cassiae-goratensis Canonaco
Phyllosticta cassiae-occidentalis V.G. Rao
Phyllosticta cassiae-torae V.G. Rao
Phyllosticta cassiae Chowdhry
Phyllosticta cassiicola Kellerm. & Swingle
Phyllosticta castaneae Ellis & Everh.
Phyllosticta castaneicola Ellis & Everh.
Phyllosticta castaneperda Bat.
Phyllosticta castanicola Ellis & Everh.
Phyllosticta castanopsis C.C. Chen
Phyllosticta catalpae Ellis & G. Martin
Phyllosticta catalpicola Oudem.
Phyllosticta catappae Syd.
Phyllosticta catechu Sawada
Phyllosticta cathartici Sacc.
Phyllosticta caucasica
Phyllosticta caulicola Pat.
Phyllosticta cavarae Trinchieri
Phyllosticta ceanothi Miles
Phyllosticta cearensis Bat.
Phyllosticta cedrelae Elisei
Phyllosticta ceeratoniae Berk.
Phyllosticta cejpii M. Morelet
Phyllosticta celastri Ellis & Everh.
Phyllosticta celastricola Sawada
Phyllosticta celastrina (Died.) Aa
Phyllosticta celosiae Thüm.
Phyllosticta celtidicola Bubák & Kabát
Phyllosticta celtidicola Brunaud
Phyllosticta celtidis Ellis & Kellerm.
Phyllosticta centaureae-scabiosae Petr.
Phyllosticta centaureae Siemaszko
Phyllosticta centaureae Roum.
Phyllosticta centifoliae Politis
Phyllosticta cepae Verwoerd & du Plessis
Phyllosticta cephaelidis V. Bond.Mont.
Phyllosticta cephalanthi Tharp
Phyllosticta cephalariae G. Winter
Phyllosticta cerasella Speg.
Phyllosticta cerasicola Speg.
Phyllosticta ceratoniae Berk.
Phyllosticta cercidicola Ellis & Everh.
Phyllosticta cercocarpi Syd.
Phyllosticta cestri Speg.
Phyllosticta cestricola V.G. Rao
Phyllosticta chaenomelesicola L. Yu & Bai
Phyllosticta chaenomelicola L. Yu & J.K. Bai
Phyllosticta chaenomelina Thüm.
Phyllosticta chaerophylli C. Massal.
Phyllosticta chamaebuxi Allesch.
Phyllosticta chamaenerii Allesch.
Phyllosticta chamaeropis Polacci
Phyllosticta chamaeropsis Pollacci
Phyllosticta chamissoae Speg.
Phyllosticta chanthavica Byzova
Phyllosticta chardonnii Vanev
Phyllosticta cheiranthicola Bub. & Zimmerm.
Phyllosticta cheiranthorum Desm.
Phyllosticta chelidonii Bres.
Phyllosticta chelonanthi F. Stevens
Phyllosticta chenopodii-albi Siemaszko
Phyllosticta chenopodii-boni-henrici Săvul. & Sandu
Phyllosticta chenopodii Sacc.
Phyllosticta chenopodii Westend.
Phyllosticta chenopodiicola Tehon & E.Y. Daniels
Phyllosticta cherensis Canonaco
Phyllosticta cherimoliae J.V. Almeida & Sousa da Câmara
Phyllosticta chilensis Allesch.
Phyllosticta chionanthi Thüm.
Phyllosticta chloranthi Bunkina & Koval
Phyllosticta chlorospila Sacc. & Fautrey
Phyllosticta chlorospora McAlpine
Phyllosticta chondrillina Gonz. Frag.
Phyllosticta chorisiae Viégas
Phyllosticta chorizemae Henn.
Phyllosticta chriatianicola Bat.
Phyllosticta chrysanthemi Ellis & Dearn.
Phyllosticta chrysophylli Syd.
Phyllosticta cicerina Prillinger & Delacr.
Phyllosticta cicutae Lind
Phyllosticta ciferrica Gonz. Frag.
Phyllosticta cinchonae Koord.
Phyllosticta cinchonaecola Vincens
Phyllosticta cinerea (Desm.) Allesch.
Phyllosticta cinnamomi-glanduliferi Henn.
Phyllosticta cinnamomi-zeylanici Bat. & Silva
Phyllosticta cinnamomi Delacr.
Phyllosticta circaeae Meln.
Phyllosticta circinans (Peyl) Sacc. & Traverso
Phyllosticta circuligerens Tehon & E.Y. Daniels
Phyllosticta circumscissa Cooke
Phyllosticta circumsepta Sacc.
Phyllosticta circumvallata G. Winter
Phyllosticta cirsii-lanceolati Garb.
Phyllosticta cirsii Desm.
Phyllosticta cirsiorum Bondartsev
Phyllosticta cissampeli Speg.
Phyllosticta cissicola Speg.
Phyllosticta cisti Roum.
Phyllosticta cistina Thüm.
Phyllosticta citharexyli Chardón
Phyllosticta citricarpa (McAlpine) Aa
Phyllosticta citricola Hori ex Hara
Phyllosticta citrullina Chester
Phyllosticta cladrastidis Mitrosh.
Phyllosticta clematidicola Brunaud
Phyllosticta clematidis Ellis & Dearn.
Phyllosticta clerodendri Bat., R. Garnier & J.L. Bezerra
Phyllosticta clethrae P. Syd.
Phyllosticta clethricola Ellis & G. Martin
Phyllosticta clitoridicola Cif. & Gonz. Frag.
Phyllosticta cliviae Verpl. & Claess.
Phyllosticta clusiae-roseae Gonz. Frag. & Cif.
Phyllosticta clusiae F. Stevens
Phyllosticta clypeata Ellis & Everh.
Phyllosticta cneori Bernaux
Phyllosticta cobaeae Tassi
Phyllosticta coccina
Phyllosticta coccineae Pandotra & Ganguly
Phyllosticta coccolobae Ellis & Everh.
Phyllosticta coccolobaecola Gonz. Frag. & Cif.
Phyllosticta cocculi-hirsuti Chipl.
Phyllosticta cocculi Speg.
Phyllosticta cochlospermi Patw. & Sathe
Phyllosticta cocoës Allesch.
Phyllosticta cocoicola (Bat.) Sivan.
Phyllosticta cocoina Sacc.
Phyllosticta cocophila Pass.
Phyllosticta cocos Cooke
Phyllosticta codiaeana Sacc.
Phyllosticta codiaei Died.
Phyllosticta codiaei Sacc.
Phyllosticta codiaeicola Gonz. Frag. & Cif.
Phyllosticta codonopsidis
Phyllosticta codonopsis Kalymb.
Phyllosticta coffeae-arabicae Sawada
Phyllosticta coffeae-libericae Punith. & B.S. Lee
Phyllosticta coffeicola Speg.
Phyllosticta coicicola V.G. Rao
Phyllosticta coicis-lacrimae Bat.
Phyllosticta colae Verwoerd & du Plessis
Phyllosticta colicola Bouhot
Phyllosticta colletiae
Phyllosticta collinsoniae Sacc. & Dearn.
Phyllosticta colocasiae-esculentae Sawada
Phyllosticta colocasiae Höhn.
Phyllosticta colocasicola Höhn.
Phyllosticta colocasiicola Höhn.
Phyllosticta colocasiophila Weedon
Phyllosticta colubrinae Gonz. Frag. & Cif.
Phyllosticta comanthosphacea Hara
Phyllosticta combreticola Henn.
Phyllosticta commelinicola E. Young
Phyllosticta commonsii Ellis & Everh.
Phyllosticta comoensis Delacr.
Phyllosticta comoliae Speg.
Phyllosticta comolliae Speg.
Phyllosticta comoriana Séchet
Phyllosticta concava Seaver
Phyllosticta concentrica Sacc.
Phyllosticta concinna (Syd.) Aa
Phyllosticta concomitans Ellis & Everh.
Phyllosticta concors Sacc.
Phyllosticta confertissima Ellis & Everh.
Phyllosticta confusa Bubák
Phyllosticta congesta Heald & F.A. Wolf
Phyllosticta coniothyrioidea
Phyllosticta coniothyrioides Sacc.
Phyllosticta consimilis Ellis & Everh.
Phyllosticta consors
Phyllosticta convallariae Pers.
Phyllosticta convallaricola L. Yu & Bai
Phyllosticta convallariicola L. Yu & J.K. Bai
Phyllosticta convexula Bubák
Phyllosticta convolvulacearum (Lacy & Thirum.) Khune
Phyllosticta convolvuli Cejp
Phyllosticta cookei Sacc.
Phyllosticta cookiae Tassi
Phyllosticta coprosmae McAlpine
Phyllosticta coralliobola Bubák & Kabát
Phyllosticta corchori Sawada
Phyllosticta corcontica Kabát & Bubák
Phyllosticta cordillerana Cif.
Phyllosticta cordobensis Speg.
Phyllosticta cordylines Sacc. & Berl.
Phyllosticta cordylinophila P.A. Young
Phyllosticta coreopsidis H.C. Greene
Phyllosticta coriandri
Phyllosticta coriariae Sawada
Phyllosticta coriariicola Speg.
Phyllosticta corni-canadensis Dearn. & Bisby
Phyllosticta corni Westend.
Phyllosticta cornicola (DC.) Rabenh.
Phyllosticta cornivora Melnik
Phyllosticta cornuti Ellis & Kellerm.
Phyllosticta coronaria Pass.
Phyllosticta coronillae M. Nikol.
Phyllosticta correae McAlpine
Phyllosticta corrodens Pass.
Phyllosticta corsineae Gonz. Frag.
Phyllosticta corydalina Picb.
Phyllosticta corydalis (Ellis & Davis) H.C. Greene
Phyllosticta corylaria Sacc.
Phyllosticta coryli Westend.
Phyllosticta corylina Ellis
Phyllosticta corynocarpi J.V. Almeida & Sousa da Câmara
Phyllosticta costesi Speg.
Phyllosticta cotoneastri Allesch.
Phyllosticta coumarounae Gonz. Frag. & Cif.
Phyllosticta couraliae Bat. & I.H. Lima
Phyllosticta cousiniae Vasyag.
Phyllosticta crambes Rodigin
Phyllosticta crassicaulis Losa
Phyllosticta crastophila Sacc.
Phyllosticta crataegi (Cooke) Sacc.
Phyllosticta crataegicola Sacc.
Phyllosticta crenatae Brunaud
Phyllosticta crepidis-paludosae Petr.
Phyllosticta crini Sacc.
Phyllosticta crinicola Siemaszko
Phyllosticta crinodendri Speg.
Phyllosticta crista-galli Elisei
Phyllosticta crotalariae Speg.
Phyllosticta crotonina V.G. Rao
Phyllosticta crotonophila Speg.
Phyllosticta cruenta (Kunze) J. Kickx f.
Phyllosticta crustosa Bonar & W.B. Cooke
Phyllosticta crypta Bissett
Phyllosticta cryptocarpa Kabát & Bubák
Phyllosticta cryptocaryae Henn.
Phyllosticta cryptomeriae Kawam.
Phyllosticta cryptosporae Annal.
Phyllosticta cryptotaeniae Sawada
Phyllosticta cucubali Hollós
Phyllosticta cucurbitacearum Sacc.
Phyllosticta cuestae Gonz. Frag.
Phyllosticta cufiniana Trinchieri
Phyllosticta cumminsii Bissett
Phyllosticta cunninghami Allesch.
Phyllosticta cunninghamiae
Phyllosticta cunninghamii Allesch.
Phyllosticta cupaniae Bat.
Phyllosticta curatellae Henn.
Phyllosticta curculiginis V. Bond.-Mont.
Phyllosticta curcumae Sawada
Phyllosticta curreyi Sacc.
Phyllosticta curtisii (Sacc.) Ellis & Everh.
Phyllosticta curvata Golovin
Phyllosticta cuspidatae B.R.D. Yadav & V.G. Rao
Phyllosticta cuspidaticola B.R.D. Yadav & V.G. Rao
Phyllosticta cussoniae Cejp
Phyllosticta cyamopsicola Aa
Phyllosticta cyamopsidis Pandotra & K.S.M. Sastry
Phyllosticta cyamopsis Pandotra & K.S.M. Sastry
Phyllosticta cyanococci Dearn. & House
Phyllosticta cycadina Pass.
Phyllosticta cycadis S. Ahmad
Phyllosticta cyclaminella Bubák
Phyllosticta cyclaminicola Trel.
Phyllosticta cyclaminis Brunaud
Phyllosticta cyclobalanopsis Chen
Phyllosticta cydoniae (Desm.) Sacc.
Phyllosticta cydoniaecola Allesch.
Phyllosticta cydoniicola Henn.
Phyllosticta cylindrica Sacc. & Syd.
Phyllosticta cylindrospora Sawada
Phyllosticta cymbidii Sawada
Phyllosticta cymbopogonis Bat.
Phyllosticta cynanchi Brunaud
Phyllosticta cynarae Westend.
Phyllosticta cynoglossi Ellis & Everh.
Phyllosticta cynosuri Gonz. Frag.
Phyllosticta cyperi Hollós
Phyllosticta cypericola Sawada
Phyllosticta cyrillae Ellis & G. Martin
Phyllosticta cystopteridis H.C. Greene
Phyllosticta cytisella Sacc.
Phyllosticta cytisi Desm.
Phyllosticta cytisorum Pass.
Phyllosticta cytospora Vouaux
Phyllosticta dactylidicola Melnik
Phyllosticta dactylidis Gonz. Frag.
Phyllosticta dactylidis Brezschnev
Phyllosticta daemonoropis Sacc.
Phyllosticta dahliicola Brunaud
Phyllosticta dalbergiae Syd.
Phyllosticta dalbergiicola Syd.
Phyllosticta dalmatica Thüm.
Phyllosticta dammarae Pollacci
Phyllosticta danaes Pass.
Phyllosticta danthoniae Speg.
Phyllosticta daphnes-ponticae Siemaszko
Phyllosticta daphniphylli
Phyllosticta dardanoi Bat.
Phyllosticta datiscae Syd.
Phyllosticta daturae Westend.
Phyllosticta daturicola Cejp
Phyllosticta davisii (Ellis & Everh.) Aa
Phyllosticta dearnessii Sacc.
Phyllosticta debauxii (Roum.) Moesz
Phyllosticta debeauxii (Roum.) Moesz
Phyllosticta decidua Ellis & Kellerm.
Phyllosticta decipiens Ellis & Everh.
Phyllosticta decolorans Bubák
Phyllosticta decussatae P. Syd.
Phyllosticta deformans (Berk.) Jacz.
Phyllosticta degenerans Syd.
Phyllosticta degenii Moesz
Phyllosticta delhiensis Chona & Munjal
Phyllosticta deliciosa Pass.
Phyllosticta delphinii Clem.
Phyllosticta densissima Sacc.
Phyllosticta dentariae Kabát & Bubák
Phyllosticta derridis Henn.
Phyllosticta desertorum Sacc.
Phyllosticta desmodii Ellis & Everh.
Phyllosticta desmodiicola Died.
Phyllosticta desmodiiphila Speg.
Phyllosticta destructiva Desm.
Phyllosticta destruens Desm.
Phyllosticta detrusa
Phyllosticta deutziae Ellis & Everh.
Phyllosticta deutziicola Petr.
Phyllosticta dianellicola H.Y. Yip
Phyllosticta dianthi Westend.
Phyllosticta diapensiae Pat.
Phyllosticta dictamni Fairm.
Phyllosticta dictamnicola Lobik
Phyllosticta didymopanacis Bat. & H. Maia
Phyllosticta diedickei Bubák & Syd.
Phyllosticta dieffenbachiae Chowdhry, D. Gupta & Padhi
Phyllosticta diervillae Davis
Phyllosticta digerae L.S. Chauhan
Phyllosticta digitalis Bellynck
Phyllosticta digitariae R. Sprague
Phyllosticta digraphidis (Lavrov) Lavrov
Phyllosticta dimorphospora Speg.
Phyllosticta dioscoracearum Bacc.
Phyllosticta dioscoreacearum Bacc.
Phyllosticta dioscoreae-daemonae Henn.
Phyllosticta dioscoreae-daemoniae Henn.
Phyllosticta dioscoreae Cooke
Phyllosticta dioscoreaecola Brunaud
Phyllosticta dioscoreicola Brunaud
Phyllosticta dioscoreina Woron.
Phyllosticta dioscorina
Phyllosticta diospyri Syd., P. Syd. & E.J. Butler
Phyllosticta dipsaci Briard & Fautrey
Phyllosticta diptericicola Gonz. Frag. & Cif.
Phyllosticta dircae Ellis & Dearn.
Phyllosticta disciformis Penz.
Phyllosticta discincola Ellis & Everh.
Phyllosticta discincta Davis
Phyllosticta discors Sacc. & Speg.
Phyllosticta dispergens Tehon
Phyllosticta divergens Sacc.
Phyllosticta diversispora Bubák
Phyllosticta dodecantheae Trel.
Phyllosticta dodecathei Trel.
Phyllosticta doellingeriae Cejp
Phyllosticta doliariae Bat. & Silva
Phyllosticta doliariicola Bat. & Silva
Phyllosticta dolichi Brunaud
Phyllosticta domestica Voglino
Phyllosticta domingensis Cif. & Gonz. Frag.
Phyllosticta donckelaeri Westend.
Phyllosticta doronicella Maire
Phyllosticta doronici Politis
Phyllosticta doronicigena Bubák
Phyllosticta doxanthae Verwoerd & du Plessis
Phyllosticta drabae Moesz
Phyllosticta dracaenae Henn.
Phyllosticta dracaenicola Chowdhry, D. Gupta & Padhi
Phyllosticta dracocephali Dearn. & Bisby
Phyllosticta draconis Berk.
Phyllosticta drimydis Speg.
Phyllosticta drummondii Vanev & Aa
Phyllosticta dryandrae Henn.
Phyllosticta drymeiae Höhn.
Phyllosticta drymidis Speg.
Phyllosticta dryopteridis H.C. Greene
Phyllosticta dryopteris Verwoerd & Du Plessis
Phyllosticta dubia Sacc.
Phyllosticta dulcamarae Sacc.
Phyllosticta durionis Zimm.
Phyllosticta durmitorensis Bubák
Phyllosticta dyerae Punith. & P.H. Wong
Phyllosticta dysoxyli Sacc.
Phyllosticta dzumajensis Bubák
Phyllosticta ebuli (Fuckel) Sacc.
Phyllosticta echinodoricola Bat. & A.F. Vital
Phyllosticta echinodoricoll
Phyllosticta edwardsiae Tassi
Phyllosticta effusa
Phyllosticta ehrhartii Sacc.
Phyllosticta elaeagni Allesch.
Phyllosticta elaeidis V.G. Rao
Phyllosticta elaeocarpi Sawada
Phyllosticta elasticae Koord.
Phyllosticta elettariae Chowdhry
Phyllosticta ellisiana Lambotte & Fautrey
Phyllosticta ellisii Sacc. & Syd.
Phyllosticta elodea (Syd.) Aa
Phyllosticta elongata Weid.
Phyllosticta embelina (N.D. Sharma) Aa & Vanev
Phyllosticta emblicae Chuan Fei Zhang & P.K. Chi
Phyllosticta embothryi Speg.
Phyllosticta eminens H.C. Greene
Phyllosticta encephalarti Aa
Phyllosticta entebbeensis Hansf.
Phyllosticta entylomicola H.C. Greene
Phyllosticta ephedrae Trotter
Phyllosticta epichloes Thirum.
Phyllosticta epiculoes Thirum.
Phyllosticta epigaeae Peck
Phyllosticta epigeae Peck
Phyllosticta epignomonia Bubák & Vleugel
Phyllosticta epilobii-rosei K. Krieg.
Phyllosticta epilobii Brunaud
Phyllosticta epimedii Sacc.
Phyllosticta epipactidis Died.
Phyllosticta equiseti T. Dobr.
Phyllosticta erechtitis F. Stevens & P.A. Young
Phyllosticta eremostachydis Byzova
Phyllosticta eremuri Kalymb.
Phyllosticta ericae Allesch.
Phyllosticta ericicola Died.
Phyllosticta erigerontis Tasl.
Phyllosticta eriobotryae Thüm.
Phyllosticta eriobotryicola Sawada
Phyllosticta eriodendri Died.
Phyllosticta eriogoni W.B. Cooke
Phyllosticta erodii Speg.
Phyllosticta erratica Ellis & Everh.
Phyllosticta ervi Westend.
Phyllosticta eryngiana Sacc. & Fautrey
Phyllosticta eryngiella Bubák
Phyllosticta eryngii Speg.
Phyllosticta eryngiicola Bubák
Phyllosticta erysimi-cuspidati Lobik
Phyllosticta erysimi Westend.
Phyllosticta erysiphoides Sacc.
Phyllosticta erythraea Bacc.
Phyllosticta erythraeae Sacc. & Speg.
Phyllosticta erythrinae Petch
Phyllosticta erythrinicola E. Young
Phyllosticta erythronii W.B. Cooke & C.G. Shaw
Phyllosticta erythroxyli Graziani
Phyllosticta eschweilerae Bat. & A.F. Vital
Phyllosticta eucalypti Thüm.
Phyllosticta eucalypti Ellis & Everh.
Phyllosticta eucalyptica Pat.
Phyllosticta eucalyptina Pat.
Phyllosticta eucalyptorum Crous, M.J. Wingf., F.A. Ferreira & Alfenas
Phyllosticta eucherae Ellis & Everh.
Phyllosticta euchlaenae Sacc.
Phyllosticta eucommiae F.X. Chao & P.K. Chi
Phyllosticta eugeniae E. Young
Phyllosticta euonymella Sacc.
Phyllosticta euonymicola
Phyllosticta eupatoricola Kabát & Bubák
Phyllosticta eupatorii Allesch.
Phyllosticta eupatoriicola Cejp
Phyllosticta eupatorina Thüm.
Phyllosticta euphorbiae-khandalensis V.G. Rao, S.S. Kelkar, A. Pande & V.P. Bhide
Phyllosticta euphorbiae Roum.
Phyllosticta euphorbiaecola Brunaud
Phyllosticta euphorbiicola Brunaud
Phyllosticta eutrematis Shvartsman
Phyllosticta everhartii Sacc. & Syd.
Phyllosticta evernia (Syd.) Aa
Phyllosticta evodiae Cooke
Phyllosticta evonymella Sacc.
Phyllosticta evonymi Sacc.
Phyllosticta evonymicola Tognini
Phyllosticta excavata Sacc.
Phyllosticta exigua Naumov
Phyllosticta eximia Bubák
Phyllosticta exscapi Hollós
Phyllosticta extensa Ellis & Everh.
Phyllosticta extensa Sacc. & Syd.
Phyllosticta fabae Westend.
Phyllosticta fagaricola Speg.
Phyllosticta fagi Oudem.
Phyllosticta fagicola Ellis & G. Martin
Phyllosticta faginea Peck
Phyllosticta fagopyri
Phyllosticta fagopyricola Melnik
Phyllosticta fagopyrina Sawada
Phyllosticta falcariae Brunaud
Phyllosticta falcatae Ziling
Phyllosticta falconeri Henn.
Phyllosticta fallax Sacc. & Roum.
Phyllosticta fallax Allesch.
Phyllosticta faradayae Sacc.
Phyllosticta farfarae Sacc.
Phyllosticta fatiscens Peck
Phyllosticta fatsiae-japonicae Petr.
Phyllosticta fatsiae Hara
Phyllosticta favillensis H.C. Greene
Phyllosticta feijoae Artemiev
Phyllosticta feijoicola Artemiev
Phyllosticta ferax Ellis & Everh.
Phyllosticta ferruginea (Sacc.) Kalymb.
Phyllosticta ferulae Zaprom.
Phyllosticta ficariae Maire
Phyllosticta fici-caricae Rothers
Phyllosticta fici-elasticae Nicolas & Aggéry
Phyllosticta fici-wightianae Sawada
Phyllosticta fici Bres.
Phyllosticta ficicola Pat.
Phyllosticta ficina S. Ahmad
Phyllosticta figuerasii Unamuno
Phyllosticta filipendulae Sacc.
Phyllosticta filipendulina Sacc. & Speg.
Phyllosticta fimbriata Ellis & Everh.
Phyllosticta flacourtiae S.M. Singh
Phyllosticta flacourtiicola Vanev & Aa
Phyllosticta flavescentis Gonz. Frag.
Phyllosticta flavidula Sacc.
Phyllosticta flevolandica Aa
Phyllosticta flourensiicola Speg.
Phyllosticta flueckigeriae Gutner
Phyllosticta fomini Girz.
Phyllosticta forsythiae Sacc.
Phyllosticta fourcadei Sacc.
Phyllosticta fraganiicola Sacc.
Phyllosticta fragariae
Phyllosticta fragaricola Desm. & Roberge
Phyllosticta fragariicola Roberge ex Desm.
Phyllosticta fragosiana Sousa da Câmara
Phyllosticta frangulae J. Kickx f.
Phyllosticta frankiana Sacc. & P. Syd.
Phyllosticta fraserae Ellis & Everh.
Phyllosticta fraxini Ellis & G. Martin
Phyllosticta fraxinicola (M.A. Curtis & Peck) Ellis & Everh.
Phyllosticta fraxinifolia Pass.
Phyllosticta fritillariae Bonar & W.B. Cooke
Phyllosticta fuchsiicola Speg.
Phyllosticta fuliginosa C. Massal.
Phyllosticta fulvescens Died.
Phyllosticta fulvomaculans Maire
Phyllosticta fumariae Khokhr.
Phyllosticta funkiae Ferraris
Phyllosticta furcraeae Caball.
Phyllosticta fusca Cejp
Phyllosticta fuscozonata Thüm.
Phyllosticta fusiformis anon.
Phyllosticta fusispora Ellis & Everh.
Phyllosticta gageae Hollós
Phyllosticta gaillardiae Movs.
Phyllosticta galacis (Cooke) Ellis & Everh.
Phyllosticta galactis (Cooke) Ellis & Everh.
Phyllosticta galegae
Phyllosticta galeobdoli Syd.
Phyllosticta galeopsidis Sacc.
Phyllosticta galinsogae Cejp & Dolejš
Phyllosticta gallarum Thüm.
Phyllosticta gallicola Ellis & Everh.
Phyllosticta galligena Moreau
Phyllosticta gallorum Thüm.
Phyllosticta galphimicola B.R.D. Yadav & V.G. Rao
Phyllosticta galphimiicola B.R.D. Yadav & V.G. Rao
Phyllosticta garbovskii Gucevic
Phyllosticta gardeniae Cooke
Phyllosticta gardeniicola Sawada
Phyllosticta garndimaculans
Phyllosticta garrettii Syd. & P. Syd.
Phyllosticta garryae Cooke & Harkn.
Phyllosticta garryaecola Pass.
Phyllosticta gastonis Roum.
Phyllosticta gaultheriae Ellis & Everh.
Phyllosticta gazaniae V.G. Rao & B.R.D. Yadav
Phyllosticta gei Bres.
Phyllosticta gelonii H.S. Yates
Phyllosticta gelsemii Ellis & Everh.
Phyllosticta gemmipara Zondag
Phyllosticta gemmiphilae X.F. Chen & Hong Ji Hu
Phyllosticta genipae Bat.
Phyllosticta genistae I.E. Brezhnev
Phyllosticta gentianae Woron.
Phyllosticta gentianellae C. Massal.
Phyllosticta gentianicola (DC.) Ellis & Everh.
Phyllosticta geranii Ellis & Everh.
Phyllosticta geraniicola Siemaszko
Phyllosticta gerbeicola Bat.
Phyllosticta gerberae Dzhalagoniya
Phyllosticta gerbericola Bat.
Phyllosticta germanica Speg.
Phyllosticta ghaesembillae Koord.
Phyllosticta gharsei (S.B. Thakur) Aa & Vanev
Phyllosticta gharsii (S.B. Thakur) Aa & Vanev
Phyllosticta gillesii Speg.
Phyllosticta ginkgo Brunaud
Phyllosticta glabra Brunaud
Phyllosticta gladioli-minor Bat. & A.F. Vital
Phyllosticta gladioli Ellis & Everh.
Phyllosticta gladioloides Bat.
Phyllosticta glauca Cooke ex Ellis & Everh.
Phyllosticta glaucispora Delacr.
Phyllosticta glechomae Sacc.
Phyllosticta gleditschiae Hollós
Phyllosticta glicyrrhizae Brun.
Phyllosticta gliricidiicola V.G. Rao
Phyllosticta globifera Ellis & Everh.
Phyllosticta globigera Sacc.
Phyllosticta globulariae Westend.
Phyllosticta globuli Pass.
Phyllosticta globulosa Thüm.
Phyllosticta glochidii Sawada
Phyllosticta glochidionis Sawada
Phyllosticta glumarum-setariae Henn.
Phyllosticta glumarum-sorghi Henn.
Phyllosticta glumarum (Ellis & Tracy) T. Miyake
Phyllosticta glumicola (Speg.) Hara
Phyllosticta glycinea Tehon & E.Y. Daniels
Phyllosticta glycines Thüm.
Phyllosticta glycosmidis Syd. & E.J. Butler
Phyllosticta glycyphylli Maire
Phyllosticta glycyrrhizae (Hollós) Y.S. Paul & L.N. Bhardwaj
Phyllosticta glycyrrhizicola Vassiljevskij
Phyllosticta glynneae Sawada
Phyllosticta gmelinae Ts. Kobay.
Phyllosticta goebeliae Petr.
Phyllosticta goetheae Magnaghi
Phyllosticta golenkinianthes Annal.
Phyllosticta golovinii Mekht.
Phyllosticta gomphranicida Speg.
Phyllosticta gomphrenae Sacc. & Speg.
Phyllosticta gomphrenicola Speg.
Phyllosticta gordoniae Ellis & G. Martin
Phyllosticta gordoniicola Sawada
Phyllosticta goritiensis Sacc.
Phyllosticta gossypii Sawada
Phyllosticta gossypina Ellis & G. Martin
Phyllosticta gossypina Cooke
Phyllosticta gouaniae Gonz. Frag. & Cif.
Phyllosticta gracilis Gucevic
Phyllosticta graffiana Sacc.
Phyllosticta granati Rangel
Phyllosticta grandii Shreem.
Phyllosticta grandimaculans Bubák & K. Krieg.
Phyllosticta grandispora Rothers
Phyllosticta gratiolae Hollós
Phyllosticta grevilleae Gadd
Phyllosticta grewiae Died.
Phyllosticta grisea Peck
Phyllosticta griseofusca Bubák
Phyllosticta groenlandica Allesch.
Phyllosticta grossulariae Sacc.
Phyllosticta grumicola (Speg.) Hara
Phyllosticta guajavae Viégas
Phyllosticta guanicensis E. Young
Phyllosticta guareae Henn.
Phyllosticta guareae Speg.
Phyllosticta guayaci Cif. & Gonz. Frag.
Phyllosticta guceviczii Zhilina
Phyllosticta gueldenstaedtiae Murashk.
Phyllosticta guepinicola Speg.
Phyllosticta guevinicola Speg.
Phyllosticta guillielmicola Bat. & Silva
Phyllosticta gunnerae Speg.
Phyllosticta gustaviae Sacc.
Phyllosticta guttulatae Halst.
Phyllosticta gymnocladi Tehon & E.Y. Daniels
Phyllosticta gymnosporiae Ciccar.
Phyllosticta gymnosporiicola V.G. Rao
Phyllosticta gypsophilae I.E. Brezhnev
Phyllosticta haematocycla Berk & Welw.
Phyllosticta hainensis Gonz. Frag. & Cif.
Phyllosticta hakeae V. Bond.-Mont.
Phyllosticta halduana S. Chandra & Tandon
Phyllosticta haleniae Murashk.
Phyllosticta halepensis Unamuno
Phyllosticta halophila Speg.
Phyllosticta halstediana Allesch.
Phyllosticta halstedii Ellis & Everh.
Phyllosticta hamadryadis Speg.
Phyllosticta hamamelidis Cooke
Phyllosticta hamamelidis Peck
Phyllosticta hamasensis Sacc.
Phyllosticta haraeana Sawada
Phyllosticta hardenbergiae Cooke & Massee
Phyllosticta hariotiana Sacc.
Phyllosticta hasijae
Phyllosticta hasijai Agarwal
Phyllosticta hawaicensis Caum
Phyllosticta hawaiensis
Phyllosticta hawaiiensis Caum
Phyllosticta hawaiiensis Petr.
Phyllosticta haynaldi Sacc. & Roum.
Phyllosticta haynaldii Roum. & Sacc.
Phyllosticta healdii R. Sprague
Phyllosticta hederacea (Arc.) Allesch.
Phyllosticta hederae Sacc. & Roum.
Phyllosticta hedericola Durieu & Mont.
Phyllosticta hedericola Gonz. Frag.
Phyllosticta hedychii Petr.
Phyllosticta hedysari Byzova
Phyllosticta heimiae Speg.
Phyllosticta helenae R. Sprague
Phyllosticta helianthemi Roum.
Phyllosticta helianthemicola Allesch.
Phyllosticta helianthi Ellis & Everh. ex H.C. Greene
Phyllosticta helichrysicola Nelen
Phyllosticta heliconiae F. Stevens & P.A. Young
Phyllosticta heliconiicola Bat. & A.F. Vital
Phyllosticta heliopsidis H.C. Greene
Phyllosticta helleborella Sacc.
Phyllosticta helleboriana Brunaud
Phyllosticta helleboricola C. Massal.
Phyllosticta helleborina Brunaud
Phyllosticta helvetica Sacc.
Phyllosticta helvola (Berk. & M.A. Curtis) Tassi
Phyllosticta helwingiae Nann.
Phyllosticta hemerocallidis (G.M. Chang & P.K. Chi) Vanev
Phyllosticta hemibrunnea H.Y. Yip
Phyllosticta henriquesii Thüm.
Phyllosticta hepaticae Brunaud
Phyllosticta heraclei Ellis & Dearn.
Phyllosticta herbarum
Phyllosticta hesleri Dearn.
Phyllosticta hesperidearum (Catt.) Penz.
Phyllosticta hesperidis Vasyag.
Phyllosticta heteromeles Cooke & Harkn.
Phyllosticta heterophragmatis Chona & Munjal
Phyllosticta heterophylli Gucevic
Phyllosticta heteropteridis Henn.
Phyllosticta heterospora Speg.
Phyllosticta heterosporum
Phyllosticta heucherae Ellis & Everh.
Phyllosticta heveae Zimm.
Phyllosticta heveana Saccas
Phyllosticta heveicola Saccas
Phyllosticta hibisci-cannabini Sawada
Phyllosticta hibisci Peck
Phyllosticta hibiscicola Sawada
Phyllosticta hibiscina Ellis & Everh.
Phyllosticta hieracicola Rostr.
Phyllosticta hieracii Allesch.
Phyllosticta hieraciicola Rostr.
Phyllosticta himantoglossi Petr.
Phyllosticta himeranthi Speg.
Phyllosticta hippocastani Oudem.
Phyllosticta hiratsukae Ts. Kobay. & Onuki
Phyllosticta hirriensis (S.R. Chowdhury) Aa & Vanev
Phyllosticta hispaniolae Cif. & Gonz. Frag.
Phyllosticta hispida Ellis & Dearn.
Phyllosticta holosteae Allesch.
Phyllosticta holosteicola Oudem.
Phyllosticta honbaensis Vincens
Phyllosticta horai Hara ex Togashi
Phyllosticta hortorum Speg.
Phyllosticta hosackiae W.B. Cooke
Phyllosticta houttuyniae Siemaszko
Phyllosticta hoveniae Gucevic
Phyllosticta hoyae Allesch.
Phyllosticta hranicensis Petr.
Phyllosticta hualtatae Speg.
Phyllosticta humerispora Speg.
Phyllosticta humuli Sacc. & Speg.
Phyllosticta humulina Sacc. & P. Syd.
Phyllosticta hybridae Mig.
Phyllosticta hydrangeae-quercifoliae M. Bechet & Crisan
Phyllosticta hydrangeae Ellis & Everh.
Phyllosticta hydrastidis V. Bond.-Mont.
Phyllosticta hydrocotyles A.L. Sm.
Phyllosticta hydrophila Speg.
Phyllosticta hydrophylli H.C. Greene
Phyllosticta hymenaeae (Bat. & A.F. Vital) Aa
Phyllosticta hymenaeicola Bat. & Silva
Phyllosticta hymenocallidis Seaver
Phyllosticta hyoscyami Dejeva
Phyllosticta hypericicola Cejp
Phyllosticta hypoglossi (Mont.) Allesch.
Phyllosticta hypophylli Pat.
Phyllosticta ibarrae Toro
Phyllosticta ibotae Nann.
Phyllosticta icarahyensis Rangel
Phyllosticta idaecola Cooke
Phyllosticta ignatiana Unamuno
Phyllosticta ilicicola (Cooke & Ellis) Ellis & Everh.
Phyllosticta ilicina Sacc.
Phyllosticta iliciperda Oudem.
Phyllosticta ilicis Oudem.
Phyllosticta iliciseda Sacc.
Phyllosticta iliensis Kalymb.
Phyllosticta illinoensis Tehon & E.Y. Daniels
Phyllosticta imbe Bat.
Phyllosticta imbricatae B.R.D. Yadav & V.G. Rao
Phyllosticta immersa Bubák
Phyllosticta impatientis Fautrey
Phyllosticta impatientis Siemaszko
Phyllosticta implexae Pass.
Phyllosticta incarvilleae Verpl. & Claess.
Phyllosticta indianensis J.M. Hook
Phyllosticta indica Roum. & P. Karst.
Phyllosticta indica Shreem.
Phyllosticta inermis Pandotra & Ganguly
Phyllosticta infuscata G. Winter
Phyllosticta ingae-dulcis Died.
Phyllosticta ingae-edulis Bat. & Silva
Phyllosticta innumera Cooke & Harkn.
Phyllosticta innumerabilis Peck
Phyllosticta insignis Gucevic
Phyllosticta insulana Mont.
Phyllosticta insularum Sacc.
Phyllosticta interficiens Volkart
Phyllosticta intermedia Allesch.
Phyllosticta intermixta Seaver
Phyllosticta inulae-viscosae Petr.
Phyllosticta inulae Allesch.
Phyllosticta inulicola (Brunaud) Allesch.
Phyllosticta ipomoeae-reptantis Sawada
Phyllosticta ipomoeae Ellis & Kellerm.
Phyllosticta iridis Ellis & G. Martin
Phyllosticta isatidis Annal.
Phyllosticta ischnosiphonis Henn.
Phyllosticta iserana Kabát & Bubák
Phyllosticta isolemae Gonz. Frag. & Cif.
Phyllosticta isolomae Gonz. Frag. & Cif.
Phyllosticta isopogonis Tassi
Phyllosticta italica Montem.
Phyllosticta iteae Dearn.
Phyllosticta ivaecola Ellis & Everh.
Phyllosticta ixeridis Sawada
Phyllosticta ixiolirii Kalymb.
Phyllosticta ixorae Rangel
Phyllosticta jacobaeae Sacc.
Phyllosticta jacquemontiicola B.R.D. Yadav & V.G. Rao
Phyllosticta jacquimonticola B.R.D. Yadav & V.G. Rao
Phyllosticta jaffueli Speg.
Phyllosticta jahniana Petr. & Sacc.
Phyllosticta jambosae Bat. & A.F. Vital
Phyllosticta jambosicola Aa
Phyllosticta japonica Thüm.
Phyllosticta japonica Fautrey
Phyllosticta jasminensis Bat. & A.F. Vital
Phyllosticta jasmini-pubescentis V.G. Rao
Phyllosticta jasmini Sacc.
Phyllosticta jasminiae Rao
Phyllosticta jasminica Thüm.
Phyllosticta jasminicola (Desm.) Sacc.
Phyllosticta jasminina V.G. Rao
Phyllosticta jasminorum Tognini
Phyllosticta jatrophae-podagricae B.R.D. Yadav & V.G. Rao
Phyllosticta jordani Unamuno
Phyllosticta juglandina Sacc.
Phyllosticta juglandis (DC.) Sacc.
Phyllosticta julan
Phyllosticta julia Speg.
Phyllosticta juliflora Ellis & Barthol.
Phyllosticta juliflorae Ellis & Barthol.
Phyllosticta juruana Henn.
Phyllosticta justiciicola Solank. & V.G. Rao
Phyllosticta kalmicola (Schwein.) Ellis & Everh.
Phyllosticta kamatii (Golatkar) Aa & Vanev
Phyllosticta kanpurensis D.V. Singh & B.M. Khanna
Phyllosticta kausarica I.U. Khan
Phyllosticta kawakamii Sawada
Phyllosticta kenimaechia Golovin
Phyllosticta kennedyae G. Winter
Phyllosticta kentiae Unamuno
Phyllosticta kerguelensis Henn.
Phyllosticta khandalensis V.G. Rao
Phyllosticta kielmeyerae Allesch.
Phyllosticta kigeliae Died.
Phyllosticta kobayashii Vanev & Aa
Phyllosticta kobus Henn.
Phyllosticta koelreuteriae Hollós
Phyllosticta kok-saghyz Cherem.
Phyllosticta koshuensis Sawada
Phyllosticta kotoensis Sawada
Phyllosticta kriegeriana Bres.
Phyllosticta kumaonica Trotter
Phyllosticta kurskiana A. Bond.
Phyllosticta kuwacola Hara
Phyllosticta kuwaecola Hara
Phyllosticta labiatarum Rabenh.
Phyllosticta labruscae Thüm.
Phyllosticta laburni Oudem.
Phyllosticta laburnicola Sacc.
Phyllosticta lacerans Pass.
Phyllosticta lacobaea Sacc.
Phyllosticta lactucae G.F. Atk.
Phyllosticta lactucicola Hara & Ogawa
Phyllosticta laeliae Keissl.
Phyllosticta lafoensiae Allesch.
Phyllosticta lagascae Unamuno
Phyllosticta lagenariae Pass.
Phyllosticta lageniformis Rangel
Phyllosticta lagerstroemiae Ellis & Everh.
Phyllosticta lamii Sacc.
Phyllosticta lampsanae P. Syd.
Phyllosticta lanceolata
Phyllosticta landolphiae Henn.
Phyllosticta langarum Ferraris
Phyllosticta lantanae-verae Trotter
Phyllosticta lantanae F. Stevens
Phyllosticta lantanicola Sacc.
Phyllosticta lantanoides Peck
Phyllosticta lantanoidi Peck
Phyllosticta lantanoidis Peck
Phyllosticta lappae Sacc.
Phyllosticta lappicola I.E. Brezhnev & Briede
Phyllosticta lapsanae P. Syd.
Phyllosticta laptospora
Phyllosticta laricis Sawada
Phyllosticta larpentae Tassi
Phyllosticta lasadjuntas Toro
Phyllosticta laserpitii Sacc.
Phyllosticta latemarensis Kabát & Bubák
Phyllosticta lathyricola Bubák & K. Krieg.
Phyllosticta lathyrina Sacc. & G. Winter
Phyllosticta latifolia Ellis & Everh.
Phyllosticta latifoliae Ellis & Everh.
Phyllosticta latospora Verwoerd & du Plessis
Phyllosticta launaeae Rajd.
Phyllosticta laurella Sacc.
Phyllosticta laureolae Desm.
Phyllosticta lauri Westend.
Phyllosticta laurina J.V. Almeida
Phyllosticta laurocerasi Sacc. & Speg.
Phyllosticta laurocerasi Vasiljeva-Pupysheva
Phyllosticta lavrensis Viégas
Phyllosticta ledi Rostr.
Phyllosticta lentaginis Sacc. & Syd.
Phyllosticta lenticularis Pass.
Phyllosticta lentisci (Pass.) Allesch.
Phyllosticta lepidii Brunaud
Phyllosticta lepisanthicola Subhedar & V.G. Rao
Phyllosticta leptidea (Fr.) Allesch.
Phyllosticta leptosperma Speg.
Phyllosticta lespedezae Togashi
Phyllosticta leucadendri Henn.
Phyllosticta leucanthemi Speg.
Phyllosticta leucocarpae G.F. Atk.
Phyllosticta leucosticta C. Massal.
Phyllosticta leucothoes Ellis & G. Martin
Phyllosticta liatridis Davis
Phyllosticta libanotidis Mekht.
Phyllosticta libertiae Sacc.
Phyllosticta libertiana Sacc. & March.
Phyllosticta lichenicola Allesch.
Phyllosticta ligulariae
Phyllosticta ligulariicola Melnik
Phyllosticta ligustici Koval
Phyllosticta ligustri Sacc.
Phyllosticta ligustrina Sacc. & Speg.
Phyllosticta lilii Ellis & Dearn.
Phyllosticta liliicola Sacc.
Phyllosticta limbalis Pers.
Phyllosticta limitata Peck
Phyllosticta limoni M.T. Lucas & Sousa da Câmara
Phyllosticta limoniastri Pat.
Phyllosticta limonum M.T. Lucas & Sousa da Câmara
Phyllosticta linariae Sacc.
Phyllosticta linariaecola Chevassut
Phyllosticta linariicola Chevassut
Phyllosticta linderae Ellis & Everh.
Phyllosticta lindericola Ellis & Everh.
Phyllosticta lini Lobik
Phyllosticta linneae Dobrozr.
Phyllosticta linocierae Thüm.
Phyllosticta linosyris Hollós
Phyllosticta liquidambaricola Sawada
Phyllosticta liquidambaris Chen
Phyllosticta liriodendri Cooke
Phyllosticta liriodendrica Sacc.
Phyllosticta lisianthi Syd.
Phyllosticta livida Ellis & Everh.
Phyllosticta llimonae Bertault
Phyllosticta lohogadensis V.G. Rao
Phyllosticta lolii Lagière
Phyllosticta longispora McAlpine
Phyllosticta lonicerae Westend.
Phyllosticta loranthi (Ponnappa) Aa
Phyllosticta lucumae Bat. & J.L. Bezerra
Phyllosticta lucunae Syd.
Phyllosticta ludoviciana Ellis & G. Martin
Phyllosticta ludwigiae Peck
Phyllosticta lueheae Bat.
Phyllosticta lunariae Vanev & Bakalova
Phyllosticta lupini Bonar
Phyllosticta lupulina Petr.
Phyllosticta lusitanica Unamuno
Phyllosticta lutetiana Sacc.
Phyllosticta lychnidina Grove
Phyllosticta lychnidis (Kunze & J.C. Schmidt) Ellis & Everh.
Phyllosticta lychnidis Bond.
Phyllosticta lycii Ellis & Kellerm.
Phyllosticta lycopersici Peck
Phyllosticta lycopi Ellis & Everh.
Phyllosticta lycopodis Ellis & Everh.
Phyllosticta lysimachiae Allesch.
Phyllosticta lythri
Phyllosticta macedoi Gonz. Frag.
Phyllosticta macleyae Naito
Phyllosticta maclurae Ellis & Everh.
Phyllosticta macrocarpa Montemart.
Phyllosticta macrocarpae Montem.
Phyllosticta macrochloae Gonz. Frag.
Phyllosticta macroguttata Earle
Phyllosticta macropycnidia Sawada
Phyllosticta macropycnidiai Hasija
Phyllosticta macrospora Ellis & Everh.
Phyllosticta maculans Ellis & Everh.
Phyllosticta maculicola Halst.
Phyllosticta maculiformis Sacc.
Phyllosticta madisonensis H.C. Greene
Phyllosticta magellanica Speg.
Phyllosticta magnoliae-pumilae Sawada
Phyllosticta magnoliae Sacc.
Phyllosticta mahabaleshwarensis V.G. Rao
Phyllosticta mahaleb Thüm.
Phyllosticta mahoniae Sacc. & Speg.
Phyllosticta mahoniana (Sacc.) Allesch.
Phyllosticta mahoniicola Pass.
Phyllosticta maianthemi W.B. Cooke
Phyllosticta malabailae C. Massal.
Phyllosticta mali Prill. & Delacr.
Phyllosticta malisorica Bubák
Phyllosticta malkoffii Bubák
Phyllosticta malvavisci J.A. Stev.
Phyllosticta mammaeicola Cif. & Gonz. Frag.
Phyllosticta mammeicola Cif. & Gonz. Frag.
Phyllosticta mangiferae Bat. & A.F. Vital
Phyllosticta mangifericola Bat.
Phyllosticta mangrovei Purkay. & A.K. Pal bis
Phyllosticta manihot Speg.
Phyllosticta manihotae Viégas
Phyllosticta manihoti Speg.
Phyllosticta manihoticola Syd.
Phyllosticta manihotis Viégas
Phyllosticta manioth Speg.
Phyllosticta marantaceae Henn.
Phyllosticta marantaceaecola Rangel
Phyllosticta marchantiae Sacc.
Phyllosticta marckhamiae Marchal & Steyaert
Phyllosticta marginalis Penz.
Phyllosticta maricae Gutner
Phyllosticta markhamiae Marchal & Steyaert
Phyllosticta marmorata Cooke
Phyllosticta marrubii McAlpine
Phyllosticta marsdeniae Punith. & H.C. Evans
Phyllosticta martyniae Thüm.
Phyllosticta masdewalliae Henn.
Phyllosticta mate Speg.
Phyllosticta mattiroliana (Sacc. & Mattir.) McAlpine
Phyllosticta mattiroloana (Sacc. & Mattir.) McAlpine
Phyllosticta maurandiae Dearn. & House
Phyllosticta mauroceniae Sacc. & D. Sacc.
Phyllosticta maxima Ellis & Everh.
Phyllosticta maydis Arny & R.R. Nelson
Phyllosticta mayilae Petch
Phyllosticta mayteni Speg.
Phyllosticta mecranii (Petr. & Cif.) Aa
Phyllosticta medeolae Dearn. & House
Phyllosticta medicaginis (Fuckel) Sacc.
Phyllosticta medinillae Rangel
Phyllosticta meibomiae Seaver
Phyllosticta melaleuca Ellis & Everh.
Phyllosticta melampyri Allesch.
Phyllosticta melampyricola Miura
Phyllosticta melampyrina Aksel
Phyllosticta melandrii Annal.
Phyllosticta melanogena Sacc.
Phyllosticta melanoplaca Thüm.
Phyllosticta melanoplana
Phyllosticta melastomacearum Speg.
Phyllosticta melastomatis Sawada
Phyllosticta meliae Ellis & Everh.
Phyllosticta meliloti T.M. Achundov & Agajeva
Phyllosticta melissae Bubák
Phyllosticta melissophylli Pass.
Phyllosticta melochiae H.S. Yates
Phyllosticta melongenae Sawada
Phyllosticta menispermi Pass.
Phyllosticta menispermicola Tehon & E.Y. Daniels
Phyllosticta menthae Bres.
Phyllosticta mentzeliae Ellis & Kellerm.
Phyllosticta mercurialicola C. Massal.
Phyllosticta mercurialis Desm.
Phyllosticta mespili Sacc.
Phyllosticta mespilicola Rota-Rossi
Phyllosticta mespilina Montem.
Phyllosticta metaplexidis Sawada
Phyllosticta metrosideri Brunaud
Phyllosticta michailovskoensis Elenkin & Ohl
Phyllosticta michauxioidis Magnus
Phyllosticta micheliae Vasant Rao
Phyllosticta micheliicola V.G. Rao
Phyllosticta micrococcoides Penz.
Phyllosticta microconidia Hasija
Phyllosticta microcosi Ts. Kobay. & E.D. Guzmán
Phyllosticta micropuncta Cooke
Phyllosticta microspila Pass.
Phyllosticta microspora
Phyllosticta microstegia Syd.
Phyllosticta microsticta Durieu & Mont.
Phyllosticta milenae Bubák
Phyllosticta milletiae Henn.
Phyllosticta mimuli Ellis & Fautrey
Phyllosticta mimusopis-elengi V.G. Rao
Phyllosticta mimusopsidis Henn.
Phyllosticta mimusopsis Cufino
Phyllosticta minima (Berk. & M.A. Curtis) Underw. & Earle
Phyllosticta minor Ellis & Everh.
Phyllosticta minussinensis Thüm.
Phyllosticta minuta Garb.
Phyllosticta minutaspora R. Sprague
Phyllosticta minutella Bubák & Dearn.
Phyllosticta minutissima Ellis & Everh.
Phyllosticta mirabilis Bat.
Phyllosticta mirbelii Tassi
Phyllosticta mirbellii Tassi
Phyllosticta missionum Speg.
Phyllosticta mitellae Peck
Phyllosticta miurae
Phyllosticta miurai Miyake
Phyllosticta miuri Miyake
Phyllosticta miyakei Syd.
Phyllosticta molleriana Thüm.
Phyllosticta molluginis Ellis & Halst.
Phyllosticta molungu Viégas
Phyllosticta momisiana Young
Phyllosticta momordicae Tassi
Phyllosticta monardae Ellis & Barthol.
Phyllosticta monardellae W.B. Cooke
Phyllosticta monardicola Cejp
Phyllosticta monesiae Speg.
Phyllosticta monetiae Speg.
Phyllosticta monogyna Allesch.
Phyllosticta monspessulani Pass.
Phyllosticta monsterae P. Kumar & Kamal
Phyllosticta montana Voglino
Phyllosticta montellica Sacc.
Phyllosticta montemartinii Cif.
Phyllosticta montteae Speg.
Phyllosticta moquileae Bat.
Phyllosticta moquilearum Bat.
Phyllosticta moquiniae Viégas
Phyllosticta moravica (Petr.) Aa
Phyllosticta mori-albae Pandotra
Phyllosticta moricola Ellis & Everh.
Phyllosticta morifolia Pass.
Phyllosticta morindae (Petr. & Syd.) Aa
Phyllosticta moringicola da Costa & Mundk.
Phyllosticta morrisianae C.C. Chen
Phyllosticta mortoni Fairm.
Phyllosticta mortonii Fairm.
Phyllosticta morus-albae Pandotra
Phyllosticta moscosoi Cif. & Gonz. Frag.
Phyllosticta mouretii Pat.
Phyllosticta moutan Pass.
Phyllosticta mucunae Ellis & Everh.
Phyllosticta muehlenbeckiae Shreem.
Phyllosticta muehlenbeckiana Caball.
Phyllosticta mulgedii Davis
Phyllosticta multicorniculata Bissett & M.E. Palm
Phyllosticta multiformis Pettinari
Phyllosticta multimaculans Kobay.
Phyllosticta murnadensis Ponnappa
Phyllosticta murrayae Gonz. Frag. & Cif.
Phyllosticta murrayicola Aa
Phyllosticta musae-sapientium Gonz. Frag. & Cif.
Phyllosticta musae F. Stevens & P.A. Young
Phyllosticta musarum (Cooke) Aa
Phyllosticta muscari Hollós
Phyllosticta musicola F. Stevens & P.A. Young
Phyllosticta mussaendae Sawada
Phyllosticta myosotidicola Nelen
Phyllosticta myricae Cooke
Phyllosticta myroxyli da Costa & Mundk.
Phyllosticta myrtialis
Phyllosticta myrticola Speg.
Phyllosticta myrticola Sacc.
Phyllosticta mysharis
Phyllosticta nandinae Tassi
Phyllosticta napi Sacc.
Phyllosticta napoleoneae Thüm.
Phyllosticta narcissi Adherh.
Phyllosticta narcissicola Keissl.
Phyllosticta nasturtii Sawada
Phyllosticta naumovii Gucevic
Phyllosticta nebulosa Sacc.
Phyllosticta necatrix (Thüm.) I. Miyake
Phyllosticta neeae Bat. & Peres
Phyllosticta neglecta Brunaud
Phyllosticta negriana (Thüm.) Allesch.
Phyllosticta negundicola Sacc.
Phyllosticta negundinis Sacc. & Speg.
Phyllosticta nelumbii Jacz.
Phyllosticta nelumbonis Sawada
Phyllosticta nemophilae Dippen.
Phyllosticta nemoralis Sacc.
Phyllosticta neomexicana Kabát & Bubák
Phyllosticta nepenthacearum Tassi
Phyllosticta nepetae
Phyllosticta nepeticola Melnik
Phyllosticta nephelii Delacr.
Phyllosticta nerii-atropurpurii B.R.D. Yadav & V.G. Rao
Phyllosticta nerii-oleandri Siemaszko
Phyllosticta nerii Westend.
Phyllosticta neriicola Brunaud
Phyllosticta nervisequa Sacc.
Phyllosticta nesaeae Peck
Phyllosticta neurospilea Sacc. & Berl.
Phyllosticta neuroterigallicola Tehon
Phyllosticta nicandricola V.G. Rao
Phyllosticta nicolai Bubák
Phyllosticta nicotiana Ellis & Everh.
Phyllosticta nicotianae Ellis & Everh.
Phyllosticta nicotianicola Speg.
Phyllosticta nieliana Roum.
Phyllosticta nigra Brunaud
Phyllosticta nigrescens Bonar & W.B. Cooke
Phyllosticta nigromaculans Sacc.
Phyllosticta nitidula Durieu & Mont.
Phyllosticta nivea Syd. & P. Syd.
Phyllosticta noackiana Allesch.
Phyllosticta nobilis Thüm.
Phyllosticta nubecula Pass.
Phyllosticta nucularia Tassi
Phyllosticta numerospora H.C. Greene
Phyllosticta nupharis Allesch.
Phyllosticta nuptialis Thüm.
Phyllosticta nuttaliae Siemaszko
Phyllosticta nyctanthis Pandotra & K.S.M. Sastry
Phyllosticta nymphaea
Phyllosticta nymphaeacea Ellis & Everh.
Phyllosticta nymphaeaceae Ellis & Everh.
Phyllosticta nymphaeicola Tehon & E.Y. Daniels
Phyllosticta nyssae Cooke
Phyllosticta oahuensis Cash
Phyllosticta oakesiae Dearn. & House
Phyllosticta obliqua Tassi
Phyllosticta obscurans (Ellis & Everh.) Tassi
Phyllosticta occulta Bubák
Phyllosticta ocellata Pass. & Beltr.
Phyllosticta ocimicola Pandotra & Ganguly
Phyllosticta odinae Henn. & A. Evans
Phyllosticta odontoglossi Verpl. & Claess.
Phyllosticta oleae Ellis & G. Martin
Phyllosticta oleae Petri
Phyllosticta oleandri Gutner
Phyllosticta oleina Cooke
Phyllosticta olympica R. Sprague
Phyllosticta onacardiacearum
Phyllosticta onobrychidis Panas.
Phyllosticta ononidis Unamuno
Phyllosticta onosmae Vasyag.
Phyllosticta opaca Ellis & Everh.
Phyllosticta opulasteris Petr.
Phyllosticta opuli Sacc.
Phyllosticta opuntiae-parahybensis Bat.
Phyllosticta opuntiae Sacc. & Speg.
Phyllosticta opuntiicola Bubák
Phyllosticta orbicula Ellis & Everh.
Phyllosticta orbicularis Ellis & Everh.
Phyllosticta oreodaphnes Henn.
Phyllosticta origani Tassi
Phyllosticta ormocarpi Bres.
Phyllosticta orni Bubák
Phyllosticta orobella Sacc.
Phyllosticta orobina Sacc.
Phyllosticta orontii Ellis & G. Martin
Phyllosticta oroxyli Henn.
Phyllosticta oryzae (Cooke & Massee) I. Miyake
Phyllosticta oryzicola Hara
Phyllosticta oryzina Padwick
Phyllosticta osmanthi Tassi
Phyllosticta osmanthicola Trinchieri
Phyllosticta osteospora Sacc.
Phyllosticta ostryae Woron.
Phyllosticta otites Brunaud
Phyllosticta oudemansii Sacc. & Syd.
Phyllosticta ovalifolii Brunaud
Phyllosticta owaniana G. Winter
Phyllosticta owariensis Maubl.
Phyllosticta owensii R. Sprague
Phyllosticta oxalidicola Speg.
Phyllosticta oxalidis Sacc.
Phyllosticta oxycocci Henn.
Phyllosticta oxydendri Ellis & Everh.
Phyllosticta oxytropidis Hollós
Phyllosticta pachysandrae Dearn. & House
Phyllosticta pachystimae Wehm.
Phyllosticta padi Brunaud
Phyllosticta paederiae (Petr.) Aa
Phyllosticta paeoniae Sacc.
Phyllosticta palaquii Henn.
Phyllosticta paleicola Henn.
Phyllosticta paliuri (Lév.) Cooke
Phyllosticta pallens Ellis & Everh.
Phyllosticta pallida Halst.
Phyllosticta pallidior Peck
Phyllosticta pallidocarpa Bubák & Serebrian.
Phyllosticta pallor (Berk.) Oudem.
Phyllosticta palmetto Ellis & Everh.
Phyllosticta palmicola Cooke
Phyllosticta palmigena Sacc.
Phyllosticta palustris Ellis & Dearn.
Phyllosticta panacis Nakata & S. Takim.
Phyllosticta pandanicola E. Young
Phyllosticta panici-maximi Cif. & Gonz. Frag.
Phyllosticta panici-miliacei Săvul. & Sandu
Phyllosticta panici E. Young
Phyllosticta papaveris Vasyag.
Phyllosticta papayae Sacc.
Phyllosticta papayicola Sawada
Phyllosticta papayina Sawada
Phyllosticta papuensis Cooke
Phyllosticta paraensis Henn.
Phyllosticta paranaensis Speer
Phyllosticta paraopebensis Bat. & Peres
Phyllosticta parasitica Cocc.
Phyllosticta paratropiae Sacc.
Phyllosticta parkinsoniae Ellis & Everh.
Phyllosticta parvimammata R. Sprague
Phyllosticta passerinii Berl. & Voglino
Phyllosticta passiflorae McAlpine
Phyllosticta passifloramaculans Bat.
Phyllosticta patagonulae Tassi
Phyllosticta patouillardi Sacc. & D. Sacc.
Phyllosticta patouillardii Sacc. & D. Sacc.
Phyllosticta pauciseptata Berk. & M.A. Curtis
Phyllosticta paulensis Henn.
Phyllosticta paulowniae Sacc.
Phyllosticta paupercula Peck
Phyllosticta paviae Desm.
Phyllosticta paviaecola Brunaud
Phyllosticta pedicularidis Solheim
Phyllosticta pedicularis Solheim
Phyllosticta pellucida Bubák & Dearn.
Phyllosticta peltigerae P. Karst.
Phyllosticta penicillariae Speg.
Phyllosticta pennsylvanica H.C. Greene
Phyllosticta penstemonicola H.C. Greene
Phyllosticta penstemonis Cooke
Phyllosticta pentadis-carneae Subhedar & V.G. Rao
Phyllosticta pentasii B.R.D. Yadav & V.G. Rao
Phyllosticta pentastemonis Cooke
Phyllosticta pentatis-carniae Subhedar & V.G. Rao
Phyllosticta pentatis B.R.D. Yadav & V.G. Rao
Phyllosticta pentopetiae Punith. & H.C. Evans
Phyllosticta pentstemonicola H.C. Greene
Phyllosticta pentstemonis Sandu & Serea
Phyllosticta perforans Ellis & Everh.
Phyllosticta periplocae Tassi
Phyllosticta perniciosa Kabát & Bubák
Phyllosticta perowskiae Zaprom.
Phyllosticta perpusilla Sacc.
Phyllosticta perseae Ellis & G. Martin
Phyllosticta persearum Bat. & A.F. Vital
Phyllosticta persicae Sacc.
Phyllosticta persicicola Oudem.
Phyllosticta persicophila Traverso & Migliardi
Phyllosticta personatae Allesch.
Phyllosticta pertundens Sacc.
Phyllosticta pervincae Bissett & Darbysh.
Phyllosticta petasitidis Ellis & Everh.
Phyllosticta petiveriae Bat. & A.F. Vital
Phyllosticta petrakii Cejp
Phyllosticta petroselini Rothers
Phyllosticta petuniae Speg.
Phyllosticta peucedani Sawada
Phyllosticta peucedani Woron.
Phyllosticta pfaffii Bubák
Phyllosticta phaea Sacc.
Phyllosticta phaeospora Scalia ex Lopr.
Phyllosticta phalenopsidis Marchal & Verpl.
Phyllosticta phanerura Aa
Phyllosticta pharbitis Sacc.
Phyllosticta phari Speg.
Phyllosticta phaseoli-lunati V.G. Rao
Phyllosticta phaseoli
Phyllosticta phaseolina Sacc.
Phyllosticta phaseolorum Sacc. & Speg.
Phyllosticta phellodendri
Phyllosticta phellodendricola Melnik
Phyllosticta phhalenopsidis
Phyllosticta phialodisci Cejp
Phyllosticta phillyreae Sacc.
Phyllosticta phillyricola Rabenh.
Phyllosticta phillyrina Thüm.
Phyllosticta philodendri Allesch.
Phyllosticta philodendricola Bat. & A.F. Vital
Phyllosticta philodendrina Caball.
Phyllosticta phlei
Phyllosticta phleicola Melnik
Phyllosticta phlogis Vestergr.
Phyllosticta phlomidis Bondartsev & Lebedeva
Phyllosticta phomiformis Sacc.
Phyllosticta phoradendri Bonar
Phyllosticta phormigena Bubák
Phyllosticta phormii (Cooke) Allesch.
Phyllosticta photiniae Thüm.
Phyllosticta photinica Sacc.
Phyllosticta photinicola Sacc.
Phyllosticta phragmitis Nagorny
Phyllosticta phrymae Bunkina & Koval
Phyllosticta phyllachoroides Sacc.
Phyllosticta phyllodendri Turconi
Phyllosticta phyllodiorum Sacc.
Phyllosticta phyllostachydis Siemaszko
Phyllosticta physaleos Sacc.
Phyllosticta physciicola anon.
Phyllosticta physocarpi H.C. Greene
Phyllosticta physopellae Dearn. & Barthol.
Phyllosticta phyteumatis Gonz. Frag.
Phyllosticta phytolaccae Cooke
Phyllosticta phytolaccicola Brunaud
Phyllosticta phytoptorum Bubák
Phyllosticta picroxylina Speg.
Phyllosticta pilispora Speschnew
Phyllosticta pilocarpi Pat.
Phyllosticta pilocarpicola Sousa da Câmara
Phyllosticta pimpinellae Cejp et al.
Phyllosticta pipericola Syd.
Phyllosticta piperis-betle Sawada
Phyllosticta piperis-nigri V.G. Rao
Phyllosticta piperis Tassi
Phyllosticta piricola Sacc.
Phyllosticta pirina Sacc.
Phyllosticta piriseda Pass.
Phyllosticta pirolae Ellis & Everh.
Phyllosticta pirorum Cooke
Phyllosticta pisi Westend.
Phyllosticta pitcheriana Fairm.
Phyllosticta pithecellobii-monensis E. Young
Phyllosticta pithecellobii E. Young
Phyllosticta pithecellobii Shreem.
Phyllosticta pittospori Politis
Phyllosticta pittosporina (Sousa da Câmara) Dennis
Phyllosticta pivensis Bubák
Phyllosticta plantaginella Sacc.
Phyllosticta plantaginicola Tehon & E.Y. Daniels
Phyllosticta plantaginis Sacc.
Phyllosticta platani-acerifoliae Gonz. Frag.
Phyllosticta platani Sacc. & Speg.
Phyllosticta platanoides Sacc.
Phyllosticta platycodonis J.F. Lue & P.K. Chi
Phyllosticta platylobii Cooke & Massee
Phyllosticta plectranthi Koval
Phyllosticta pleopeltidis V.G. Rao
Phyllosticta pleromatis Speg.
Phyllosticta pleurospermi Died.
Phyllosticta pleurothallidis Keissl.
Phyllosticta plumbaginicola V.G. Rao
Phyllosticta plumbaginis (Ponnappa) Khune
Phyllosticta plumeriae Tassi
Phyllosticta plumierae Tassi
Phyllosticta plurivosa
Phyllosticta podagrariae Oudem.
Phyllosticta podocarpi Crous
Phyllosticta podophylli (M.A. Curtis) G. Winter
Phyllosticta podophyllina Tehon & G.L. Stout
Phyllosticta poenicis
Phyllosticta pogostemonis Khokhr.
Phyllosticta polemonii A.L. Sm.
Phyllosticta pollaccii Agost.
Phyllosticta polyalthiicola V.G. Rao
Phyllosticta polyanthes Gonz. Frag.
Phyllosticta polyanthis Gonz. Frag.
Phyllosticta polygalae Dobrozr.
Phyllosticta polygonati-officinalis Alcalde
Phyllosticta polygonati Bäumler
Phyllosticta polygoni-avicularis Petr.
Phyllosticta polygoni-bungeani Miura
Phyllosticta polygoni Hollós
Phyllosticta polygonorum Sacc.
Phyllosticta polypodii-australis Henn.
Phyllosticta polypodiorum Bat.
Phyllosticta polypsecadiospora Sousa da Câmara
Phyllosticta polysciadis Bat. & A.F. Vital
Phyllosticta polysciae Bat. & A.F. Vital
Phyllosticta polysciatis
Phyllosticta pongamiae Syd.
Phyllosticta pontederiae Syd.
Phyllosticta populea Sacc.
Phyllosticta populi-nigrae (Allesch.) Allesch.
Phyllosticta populina Sacc.
Phyllosticta populnea Desm.
Phyllosticta populorum Sacc. & Roum.
Phyllosticta porteana Sacc.
Phyllosticta porteri Tehon & E.Y. Daniels
Phyllosticta portoricensis E. Young
Phyllosticta portulacae Sacc. & Speg.
Phyllosticta potamia Cooke
Phyllosticta potamogetonis Rostr.
Phyllosticta potentillae Desm.
Phyllosticta potentillica Sacc.
Phyllosticta poterii Agajeva & T.M. Achundov
Phyllosticta pothicola Weedon
Phyllosticta pothina V.G. Rao
Phyllosticta praetervisa Bubák
Phyllosticta prangicola Woron.
Phyllosticta pratima (S. Chowdhury) Khune
Phyllosticta prenanthis Bunkina
Phyllosticta primulicola Desm.
Phyllosticta prini Peck
Phyllosticta profusa Sacc.
Phyllosticta prominens Oudem.
Phyllosticta propinqua Ferrer & Sacc.
Phyllosticta prosopidicola Speg.
Phyllosticta prosopidis Henn.
Phyllosticta prostantherae Cooke
Phyllosticta prostrata Brunaud
Phyllosticta protiicola Peres
Phyllosticta proustiae Speg.
Phyllosticta prousticola Speg.
Phyllosticta pruni-avium Allesch.
Phyllosticta pruni-domesticae Voglino
Phyllosticta pruni-nanae Săvul. & Sandu
Phyllosticta pruni-spinosa Allesch.
Phyllosticta pruni-spinosae Allesch.
Phyllosticta pruni-virginianae H.C. Greene
Phyllosticta prunicola (Opiz) Sacc.
Phyllosticta prunifolia
Phyllosticta prunigena Grove
Phyllosticta pseudacaciae Pass.
Phyllosticta pseudacori (Brunaud) Allesch.
Phyllosticta pseudoacori (Brun.) All.
Phyllosticta pseudocapsici Roum.
Phyllosticta pseudoplatani Sacc.
Phyllosticta pseudotsugae L.E. Petrini, Petrini, Leuchtm. & G.C. Carroll
Phyllosticta psidiella Tassi
Phyllosticta psidii Tassi
Phyllosticta psidiicola (Petr.) Aa
Phyllosticta psoraleae (Cooke) Tassi
Phyllosticta psychotriae Henn.
Phyllosticta pteleae Hollós
Phyllosticta pteleicola Tehon & E.Y. Daniels
Phyllosticta pterandrae Allesch.
Phyllosticta pteridina Unamuno
Phyllosticta pteridina M.S. Ali & Saikia
Phyllosticta pteridis Halst.
Phyllosticta pterocarpi Sawada
Phyllosticta pterocaryae Thüm.
Phyllosticta pucciniospila C. Massal.
Phyllosticta puerariae Bat. & A.F. Vital
Phyllosticta puerariicola Sawada
Phyllosticta pulmonariae (Fuckel) Sacc.
Phyllosticta pumila
Phyllosticta punctata Ellis & Dearn.
Phyllosticta punctiformis (Desm.) Allesch.
Phyllosticta punica Sacc. & Speg.
Phyllosticta pustulosa Sacc. & Roum.
Phyllosticta putranjivae Syd.
Phyllosticta putrefaciens Shear
Phyllosticta pygmaea Allesch.
Phyllosticta pyricola Sacc. & Speg.
Phyllosticta pyrina Sacc.
Phyllosticta pyrolae Ellis & Everh.
Phyllosticta pyrorum Cooke
Phyllosticta qualeae Allesch.
Phyllosticta quamoclit Thüm.
Phyllosticta quercea Davis
Phyllosticta quercicola Oudem.
Phyllosticta quercus-cocciferae Bubák
Phyllosticta quercus-ilicis Sacc.
Phyllosticta quercus-prini Ellis & Everh.
Phyllosticta quercus-rubrae W.R. Gerard
Phyllosticta quercus Sacc. & Speg.
Phyllosticta quernea Thüm.
Phyllosticta quinquefoliae Allesch.
Phyllosticta rabiei (Pass.) Trotter
Phyllosticta rafinesquii H.W. Anderson
Phyllosticta ragatensis Ivory
Phyllosticta ragnhildae Solheim
Phyllosticta raimundi Sacc.
Phyllosticta ramicola Petch
Phyllosticta ranunculi (Fuckel) Sacc.
Phyllosticta ranunculicola Bubák & Picb.
Phyllosticta ranunculorum Sacc. & Speg.
Phyllosticta raoi Thakur
Phyllosticta rapaneae Speg.
Phyllosticta raphani I.E. Brezhnev
Phyllosticta raui (Peck) Dearn. & House
Phyllosticta ravenalae Bat.
Phyllosticta regis B.R.D. Yadav & V.G. Rao
Phyllosticta rehmii Bubák
Phyllosticta religiosa Syd.
Phyllosticta renantherae Keissl.
Phyllosticta renouana Sacc. & Roum.
Phyllosticta resedae Petch
Phyllosticta rexii B.R.D. Yadav & V.G. Rao
Phyllosticta reynoutriae Sawada
Phyllosticta rhamni Westend.
Phyllosticta rhamnicola Desm.
Phyllosticta rhamnigena Sacc.
Phyllosticta rhaphiolepicola Henn.
Phyllosticta rhaphiolepidis Gutner
Phyllosticta rhaphithamni Speg.
Phyllosticta rhei Ellis & Everh.
Phyllosticta rhexiae Dearn. & House
Phyllosticta rhipsalidicola Novos.
Phyllosticta rhododendri-flavi Bubák & Kabát
Phyllosticta rhododendri Westend.
Phyllosticta rhododendricola C. Brun
Phyllosticta rhodomyrti Gonz. Frag. & Cif.
Phyllosticta rhodorae (Cooke) Tassi
Phyllosticta rhodotypi Hollós
Phyllosticta rhoicola Ellis & Everh.
Phyllosticta rhoina Kalchbr. & Cooke
Phyllosticta rhois Westend.
Phyllosticta rhoiseda Fairm.
Phyllosticta rhynchosiae Miles
Phyllosticta ribesicida Speg.
Phyllosticta ribicola Sacc.
Phyllosticta ribis-aurei Hollós
Phyllosticta ribis-rubri Voglino
Phyllosticta ribis Speg.
Phyllosticta ribis Ellis & Everh.
Phyllosticta ribiseda Bubák & Kabát
Phyllosticta richardiae F.T. Brooks
Phyllosticta richardiae Halst.
Phyllosticta richardsoniae Ellis & Everh.
Phyllosticta ricini Rostr.
Phyllosticta rivinae Speg.
Phyllosticta robergei Desm.
Phyllosticta roberti Boyd & Jacz.
Phyllosticta robertii Boyer & Jacz.
Phyllosticta robiniae Sacc.
Phyllosticta robiniella Miura
Phyllosticta robiniicola Hollós
Phyllosticta roboris Oudem.
Phyllosticta rogleri R. Sprague
Phyllosticta roglerii R. Sprague
Phyllosticta romana D. Sacc.
Phyllosticta romuleae Gonz. Frag.
Phyllosticta rondeletiae Tassi
Phyllosticta rosae-setigerae J.M. Hook
Phyllosticta rosae-sinensis Cejp
Phyllosticta rosae Desm.
Phyllosticta rosarum Pass.
Phyllosticta rosicola C. Massal.
Phyllosticta rostkoviae Speg.
Phyllosticta rotaliae (Thirum. & Naras.) Khune
Phyllosticta roumeguerei Sacc.
Phyllosticta roumeguerii Sacc.
Phyllosticta rubi-adenotrichopodi Sawada
Phyllosticta rubi-odorati Bubák & Kabát
Phyllosticta rubi Henn.
Phyllosticta rubiae Agajeva & T.M. Achundov
Phyllosticta rubicola Rabenh.
Phyllosticta ruborum Sacc.
Phyllosticta rubra Peck
Phyllosticta rudbeckiae Ellis & Everh.
Phyllosticta rugelii Tehon & G.L. Stout
Phyllosticta rumicicola Miura
Phyllosticta rumicis Bondartsev
Phyllosticta rumicis Kalchbr.
Phyllosticta rusci Desm.
Phyllosticta ruscicola Durieu & Mont.
Phyllosticta ruscigena Sacc.
Phyllosticta rutaceae Henn.
Phyllosticta sabalicola Szabó
Phyllosticta saccardoi Thüm.
Phyllosticta sacchari-major Bat. & A.F. Vital
Phyllosticta sacchari Speg.
Phyllosticta saccharicola Henn.
Phyllosticta saccharina Ellis & G. Martin
Phyllosticta sagittifoliae Brunaud
Phyllosticta salicicola Thüm.
Phyllosticta salicifolia Brunaud
Phyllosticta salicina Kabát & Bubák
Phyllosticta salicis Kellerm. & Swingle
Phyllosticta salisburiae Tassi
Phyllosticta salviae Lobik
Phyllosticta samba Shreem.
Phyllosticta sambac Shreem.
Phyllosticta sambacae Shreem.
Phyllosticta sambuci Desm.
Phyllosticta sambucicola Kalchbr.
Phyllosticta sambucina Allesch. ex Mig.
Phyllosticta sampaioana Gonz. Frag.
Phyllosticta sancti-iosephi Cif.
Phyllosticta sanderi V.G. Rao & B.R.D. Yadav
Phyllosticta sanderii V.G. Rao & B.R.D. Yadav
Phyllosticta sanguinariae G. Winter
Phyllosticta sanguinea (Desm.) Sacc.
Phyllosticta sanguisorbae Khokhr.
Phyllosticta saniculae Brunaud
Phyllosticta sansevierae Bat.
Phyllosticta sansevieriae Bat.
Phyllosticta santaguina Speg.
Phyllosticta sapindi-emarginati V.G. Rao
Phyllosticta sapindi Pat.
Phyllosticta sapindicola Sawada
Phyllosticta sapindii Henn.
Phyllosticta sapindina Khune
Phyllosticta saponariae (Fuckel) Sacc.
Phyllosticta sapotae Sacc.
Phyllosticta sapotarum Gutner
Phyllosticta sapoticola V.G. Rao
Phyllosticta sarcomphali Gonz. Frag. & Cif.
Phyllosticta sarcomphila Gonz. Frag. & Cif.
Phyllosticta sardoa Pass.
Phyllosticta sarraceniae F. Esm.
Phyllosticta sassafras Cooke
Phyllosticta saussureae Thüm.
Phyllosticta saxifragae-cordifoliae Woron.
Phyllosticta saxifragae Brunaud
Phyllosticta saxifragarum Allesch.
Phyllosticta saxifragicola Brunaud
Phyllosticta scabiosa McAlpine
Phyllosticta scabiosae Kalymb.
Phyllosticta scaevolae Ellis & Everh.
Phyllosticta scariolicola Tehon
Phyllosticta schaefferiae Gonz. Frag. & Cif.
Phyllosticta schini Thüm.
Phyllosticta schizandrae Mitrosh.
Phyllosticta sciadophila Speg.
Phyllosticta sciadophylli Tassi
Phyllosticta scirpicola (Lév.) Sacc.
Phyllosticta sclerolobii Bat. & Peres
Phyllosticta scleropoae Gonz. Frag.
Phyllosticta sclerotialis Cocc.
Phyllosticta scolymi Pat.
Phyllosticta scorodoniae Unamuno
Phyllosticta scorzonerae Pass.
Phyllosticta scrophulariae-bosniacae Bubák
Phyllosticta scrophulariae Sacc.
Phyllosticta scrophulariicola Petr.
Phyllosticta scrophularinea Sacc.
Phyllosticta scutellariae
Phyllosticta scutiae Speg.
Phyllosticta sechii E. Young
Phyllosticta securinegae Koval
Phyllosticta sedgwickii de Costa & Mundk.
Phyllosticta sedi Hollós
Phyllosticta selaginellae Sacc.
Phyllosticta selini Cejp
Phyllosticta sellowiana Gucevic
Phyllosticta semeles Oud.
Phyllosticta senecionicola Petr.
Phyllosticta senecionis-cordati Allesch.
Phyllosticta senecionis-nemorensis Săvul. & Sandu
Phyllosticta senecionis
Phyllosticta sepium Lobik
Phyllosticta sequoiae
Phyllosticta sequoiicola Melnik
Phyllosticta serebrianikowii Bubák
Phyllosticta serjaniae Gutner
Phyllosticta serjaniarum Bat. & A.F. Vital
Phyllosticta serjaniicola (Petr. & Cif.) Aa
Phyllosticta serotina Cooke
Phyllosticta serratulae Kalymb.
Phyllosticta sesami Woron.
Phyllosticta sesbaniae Syd.
Phyllosticta setariae Ferraris
Phyllosticta shiraiana Syd.
Phyllosticta siameae Sawada
Phyllosticta siccata H.C. Greene
Phyllosticta sicyna Sacc.
Phyllosticta sidaecola Cooke
Phyllosticta siemaszkoi Melnik
Phyllosticta silenes Peck
Phyllosticta siliquastri Sacc. & Speg.
Phyllosticta silveirae Speg.
Phyllosticta similis Cejp
Phyllosticta similispora Ellis & Davis
Phyllosticta sinapis Bond.-Mont.
Phyllosticta sinuosa Ellis & G. Martin
Phyllosticta siphocampyli Speg.
Phyllosticta siphonis Kabát & Bubák
Phyllosticta siphonodontis Sacc.
Phyllosticta sisalanae Sawada
Phyllosticta sissoo Died.
Phyllosticta sissooicola Sawada
Phyllosticta sisymbrii Byzova
Phyllosticta sizygii Bat.
Phyllosticta skimmiae Gutner
Phyllosticta smilacigena Bubák & Dearn.
Phyllosticta smilacina (Peck) Dearn.
Phyllosticta smilacina Speg.
Phyllosticta smilacinae-trifoliae H.C. Greene
Phyllosticta smilacinae Solheim
Phyllosticta smilacis Ellis & G. Martin
Phyllosticta socialis Bubák & Kabát
Phyllosticta sojaecola C. Massal.
Phyllosticta sojicola C. Massal.
Phyllosticta solani Ellis & G. Martin
Phyllosticta solidaginicola Tehon & E.Y. Daniels
Phyllosticta solidaginis-serotinae Petr.
Phyllosticta solidaginis Bres.
Phyllosticta solitaria Ellis & Everh.
Phyllosticta sonchi Sacc.
Phyllosticta sophorae Ellis & Everh.
Phyllosticta sophoricola Hollós
Phyllosticta sorbariae H.C. Greene
Phyllosticta sorbi Westend.
Phyllosticta sorbicola
Phyllosticta sordida Speg.
Phyllosticta sordidissima Speg.
Phyllosticta sordidula Speg.
Phyllosticta sorghi Anzi
Phyllosticta sorghina Sacc.
Phyllosticta sorghiphila Saccas
Phyllosticta soriformis Cooke & Massee
Phyllosticta spaethiana Allesch.
Phyllosticta sparsa Bonar
Phyllosticta spartinae Brunaud
Phyllosticta spegazziniana Keissl.
Phyllosticta spermoidea Peck
Phyllosticta spermoides Peck
Phyllosticta speschnewiana Sacc. & Syd.
Phyllosticta sphaeropsidea Ellis & Everh.
Phyllosticta sphaeropsispora Ellis & Everh.
Phyllosticta sphaeropsoidea Ellis & Everh.
Phyllosticta sphaethiana
Phyllosticta sphingina Bubák
Phyllosticta spigeliae Cavalc.
Phyllosticta spinaciae Zimm.
Phyllosticta spinarum (Died.) Nag Raj & M. Morelet
Phyllosticta spinosa Ellis & Kellerm.
Phyllosticta spinosae Ellis & Kellerm.
Phyllosticta spiraeina Brunaud
Phyllosticta spireae-salicifoliae Kabát & Bubák
Phyllosticta sporalonga M. Morelet
Phyllosticta stachydis Brunaud
Phyllosticta stachyopsidis Kalymb.
Phyllosticta stangeriae Zimm.
Phyllosticta stanhopeae Allesch.
Phyllosticta staphyleae Dearn.
Phyllosticta staphyleicola Oudem.
Phyllosticta starbaeckii Sacc. & Syd.
Phyllosticta statices-gmelinii Lobik
Phyllosticta statices Petr.
Phyllosticta stauntoniae Gucevic
Phyllosticta steironematis Dearn. & House
Phyllosticta stenocarpi Tassi
Phyllosticta stenospora McAlpine
Phyllosticta stenotaphri Thüm.
Phyllosticta stenotaphricola Bat.
Phyllosticta stephaniae Sawada
Phyllosticta stephanoti Grove
Phyllosticta stephanotidis Grove
Phyllosticta sterculiae-frondosae H. Mori
Phyllosticta sterculiae-nobilis Sawada
Phyllosticta sterculiae G. Winter
Phyllosticta sterculicola Traverso
Phyllosticta stettiniana Madej
Phyllosticta stevenii Gucevic
Phyllosticta stevensii E. Young
Phyllosticta stewartiae Syd.
Phyllosticta stigmaphylli Speg.
Phyllosticta stigmatophyli Speg.
Phyllosticta stigmatophylii
Phyllosticta stigmatophylli Chardón
Phyllosticta stillingiae Ellis & Everh.
Phyllosticta stomaticola Bäumler
Phyllosticta straminella Bres.
Phyllosticta stratiotis Oudem.
Phyllosticta strelitziaecola Allesch.
Phyllosticta striolata Sacc.
Phyllosticta strychni Allesch.
Phyllosticta stuckertii Speg.
Phyllosticta stygia Maire
Phyllosticta subeffusa (Ellis & Everh.) Tehon & G.L. Stout
Phyllosticta subnervisequa
Phyllosticta subtilis Peck
Phyllosticta succedanea
Phyllosticta succinosa H.C. Greene
Phyllosticta succisicola Cejp
Phyllosticta suecica Bubák & Vleugel
Phyllosticta suedae Lobik
Phyllosticta suffulta
Phyllosticta sulata Chowdhury
Phyllosticta sumbaviae Syd.
Phyllosticta superficialis F. Stevens
Phyllosticta superflua Oudem.
Phyllosticta supervacanea Bubák
Phyllosticta swartziae Bat.
Phyllosticta swieteniae Álv. García
Phyllosticta sycina Traverso
Phyllosticta sycophila Thüm.
Phyllosticta sydowiana Bres.
Phyllosticta sydowii Bres.
Phyllosticta symphoricarpe Westend.
Phyllosticta symphoricarpi Westend.
Phyllosticta symphoriella Sacc. & Marchal
Phyllosticta symphyti Cejp
Phyllosticta symploci
Phyllosticta syriaca Sacc.
Phyllosticta syringae Westend.
Phyllosticta syringella (Fuckel) Rabenh.
Phyllosticta syringicola Fautrey
Phyllosticta syringophila Oudem.
Phyllosticta syzygii Bat.
Phyllosticta tabaci Pass.
Phyllosticta tabebuiae Bat. & A.F. Vital
Phyllosticta tabernaemontanae (Syd.) Aa
Phyllosticta tabifica Prill.
Phyllosticta tagetis Nelen
Phyllosticta tahirica T.M. Achundov
Phyllosticta take Miyake & Hara
Phyllosticta talae Speg.
Phyllosticta talisiae-major Bat.
Phyllosticta talisiae Bat.
Phyllosticta tamarindicola V.G. Rao
Phyllosticta tamarindina S. Chandra & Tandon
Phyllosticta tambowiensis Bubák & Serebrian.
Phyllosticta tami Sacc.
Phyllosticta tamicola Woron.
Phyllosticta tanaceti Vasyag.
Phyllosticta taraxaci Hollós
Phyllosticta tarici
Phyllosticta tassiana Sacc. & Traverso
Phyllosticta tassii Hollós
Phyllosticta tatarici Hollós
Phyllosticta tau-saghyzi Cherem.
Phyllosticta tau-saghyzianum Zerova
Phyllosticta taurica Maire
Phyllosticta tausaghyziana
Phyllosticta taxi Hollós
Phyllosticta tayuvae Viégas
Phyllosticta tbeicola
Phyllosticta tecomae Sacc.
Phyllosticta tectonae Syd. & E.J. Butler
Phyllosticta telekiae Cejp et al.
Phyllosticta tellimae Tassi
Phyllosticta telopeae H.Y. Yip
Phyllosticta tenebrosa H.C. Greene
Phyllosticta tenerrima Ellis & Everh.
Phyllosticta tephrosiae Agarwal
Phyllosticta terebinthi Pass.
Phyllosticta terminaliae Henn.
Phyllosticta terminalis Ellis & G. Martin
Phyllosticta teshimganica Melnik
Phyllosticta tetonensis Solheim
Phyllosticta tetragoniae Pandotra
Phyllosticta tetraplodoni
Phyllosticta tetraplodontis Lebedeva
Phyllosticta tetrastigmae B.R.D. Yadav & V.G. Rao
Phyllosticta tetrastigmatis B.R.D. Yadav & V.G. Rao
Phyllosticta teucrii Sacc. & Speg.
Phyllosticta texensis Seaver
Phyllosticta thalictri Westend.
Phyllosticta thallina Sacc., E. Bommer & M. Rousseau
Phyllosticta theacearum Aa
Phyllosticta theae Speschnew
Phyllosticta theicola Curzi
Phyllosticta theobromae J.V. Almeida & Sousa da Câmara
Phyllosticta theobromicola Vincens
Phyllosticta thermopsidis Thüm.
Phyllosticta thibaudiae Cejp
Phyllosticta thladianthae Sawada
Phyllosticta thujae Bissett & M.E. Palm
Phyllosticta thujopsidis Sawada
Phyllosticta thunbergii G. Winter
Phyllosticta thuringiaca Died.
Phyllosticta thymi Vasyag.
Phyllosticta tiliae Sacc. & Speg.
Phyllosticta tiliicola Oudem.
Phyllosticta tillandsiae Speg.
Phyllosticta tilliae Sacc. & Speg.
Phyllosticta tinctoriae Shreem.
Phyllosticta tinea Sacc.
Phyllosticta tineola Sacc.
Phyllosticta tini Arcang.
Phyllosticta tinosporae Gäum.
Phyllosticta tinosporicola Khune
Phyllosticta tipuanae Tassi
Phyllosticta tirolensis Bubák
Phyllosticta tobira Gucevic
Phyllosticta tokutaroi Speg.
Phyllosticta tomaticola
Phyllosticta tonduzi Speg.
Phyllosticta tonduzii Speg.
Phyllosticta torilidis Cejp
Phyllosticta tormentillae Sacc.
Phyllosticta tortilicaudata H.Y. Yip
Phyllosticta toxica Ellis & G. Martin
Phyllosticta toxicodendri Thüm.
Phyllosticta trachelospermi
Phyllosticta tragii Bubák
Phyllosticta trailii Sacc.
Phyllosticta transiens Speg.
Phyllosticta translucens Bubák & Kabát
Phyllosticta trapezuntica Bubák
Phyllosticta trappenii Oudem.
Phyllosticta trautmanniana Moesz
Phyllosticta treleasei Berl. & Voglino
Phyllosticta tremae Katsuki
Phyllosticta tremniacensis C. Massal.
Phyllosticta triacanthi Sacc.
Phyllosticta tricalysiae A.L. Sm.
Phyllosticta trichostomi (Seaver & Waterston) Racov.
Phyllosticta tricoloris
Phyllosticta tricyclae Speg.
Phyllosticta trifolii-minoris Unamuno
Phyllosticta trifolii-montani Lobik
Phyllosticta trifolii Richon
Phyllosticta trifoliiseda Bubák & Picb.
Phyllosticta trifoliorum
Phyllosticta trigoniae Henn.
Phyllosticta trillii Ellis & Everh.
Phyllosticta trilliicola Togashi
Phyllosticta trilobachnes V.G. Rao
Phyllosticta tristaniae D. Sacc.
Phyllosticta trochodendri J.V. Almeida & Sousa da Câmara
Phyllosticta trochodendricola Chen
Phyllosticta trolii Trail
Phyllosticta trollii Trail
Phyllosticta trolliicola A. Bond.
Phyllosticta tropaeoli Sacc. & Speg.
Phyllosticta tuberosa Ellis & G. Martin
Phyllosticta tuisiensis Speg.
Phyllosticta tulipiferae Pass.
Phyllosticta tumanensis Miura
Phyllosticta tumoricola Peck
Phyllosticta turangae Nevod. & Kravtzev
Phyllosticta turconii Trinchieri
Phyllosticta turmalis Ellis & Everh.
Phyllosticta turritis Lobik
Phyllosticta tussilaginis Garb.
Phyllosticta tuzsonii Bubák
Phyllosticta tweediana Penz. & Sacc.
Phyllosticta typhae (Pass.) Oudem.
Phyllosticta typharum (Sacc.) Allesch.
Phyllosticta typhina Sacc. & Malbr.
Phyllosticta ulcinjensis Bubák
Phyllosticta uleana Syd.
Phyllosticta ulmaria Pass.
Phyllosticta ulmariae Thüm.
Phyllosticta ulmi-rubrae H.C. Greene
Phyllosticta ulmi Westend.
Phyllosticta ulmicola Sacc.
Phyllosticta umbellatarum Rabenh.
Phyllosticta umbilici Brunaud
Phyllosticta umbrinofumosa H.C. Greene
Phyllosticta uncialicola Zopf
Phyllosticta ungerniae Vasyag.
Phyllosticta ungnadiae Siemaszko
Phyllosticta urenae (Syd.) Aa
Phyllosticta urticae-piluliferae Maire
Phyllosticta urticae Sacc.
Phyllosticta urticina Garb.
Phyllosticta usteri Speg.
Phyllosticta usteriana (Speg.) Hara
Phyllosticta uvariae (Berk.) Sacc.
Phyllosticta uvicola
Phyllosticta uvulariae Galloway ex F. Patt.
Phyllosticta uzbekistanica Melnik
Phyllosticta vaccariae Bond.-Mont.
Phyllosticta vaccinii-arctostaphyli Woron.
Phyllosticta vaccinii-hirti Henn.
Phyllosticta vaccinii Earle
Phyllosticta vagans Peck
Phyllosticta valerandi Brunaud
Phyllosticta valerianae-tripteris Unamuno
Phyllosticta valerianae A.L. Sm. & Ramsb.
Phyllosticta valerianellae T.M. Achundov & Agajeva
Phyllosticta vallisneriae Syd.
Phyllosticta valparadisiaca Speg.
Phyllosticta vandae Namysl.
Phyllosticta vandermeii Vanev & Aa
Phyllosticta vangueriae Cejp
Phyllosticta vanillae Henn.
Phyllosticta variabilis Peck
Phyllosticta variegata Ellis & Everh.
Phyllosticta variicolor Bubák
Phyllosticta vasicae Pandotra & Ganguly
Phyllosticta velata Bubák
Phyllosticta venziana G. Martin
Phyllosticta veraltiana C. Massal. ex Sacc.
Phyllosticta veratri Maire
Phyllosticta verbasci Sacc.
Phyllosticta verbascicola Ellis & Kellerm.
Phyllosticta verbenae Sacc.
Phyllosticta verbenicola G. Martin
Phyllosticta verbesinae Heald & F.A. Wolf
Phyllosticta vernonicida Speg.
Phyllosticta vernonicola Speg.
Phyllosticta veronicae Cooke
Phyllosticta vesicatoria Thüm.
Phyllosticta vexans Bubák & Dearn.
Phyllosticta viburni Pass.
Phyllosticta viburnicola Roum.
Phyllosticta viciae (Lib.) Cooke
Phyllosticta vignae Speg.
Phyllosticta villaresiae (Syd.) Aa
Phyllosticta villosa Ellis & Everh.
Phyllosticta vincae-majoris Allesch.
Phyllosticta vincae-minoris Bres. & K. Krieg.
Phyllosticta vincae Thüm.
Phyllosticta vincetoxici Sacc.
Phyllosticta vincicola Oudem.
Phyllosticta vindobonensis Thüm.
Phyllosticta vinifera Bat. & A.F. Vital
Phyllosticta viniferae Bat. & A.F. Vital
Phyllosticta violae Desm.
Phyllosticta violaecola Gonz. Frag. & Cif.
Phyllosticta virens Ellis & Langl.
Phyllosticta virentis Ellis & Langl.
Phyllosticta virginiana (Ellis & Halst.) Ellis
Phyllosticta virginica Ellis & Everh.
Phyllosticta viridis Ellis & Kellerm.
Phyllosticta viriditingens Ferraris
Phyllosticta viriifera
Phyllosticta visci Sacc.
Phyllosticta vismiae Bat. & J.L. Bezerra
Phyllosticta vitea Sacc.
Phyllosticta viticola Thüm.
Phyllosticta vitis (Fuckel) Sacc.
Phyllosticta vittata Melnik
Phyllosticta vitum Desm.
Phyllosticta voandeziae Marchal & Steyaert
Phyllosticta voandzeiae Marchal & Steyaert
Phyllosticta vogelii (Syd.) Died.
Phyllosticta vogelis (Syd. & P. Syd.) Died.
Phyllosticta volkarti Sacc.
Phyllosticta volubiliae B.R.D. Yadav & V.G. Rao
Phyllosticta volubilis B.R.D. Yadav & V.G. Rao
Phyllosticta vossii Thüm.
Phyllosticta vulgaris Desm.
Phyllosticta vulpinae Allesch.
Phyllosticta walleniae Gonz. Frag. & Cif.
Phyllosticta waracola Hara
Phyllosticta weigeliae Sacc. & Speg.
Phyllosticta weigeliana Bubák & Kabát
Phyllosticta werestahagini Murashk.
Phyllosticta werestshagini Murashk.
Phyllosticta westendorpii Thüm.
Phyllosticta wigandiae Thüm.
Phyllosticta wikstroemiae Sawada
Phyllosticta winteri Speg.
Phyllosticta wisconsinensis H.C. Greene
Phyllosticta wislizeni Ellis & Everh.
Phyllosticta wislizenii Ellis & Everh.
Phyllosticta wistariae Sacc.
Phyllosticta wistariicola Sawada
Phyllosticta woronowii Woron.
Phyllosticta wrightiae Patw. & Sathe
Phyllosticta wulfeniae H.C. Greene
Phyllosticta wyomingensis Solheim
Phyllosticta xanthorrhizae Ellis & L. Nutt.
Phyllosticta xanthosomatis Sacc.
Phyllosticta xeromphiicola Suj. Singh & Kamal
Phyllosticta xerotis Henn.
Phyllosticta xylopiae-sericeae Furlan. & Dianese
Phyllosticta xylopiae Sacc.
Phyllosticta yaguarum Cif.
Phyllosticta yamaguchii Hara
Phyllosticta yanagawana Togashi
Phyllosticta yerbae Speg.
Phyllosticta yersini Vincens
Phyllosticta yuccae Bissett
Phyllosticta yuccaegena Ellis & Everh.
Phyllosticta yuccogena Ellis & Everh.
Phyllosticta yugokwa Sawada
Phyllosticta yulan Tassi
Phyllosticta yunaensis Cif.
Phyllosticta zahlbruckneri Bäumler
Phyllosticta zambiensis Cejp
Phyllosticta zanthoxyli H.C. Greene
Phyllosticta zeae-maydis
Phyllosticta zeae G.L. Stout
Phyllosticta zeae Bat.
Phyllosticta zeina Panas.
Phyllosticta zimmermannii Aa
Phyllosticta zingiberis F. Stevens & R.W. Ryan
Phyllosticta zingiberis T.S. Ramakr.
Phyllosticta zinnae-lenearae B.R.D. Yadav & V.G. Rao
Phyllosticta zinniae-lenearis B.R.D. Yadav & V.G. Rao
Phyllosticta zinniae Brunaud
Phyllosticta ziziphorae Pisareva
Phyllosticta zizyphi Thüm.
Phyllosticta zonata Ellis & Everh.

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