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Name:Septobasidium Pat., Journal de Botanique 6 (1892) page 63 [basionym]


Gausapia Fr. (1825)
Glenospora Berk. & Desm. (1849)
Campylobasidium Lagerh. ex F. Ludw. (1892)
Mohortia Racib. (1909)
Rudetum Lloyd (1919)



Taxonomic position:

Septobasidiaceae Racib. [Family]
Septobasidiales Couch ex Donk [Order]
Pucciniomycetes R. Bauer, Begerow, J.P. Samp., M. Weiss & Oberw. [Class]
Pucciniomycotina R. Bauer, Begerow, J.P. Samp., M. Weiss & Oberw. [Subdivision / Subphylum]
Basidiomycota R.T. Moore [Division / Phylum]
Fungi R.T. Moore [Kingdom]

Constituent taxa:

Septobasidium abnorme (Henn.) Höhn.
Septobasidium acaciae Sawada
Septobasidium accumbens (Berk. & Broome) Bres.
Septobasidium alatum Lloyd
Septobasidium albidum Pat.
Septobasidium album Burt
Septobasidium aleuritidis R. Heim & Bouriquet
Septobasidium aligerum Petch
Septobasidium alni Torrend
Septobasidium alopecinum (Berk. & Broome) Petch
Septobasidium alopecisum
Septobasidium alveolatum Couch
Septobasidium alveomarginatum Couch
Septobasidium apiculatum Couch
Septobasidium arachnoideum (Berk. & Broome) Bres.
Septobasidium arboreum (Couch) Boedijn & B.A. Steinm.
Septobasidium areolatum Couch
Septobasidium atratum Pat.
Septobasidium atropunctum Couch
Septobasidium bagliettoanum (Fr.) Bres.
Septobasidium bakeri Pat.
Septobasidium boedijnii Couch
Septobasidium bogoriense Pat.
Septobasidium bresadolae Pat.
Septobasidium burtii anon.
Septobasidium cabralii Torrend
Septobasidium caespitulosum Bres.
Septobasidium canescens Burt
Septobasidium carbonaceum Pat.
Septobasidium carestianum Bres.
Septobasidium castaneum Burt
Septobasidium cavarae Bres.
Septobasidium caveniae Marchion.
Septobasidium cerestianum Bres.
Septobasidium cervicolor Couch
Septobasidium cinchonae Racib.
Septobasidium cinereum Couch
Septobasidium cinnabarinum Syd. & P. Syd.
Septobasidium cinnamomeum Burt
Septobasidium cirratum Burt
Septobasidium citricola Sawada
Septobasidium citricolum Sawada
Septobasidium cladoderris Lloyd
Septobasidium clavulatum W. Yamam.
Septobasidium clelandii Couch
Septobasidium clethrae Couch
Septobasidium coccidiophagum (Couch) Wojewoda
Septobasidium coffeicola Henn.
Septobasidium cokeri Couch
Septobasidium compactum Boedijn
Septobasidium conidiophorum Couch
Septobasidium couchii Donk
Septobasidium cremeum Couch
Septobasidium crinitum (Fr.) Lloyd
Septobasidium crustaceum Couch
Septobasidium cupressi Couch
Septobasidium curtisii (Berk. & Desm.) Boedijn & B.A. Steinm.
Septobasidium dictyodes (Berk. & Broome) Pat.
Septobasidium elatostemae Couch
Septobasidium ficicola Pat.
Septobasidium ficicolum Pat.
Septobasidium filiforme Couch
Septobasidium fissolobatum (Henn.) Lloyd
Septobasidium flavobrunneum Boedijn & B.A. Steinm.
Septobasidium foliicola Torrend
Septobasidium formosense Couch
Septobasidium fragile Couch
Septobasidium fraxini Couch
Septobasidium frustulosum (Berk. & M.A. Curtis) Pat.
Septobasidium fumigatum Burt
Septobasidium fuscocinereum Bres. ex Couch
Septobasidium fuscoviolaceum Bres.
Septobasidium fuscum Couch
Septobasidium galzinii Bourdot
Septobasidium gossypinum Pat.
Septobasidium gossypium Pat.
Septobasidium grandispinosum Couch
Septobasidium grandisporum Couch
Septobasidium granulosum Syd. & P. Syd.
Septobasidium griseopurpureum Couch
Septobasidium griseum Couch
Septobasidium guaraniticum Marchion.
Septobasidium hakgalanum Couch
Septobasidium henningsii Pat.
Septobasidium hesleri Couch
Septobasidium heveae Couch
Septobasidium humile Racib.
Septobasidium indigophorum Couch
Septobasidium irregulare Couch
Septobasidium jamaicense Burt
Septobasidium jamaicensis Burt
Septobasidium kameii Kaz. Itô
Septobasidium lacunosum Couch
Septobasidium lagerheimii Couch
Septobasidium lanatum C.H. Chow
Septobasidium langloisii Pat.
Septobasidium lannsiim
Septobasidium lanosum Pat.
Septobasidium laxum Pat.
Septobasidium lepidosaphis Couch
Septobasidium leprieurii (Mont.) Pat.
Septobasidium leprosum Couch
Septobasidium leucostemum Pat.
Septobasidium leucum Bayl. Ell. & O.P. Stansf.
Septobasidium lichenicola (Berk. & Broome) Petch
Septobasidium lilacino-album Couch
Septobasidium lilacinum Burt
Septobasidium linderi Couch
Septobasidium macadamiae Couch
Septobasidium maquilingianum Syd. & P. Syd.
Septobasidium mariani Bres.
Septobasidium merrillii Bres.
Septobasidium mexicanum Syd. & P. Syd.
Septobasidium michelianum (Caldesi) Pat.
Septobasidium minutulum Syd. & P. Syd.
Septobasidium miyakei W. Yamam.
Septobasidium molle Couch
Septobasidium molliusculum Syd. & P. Syd.
Septobasidium mompa (Tanaka) Racib.
Septobasidium mulleri Couch
Septobasidium murinum (Berk. & Broome) Petch
Septobasidium myrsinae Couch
Septobasidium natalense Couch
Septobasidium neglectum Boedijn & B.A. Steinm.
Septobasidium nigrum W. Yamam.
Septobasidium nodulosum Pat.
Septobasidium obscurum Boedijn & B.A. Steinm.
Septobasidium orbiculare (Durieu & Lév.) Donk
Septobasidium pachydermum Couch
Septobasidium pallidum Couch
Septobasidium pannosum (Fr.) Bres.
Septobasidium papyraceum Couch
Septobasidium parlatoriae Sawada
Septobasidium patouillardii Burt
Septobasidium paulense Henn.
Septobasidium paulensis Henn.
Septobasidium peckii Couch
Septobasidium pedicellatum (Schwein.) Pat.
Septobasidium perforatum Couch
Septobasidium petchii Couch
Septobasidium philippinense Couch
Septobasidium phyllophilum Syd. & P. Syd.
Septobasidium pilosum Boedijn & B.A. Steinm.
Septobasidium pinicola Snell
Septobasidium piperis Henn. ex Couch
Septobasidium planum Boedijn
Septobasidium polypodii Couch
Septobasidium proliferum Boedijn & B.A. Steinm.
Septobasidium prosopidicola Speg.
Septobasidium protractum Syd. & P. Syd.
Septobasidium prunophilum Couch
Septobasidium pseudopedicellatum Burt
Septobasidium pteruloides (Mont.) Pat.
Septobasidium punctatum Couch
Septobasidium purpureum Couch
Septobasidium quercinum (Bagl.) Sacc.
Septobasidium radiosum Henn. ex Lloyd
Septobasidium rameale (Berk. & Broome) Bres.
Septobasidium ramorum (Schwein.) Donk
Septobasidium reinkingii Pat. ex Couch
Septobasidium reticulatum (Berk. & Broome) Pat.
Septobasidium retiforme (Berk. & M.A. Curtis) Pat.
Septobasidium rhabarbarinum (Mont.) Bres.
Septobasidium rickii Couch
Septobasidium rimulosum Petch & Couch
Septobasidium robustum Boedijn & B.A. Steinm.
Septobasidium rubiginosum Pat.
Septobasidium rugulosum Couch
Septobasidium sabal-minor Couch
Septobasidium sabalis Couch
Septobasidium saccardinum (Rangel) Marchion.
Septobasidium scabiosum Couch & Petch
Septobasidium schizostachyi Couch
Septobasidium schweinitzii Burt
Septobasidium sclerotioides Couch
Septobasidium scopiforme Pat.
Septobasidium separans Couch
Septobasidium septobasidioides (Henn.) Höhn. & Litsch.
Septobasidium simmondsii Couch
Septobasidium sinense Couch
Septobasidium sinuosum Couch
Septobasidium siparium (Berk. & M.A. Curtis) Bres.
Septobasidium soleare Couch
Septobasidium spiculosum (Couch & Petch) Wojewoda
Septobasidium spiniferum Burt
Septobasidium spongia (Berk. & M.A. Curtis) Pat.
Septobasidium spongium (Berk. & M.A. Curtis) Pat.
Septobasidium stereoides Höhn. & Litsch.
Septobasidium stevensoni
Septobasidium stevensonii Couch
Septobasidium stratiferum Boedijn & B.A. Steinm.
Septobasidium stratosum Couch
Septobasidium subcarbonaceum (Berk. & Broome) Couch
Septobasidium sublilacinum (Ellis & Everh.) Burt
Septobasidium subolivaceum Syd. & P. Syd.
Septobasidium suffultum (Berk. & Broome) Pat.
Septobasidium sulphurellum Syd. & P. Syd.
Septobasidium sydowii Couch
Septobasidium tabacinum Bres.
Septobasidium tambaense W. Yamam.
Septobasidium tanakae (Miyabe) Boedijn & B.A. Steinm.
Septobasidium taxodii Couch
Septobasidium tenue Couch
Septobasidium theae Boedijn & B.A. Steinm.
Septobasidium thwaitesii (Berk. & Broome) Pat.
Septobasidium tigrinum Boedijn & B.A. Steinm.
Septobasidium tjibodense Boedijn & B.A. Steinm.
Septobasidium tomentosum Couch
Septobasidium triviale Boedijn & B.A. Steinm.
Septobasidium tropicale Burt
Septobasidium tuberculatum Boedijn & B.A. Steinm.
Septobasidium ugandae Couch
Septobasidium ussanguense (Henn.) Lloyd
Septobasidium velutinum Pat.
Septobasidium verrucosum Couch
Septobasidium westoni Couch
Septobasidium wilsonianum L.D. Gómez & Kisim.-Hor.

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