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Name:Sphaeria Haller, (1768) [basionym]

Accepted name:

Hypoxylon Bull.



Taxonomic position:

Xylariaceae Tul. & C. Tul. [Family]
Xylariales Nannf. [Order]
Xylariomycetidae O.E. Erikss. & Winka [Subclass]
Sordariomycetes O.E. Erikss. & Winka [Class]
Pezizomycotina O.E. Erikss. & Winka [Subdivision / Subphylum]
Ascomycota Caval.-Sm. [Division / Phylum]
Fungi R.T. Moore [Kingdom]

Constituent taxa:

Sphaeria abbreviata Schwein.
Sphaeria abdita Berk. & M.A. Curtis
Sphaeria abietis Curr.
Sphaeria abietis Fr.
Sphaeria abjecta Wallr.
Sphaeria abnormis Fr.
Sphaeria abscondita P. Karst.
Sphaeria abstrusa Wallr.
Sphaeria acanthigera Berk. & Broome
Sphaeria acanthina Mont.
Sphaeria acanthostroma Mont.
Sphaeria acclinis Fr.
Sphaeria acericola Duby
Sphaeria acerina Wallr.
Sphaeria acervalis Moug.
Sphaeria acervata Fr.
Sphaeria acetabulum Berk.
Sphaeria achilleae Kirchn.
Sphaeria achreia Ettingsh.
Sphaeria acicola Lib.
Sphaeria acicularis Wallr.
Sphaeria acinosa Fr.
Sphaeria aconiti Kirchn.
Sphaeria acrospermum Tode
Sphaeria actinodes Berk. & M.A. Curtis
Sphaeria acuaria Lib.
Sphaeria aculeans Schwein.
Sphaeria aculeata Schwein.
Sphaeria acuminata Fr.
Sphaeria acuminatus Sowerby
Sphaeria acus Bloxam
Sphaeria acuta Hoffm.
Sphaeria acuum Cooke & Harkn.
Sphaeria adelphica Cooke
Sphaeria adscendens Fr.
Sphaeria adunca Roberge & Desm.
Sphaeria adusta Fr.
Sphaeria aegopodii Fr.
Sphaeria aequilinearis Schwein.
Sphaeria aeriginosa Tode
Sphaeria aesculicola Fr.
Sphaeria aethiops Berk. & M.A. Curtis
Sphaeria affinis Grev.
Sphaeria afflata Schwein.
Sphaeria africana Kalchbr. & Cooke
Sphaeria agaricola Chaillet
Sphaeria agglomerata Fr.
Sphaeria aggregata Lasch
Sphaeria agminalis Lév.
Sphaeria agnina Desm.
Sphaeria agnita Desm.
Sphaeria agnocystis Berk. & Broome
Sphaeria agrostidis Schwein.
Sphaeria ailanthi Ellis & Barthol.
Sphaeria albescens Rabenh.
Sphaeria albicans Pers.
Sphaeria albidostoma Peck
Sphaeria albocincta Cooke & Ellis
Sphaeria albocrustata Schwein.
Sphaeria albodeusta Wahlenb.
Sphaeria albofarcta Schwein.
Sphaeria albofulta Berk. & Broome
Sphaeria albomaculans Schwein.
Sphaeria albopruinosa Schwein.
Sphaeria albopunctata Westend.
Sphaeria aliena Fr.
Sphaeria aliquanta Cooke & Ellis
Sphaeria alismatis Curr.
Sphaeria allantoidea Berk.
Sphaeria alliariae Auersw.
Sphaeria allicina Fr.
Sphaeria alligata Fr.
Sphaeria allii Rabenh.
Sphaeria allostoma Schwein.
Sphaeria alnea Fr.
Sphaeria alnifraga Wahlenb.
Sphaeria alopecuri Fr.
Sphaeria alsophila Durieu & Mont.
Sphaeria althaeae Kirchn.
Sphaeria altipeta Peck
Sphaeria alutacea Pers.
Sphaeria alvear Ces.
Sphaeria ambiens Pers.
Sphaeria ambigua Schwein.
Sphaeria ambleia Cooke & Ellis
Sphaeria amblyospora Haller
Sphaeria ammophila W. Phillips & Plowr.
Sphaeria ammophilae Lasch
Sphaeria amoena Nees
Sphaeria amorphae Wallr.
Sphaeria amorphostoma Schwein.
Sphaeria amorphula Schwein.
Sphaeria ampelos Schwein.
Sphaeria amphisphaeria Schulzer
Sphaeria amphitricha Fr.
Sphaeria ampla Fr.
Sphaeria ampliata Schwein.
Sphaeria ampullacea Pers.
Sphaeria ampullasca Cooke
Sphaeria amygdali Engelhard
Sphaeria amylospora P. Karst.
Sphaeria anarithma Sacc.
Sphaeria andromedae Schwein.
Sphaeria andromedarum Schwein.
Sphaeria andropogi Schwein.
Sphaeria andropogicola Schwein.
Sphaeria andropogonis Schwein.
Sphaeria aneirina Sommerf.
Sphaeria anemones Rabenh.
Sphaeria anethi Pers.
Sphaeria angelicae-lucidae Schwein.
Sphaeria angelicae Fuckel
Sphaeria anguillida Cooke
Sphaeria anguillidus Cooke
Sphaeria angulata Fr.
Sphaeria angustata Pers.
Sphaeria angustilabra Berk. & Broome
Sphaeria anisometra Cooke & Harkn.
Sphaeria annulans Schwein.
Sphaeria annulata Schwein.
Sphaeria annulifer Heer
Sphaeria annulus Gaudich. & F. Strauss
Sphaeria anomala Berk. & M.A. Curtis
Sphaeria anomia Schwein.
Sphaeria anserina Pers.
Sphaeria anthelmintica Cooke
Sphaeria antheraeformis Heer
Sphaeria anthoxanthi Kirchn.
Sphaeria anthracina J.C. Schmidt
Sphaeria anthracodes Fr.
Sphaeria antilopea Lév.
Sphaeria antiqua Ellis & Everh.
Sphaeria aparinae (Fuckel) W. Phillips & Plowr.
Sphaeria aparines Castagne
Sphaeria aperta Schwein.
Sphaeria apertiuscula Schwein.
Sphaeria aphanes Opiz
Sphaeria apiculata Curr.
Sphaeria apiospora Durieu & Mont.
Sphaeria apotheciorum Massee
Sphaeria appendiculosa Berk. & Broome
Sphaeria applanata Oudem.
Sphaeria applanata Fr.
Sphaeria applanata (Niessl) W. Phillips & Plowr.
Sphaeria aquatica Ellis & Everh.
Sphaeria aquifolii Fr.
Sphaeria aquila Fr.
Sphaeria aquilina (Schumach.) Fr.
Sphaeria aractina Fr.
Sphaeria araneosa Pers.
Sphaeria araucariae Cooke
Sphaeria arbuti Fr.
Sphaeria arbuticola Fr.
Sphaeria arceuthobii Peck
Sphaeria archangelicae Lasch
Sphaeria archeri Berk.
Sphaeria arctica Heer
Sphaeria arctii Lasch
Sphaeria arctispora Cooke & Ellis
Sphaeria arctostaphyli Plowr.
Sphaeria arcuata Curr.
Sphaeria arecarium Bory
Sphaeria arenula Berk. & Broome
Sphaeria areolata Lév.
Sphaeria argillacea Fr.
Sphaeria argillacea Pers.
Sphaeria argus Berk. & Broome
Sphaeria argyrostigma Berk.
Sphaeria ariae DC.
Sphaeria aristata Fr.
Sphaeria aristidae Schwein.
Sphaeria armata Fr.
Sphaeria armeriae Corda
Sphaeria artemisiae Schwein.
Sphaeria arthoniae Arnold
Sphaeria artocreas Tode
Sphaeria arundinacea Desm.
Sphaeria arundinis Fr.
Sphaeria asari Klotzsch
Sphaeria asbolae Berk. & Broome
Sphaeria asclepiadis Schwein.
Sphaeria ashwelliana Curr.
Sphaeria asparagi (Rabenh. ex Sacc.) Plowr.
Sphaeria aspegrenii Fr.
Sphaeria aspera Fr.
Sphaeria asperula Mont.
Sphaeria asphalatum Link & Fr.
Sphaeria aspidiorum Lib.
Sphaeria asplenifolia Schwein.
Sphaeria aspleniifolia Schwein.
Sphaeria assecta Schwein.
Sphaeria asteroma Lib.
Sphaeria asteromorpha Lib.
Sphaeria astragali Lasch
Sphaeria astrocaryi Cooke
Sphaeria astroidea Fr.
Sphaeria atomaria Wallr.
Sphaeria atomica Gaudich.
Sphaeria atomus Desm.
Sphaeria atra Lév.
Sphaeria atramentosa Fr.
Sphaeria atrata Desm.
Sphaeria atriella Cooke & Ellis
Sphaeria atro-inquinans Berk. & M.A. Curtis
Sphaeria atrobarba Cooke & Ellis
Sphaeria atrofusca Schwein.
Sphaeria atrograna Cooke & Ellis
Sphaeria atropae Mont.
Sphaeria atropunctata Schwein.
Sphaeria atropurpurea Fr.
Sphaeria atrorubens Wallr.
Sphaeria atrosplendens Preuss
Sphaeria atrovirens Schmidt & Kunze
Sphaeria aubertii Westend.
Sphaeria aucta Berk. & Broome
Sphaeria aucubae Westend.
Sphaeria aucupariae Lasch
Sphaeria aulacostoma Kunze & Fr.
Sphaeria aulica Cooke & Ellis
Sphaeria aurantia Pers.
Sphaeria aurantii De Not.
Sphaeria aurantium Wallr.
Sphaeria aurea Sowerby
Sphaeria auricoma Wallr.
Sphaeria aurora Fr.
Sphaeria australis Cooke
Sphaeria authracina Schmidt.
Sphaeria avellanae Pers.
Sphaeria avocetta Cooke & Ellis
Sphaeria azaleae Schwein.
Sphaeria baccata Wallr.
Sphaeria baccharicola Saporta
Sphaeria baccharidis Cooke
Sphaeria bacillata Cooke
Sphaeria badhamii Curr.
Sphaeria badia Preuss
Sphaeria baggei Auersw.
Sphaeria balsamianum Ces. & De Not.
Sphaeria bambusae Rabenh.
Sphaeria baptisiae Cooke
Sphaeria baptisiaecola Cooke
Sphaeria baptisiicola Cooke
Sphaeria barbara Fr.
Sphaeria barbata Pers.
Sphaeria barbieri Westend.
Sphaeria barbirostris Dufour
Sphaeria barbula Berk. & Broome
Sphaeria bardanae Wallr.
Sphaeria basili Taylor
Sphaeria basitrichia Wallr.
Sphaeria beaumontii Berk. & M.A. Curtis
Sphaeria beccariana Ces.
Sphaeria belladonnae Chaillet ex Fr.
Sphaeria bellula Desm.
Sphaeria bellynckii Westend.
Sphaeria berberidis Wahlenb.
Sphaeria berenice (Berk. & M.A. Curtis) Sacc.
Sphaeria berkeleyi Desm.
Sphaeria berteri Mont.
Sphaeria betonicae Kirchn.
Sphaeria betulae-nanae Wahlenb.
Sphaeria betuli Pers.
Sphaeria betulina Chevall.
Sphaeria bicolor DC. & Lam.
Sphaeria biconica Curr.
Sphaeria bicuspidata Cooke & Harkn.
Sphaeria bidwellii Ellis
Sphaeria biformis Pers.
Sphaeria bifrons Sowerby
Sphaeria biglobosa Cooke & Ellis
Sphaeria bignoniae Schwein.
Sphaeria bihyalina Berk. & Broome
Sphaeria biserialis Fr.
Sphaeria bisphaerica Cooke & Ellis
Sphaeria biturbinata Durieu & Mont.
Sphaeria blepharodes Berk. & Broome
Sphaeria bocconiae Cooke & Ellis
Sphaeria boleticola Schwein.
Sphaeria bomba Mont.
Sphaeria bombarda Batsch
Sphaeria bombardella Ces.
Sphaeria borealis Fr.
Sphaeria borreri Tul.
Sphaeria bothrina Berk. & Broome
Sphaeria botryosa Fuckel
Sphaeria botulaespora Cooke
Sphaeria botulispora Cooke
Sphaeria bovilla Cooke
Sphaeria brachiata Kalchbr. & Cooke
Sphaeria brachystemonis Schwein.
Sphaeria brachystoma Wallr.
Sphaeria brachytele Berk. & Broome
Sphaeria brachytheca Berk. & M.A. Curtis
Sphaeria brassicae Schwein.
Sphaeria brassicae (Bergius) Dicks.
Sphaeria brassicae Bolton
Sphaeria brassicae Klotzsch
Sphaeria brassicae Lasch
Sphaeria brassicae Curr.
Sphaeria brassicaecola Fr. & Duby
Sphaeria brassicicola Duby
Sphaeria braunii Heer
Sphaeria brevirostris Fr.
Sphaeria brevis Sowerby
Sphaeria broomeiana Berk.
Sphaeria broomeiana Berk.
Sphaeria brunnea Schwein.
Sphaeria brunneola Fr.
Sphaeria bryoniae Fuckel
Sphaeria bryophila Roberge & Desm.
Sphaeria bucera Cooke & Ellis
Sphaeria bufonia Berk. & Broome
Sphaeria bulbosa Pers.
Sphaeria bullata Hoffm.
Sphaeria bumeliarum Saporta
Sphaeria bunodes Berk. & Broome
Sphaeria bupleuri Durieu & Mont.
Sphaeria buxi Fuckel
Sphaeria buxicola DC.
Sphaeria buxiformis Berk. & M.A. Curtis
Sphaeria byssacea Weigel
Sphaeria byssiseda Berk.
Sphaeria cacti Schwein.
Sphaeria caelata Fr.
Sphaeria caenosa Fr.
Sphaeria caesariata Cooke & Peck
Sphaeria caesia Carm. & Curr.
Sphaeria caespitosa Tode
Sphaeria caespitulans Schwein.
Sphaeria calami Nees
Sphaeria calamina Durieu & Mont.
Sphaeria californica Cooke & Harkn.
Sphaeria callae Lasch
Sphaeria callicarpa Curr.
Sphaeria callimorpha Mont.
Sphaeria callispora De Not.
Sphaeria callostroma Schwein.
Sphaeria calostroma Desm.
Sphaeria calva Tode
Sphaeria calvescens Fr.
Sphaeria calycanthi Schwein.
Sphaeria calyculus Mont.
Sphaeria caminata Cooke & Ellis
Sphaeria campanulae Klotzsch
Sphaeria camphorosmae Castagne
Sphaeria campsotricha Mont.
Sphaeria canaliculata Schwein.
Sphaeria candida Schwein.
Sphaeria canescens Pers.
Sphaeria canina Peck
Sphaeria caninae Plowr. & W. Phillips
Sphaeria cannabis Schwein.
Sphaeria canulata Preuss
Sphaeria capensis Lév.
Sphaeria capillifera Curr.
Sphaeria capitata Schwein.
Sphaeria capitellata Klotzsch
Sphaeria capnodes Berk.
Sphaeria capreae DC.
Sphaeria caprifoliorum Desm.
Sphaeria caprina Fr.
Sphaeria capsularis Pers.
Sphaeria capsularum Schwein.
Sphaeria carbonaria Plowr.
Sphaeria carduicola Cooke
Sphaeria carduorum Wallr.
Sphaeria carectorum Berk. & M.A. Curtis
Sphaeria cariceti Berk. & Broome
Sphaeria caricina Desm.
Sphaeria caricis Fr.
Sphaeria caries Schwein.
Sphaeria cariosa Cooke & Ellis
Sphaeria carlinae Kirchn.
Sphaeria carneo-alba Lib.
Sphaeria carneoalbus Lib.
Sphaeria carpinea Fr.
Sphaeria carpini Pers.
Sphaeria carpinicola Fr.
Sphaeria carpophila Pers.
Sphaeria caryae Ettingsh.
Sphaeria caryophaga Schwein.
Sphaeria cassiae Lév.
Sphaeria castagnei Durieu & Mont.
Sphaeria castaneae Schwein.
Sphaeria castaneicola DC.
Sphaeria castanicola Desm.
Sphaeria castorea Tode
Sphaeria castriformis Preuss
Sphaeria catalpae Schwein.
Sphaeria catalpicola Schwein.
Sphaeria catariae Cooke & Ellis
Sphaeria catervaria Berk. & Broome
Sphaeria cathartocarpi Lév.
Sphaeria caudata Curr.
Sphaeria caulicola Moug.
Sphaeria caulicolae P. Karst.
Sphaeria caulifraga Fr.
Sphaeria caulincola Wallr.
Sphaeria caulium Schwein.
Sphaeria caulium Fr.
Sphaeria cavata Nyl.
Sphaeria cavernosa Ellis & Everh.
Sphaeria cayennensis (DC.) Fr.
Sphaeria ceanothi Cooke & Harkn.
Sphaeria ceanothi Schwein.
Sphaeria ceanothina Peck
Sphaeria celastri Schwein.
Sphaeria celata Curr.
Sphaeria cellulosa Wallr.
Sphaeria celtidis Har. & Briard
Sphaeria celtis Castagne
Sphaeria cenangium Corda
Sphaeria centripeta Fr.
Sphaeria cepae Preuss
Sphaeria cephalanthi Schwein.
Sphaeria cephalodiorum Rostr.
Sphaeria cerasi Schumach.
Sphaeria cerasorum Fr.
Sphaeria cerastii Riess
Sphaeria ceratispora Berk. & M.A. Curtis
Sphaeria ceratosperma Tode
Sphaeria ceratospermum Tode
Sphaeria ceratotheca Cooke
Sphaeria cerea Berk. & M.A. Curtis
Sphaeria cerebrina Fée
Sphaeria cerinaria Mudd
Sphaeria ceriospora Duby
Sphaeria cerviculata Fr.
Sphaeria cervispora Kalchbr. & Cooke
Sphaeria cestri Bert.
Sphaeria cetraricola Nyl.
Sphaeria cetrariicola Nyl.
Sphaeria ceuthocarpa Fr.
Sphaeria ceuthocarpoides Heer
Sphaeria ceuthosporioides Berk.
Sphaeria chaetomium Corda
Sphaeria chaetophora P. Crouan & H. Crouan
Sphaeria chamaejasmes Fuckel
Sphaeria chamaemori Fr.
Sphaeria chamaeropis Durieu & Mont.
Sphaeria chartarum Wallr.
Sphaeria chenopodii Opiz
Sphaeria chiliopyxis Berk. & M.A. Curtis
Sphaeria chionanthi Berk. & Broome
Sphaeria chionea (Fr.) Fr.
Sphaeria chionostoma Durieu & Mont.
Sphaeria chloromela Fr.
Sphaeria chloronema Berk. & Broome
Sphaeria chlorospora Ces.
Sphaeria chnaumatica Wallr.
Sphaeria chondrospora Ces.
Sphaeria chrysites Wallr.
Sphaeria chrysosperma Pers.
Sphaeria cibostii De Not.
Sphaeria cicatrisata Preuss
Sphaeria cichorii Kirchn.
Sphaeria cicutae Lasch
Sphaeria ciliaris Curr.
Sphaeria ciliata Pers.
Sphaeria ciliatula Fr.
Sphaeria cilicifera Fr.
Sphaeria cimicifugae Schwein.
Sphaeria cincinnata Fr.
Sphaeria cincta Fr.
Sphaeria cinerascens Fuckel
Sphaeria cinerea Fuckel
Sphaeria cinereofusca Schumach.
Sphaeria cinereonebulosa Desm.
Sphaeria cingulata Lév.
Sphaeria cinnabarina Tode
Sphaeria cinnamomi Saporta
Sphaeria circinata Fuckel
Sphaeria circulifer Heer
Sphaeria circumclusa De Not.
Sphaeria circumscissa Pers.
Sphaeria circumscripta Mont.
Sphaeria circumvallata Sowerby
Sphaeria circumvoluta Sowerby
Sphaeria cirrhosa Nees
Sphaeria cirrhostoma Berk. & Broome
Sphaeria cistula Wallr.
Sphaeria citrina Pers.
Sphaeria citrispora Berk. & M.A. Curtis
Sphaeria citrum Wallr.
Sphaeria cladiicola Crouan
Sphaeria cladiumicola Crouan
Sphaeria cladosporiosa Schwein.
Sphaeria clandestina Fr.
Sphaeria clara Cooke & Auersw.
Sphaeria clavariarum Tul.
Sphaeria clavariina Peck
Sphaeria clavata Sowerby
Sphaeria claviformis Sowerby
Sphaeria clavigera Cooke & Ellis
Sphaeria clavispora Ellis
Sphaeria clavulata Schwein.
Sphaeria clavus Fr.
Sphaeria cleidionii Berk. & Broome
Sphaeria clematidis Fuckel
Sphaeria clintonii Peck
Sphaeria clivensis Berk. & Broome
Sphaeria clivulosa Mont.
Sphaeria clopima Fr.
Sphaeria closterium Berk. & M.A. Curtis
Sphaeria clypeata De Not.
Sphaeria clypeata Nees
Sphaeria clypeiformis De Not.
Sphaeria clypeus Schwein.
Sphaeria coarctata Schumach.
Sphaeria coccinea Pers.
Sphaeria coccineomaculata Schwein.
Sphaeria coccodes Lév.
Sphaeria cocogena Cooke
Sphaeria coelata Fr.
Sphaeria coenopus Fr.
Sphaeria coerulea Ellis & Everh.
Sphaeria coffeata Berk.
Sphaeria coffeicola Berk. & M.A. Curtis
Sphaeria coffeigena Berk. & M.A. Curtis
Sphaeria cohaerens Pers.
Sphaeria collabens Curr.
Sphaeria collapsa Sowerby
Sphaeria collecta Schwein.
Sphaeria colliculosa Schwein.
Sphaeria colliculus Wormsk.
Sphaeria collinsii Schwein.
Sphaeria collumiae Berk. & M.A. Curtis
Sphaeria columnaris Jungh.
Sphaeria coluteae Rabenh.
Sphaeria comata Tode
Sphaeria comatella Cooke & Ellis
Sphaeria combulliens Berk. & M.A. Curtis
Sphaeria comedens Schwein.
Sphaeria commanipula Berk. & Broome
Sphaeria compar Fr.
Sphaeria complanata Tode
Sphaeria complicata Wallr.
Sphaeria compressa Pers.
Sphaeria comptoniae Schwein.
Sphaeria comptoniae Westend.
Sphaeria compuncta Jungh.
Sphaeria concamerata Curr.
Sphaeria concava Berk.
Sphaeria concentrica Bolton
Sphaeria concolor (Schwein.) Cooke
Sphaeria concomitans Schwein.
Sphaeria concrescens Schwein.
Sphaeria conferta Fr.
Sphaeria confertissima Plowr.
Sphaeria confertula Schwein.
Sphaeria confinis Lév.
Sphaeria conflicta Cooke
Sphaeria confluens Willd.
Sphaeria conformis Berk. & Broome
Sphaeria confusa Schwein.
Sphaeria conglobata Fr. & Fuckel
Sphaeria conglomerata Wallr.
Sphaeria congregata Lév.
Sphaeria conica Alb. & Schwein.
Sphaeria coniformis Fr.
Sphaeria coniothyrium Fuckel
Sphaeria conjugata De Not.
Sphaeria conjuncta Fuckel
Sphaeria connata Fr.
Sphaeria conoplea Lib.
Sphaeria conorum Desm.
Sphaeria conostoma Mont.
Sphaeria conseptata Schwein.
Sphaeria consessa Cooke & Ellis
Sphaeria consobrina Mont.
Sphaeria consociata Ellis & Harkn.
Sphaeria conspersa Schwein.
Sphaeria conspurcata Schwein.
Sphaeria conspurcata Wallr.
Sphaeria constellatio Berk.
Sphaeria constipata Mont.
Sphaeria constricta Fr.
Sphaeria contaminans Durieu & Mont.
Sphaeria contecta Desm.
Sphaeria contempta Durieu & Mont.
Sphaeria contexta Wallr.
Sphaeria contorta Schwein.
Sphaeria controversa Desm.
Sphaeria convallariae-majalis Kirchn.
Sphaeria convergens Tode
Sphaeria convexa Nyl.
Sphaeria convexula Schwein.
Sphaeria convolvulicola Haller
Sphaeria cookeana Auersw.
Sphaeria cooperta Desm.
Sphaeria coprophila Fr.
Sphaeria coptis Schwein.
Sphaeria corallinarum P. Crouan & H. Crouan
Sphaeria corni-albae Roum.
Sphaeria corni-sueciae Fr.
Sphaeria corni-suecicae Fr.
Sphaeria corni Schwein.
Sphaeria cornicola (DC.) Fr.
Sphaeria corniculata
Sphaeria corniella Cooke
Sphaeria corniformis Fr.
Sphaeria cornu-damae Schwein.
Sphaeria cornuta Hoffm.
Sphaeria coronata Hoffm.
Sphaeria coronillae Desm.
Sphaeria corrigiolae Hoffm.
Sphaeria corrugata Fr.
Sphaeria corticis Curr.
Sphaeria corticis Fr.
Sphaeria corticium Schwein.
Sphaeria corticola Fuckel
Sphaeria corylaria Wallr.
Sphaeria coryli Batsch
Sphaeria coryneoides Berk. & M.A. Curtis
Sphaeria cotoneastri Fr.
Sphaeria cotulae Rabenh.
Sphaeria cotyledonum Kirchn.
Sphaeria coulteri Peck
Sphaeria crassicollis Wallr.
Sphaeria crataegi Schwein.
Sphaeria craterium DC.
Sphaeria crenata Pers.
Sphaeria crepini Westend.
Sphaeria crepinii Westend.
Sphaeria cretacea Heer
Sphaeria crinigera Cooke
Sphaeria crinita Pers.
Sphaeria crispans Wallr.
Sphaeria crispata Fuckel
Sphaeria crista-galli Durieu & Mont.
Sphaeria cristata Pers.
Sphaeria crocina Mont.
Sphaeria crozalsiana Olive
Sphaeria cruciferarum Fr.
Sphaeria cruenta Fr.
Sphaeria crustacea Sowerby
Sphaeria crustacea P. Karst.
Sphaeria crustata Fr.
Sphaeria crustulata Lév.
Sphaeria crypta Fr.
Sphaeria cryptica P. Karst.
Sphaeria cryptoderis Lév.
Sphaeria cryptosphaeria Fuckel
Sphaeria cryptospila Berk.
Sphaeria cryptosporii Curr.
Sphaeria cryptostoma Lév.
Sphaeria cubicularis Fr.
Sphaeria cuboniana De Not.
Sphaeria cucubali Kirchn.
Sphaeria cucurbitacearum Fr.
Sphaeria cucurbitula Curr.
Sphaeria culcitella Berk. & Ravenel
Sphaeria culmicola Fr.
Sphaeria culmifida (P. Karst.) Buckn.
Sphaeria culmifraga Fr.
Sphaeria culmorum Cooke
Sphaeria cumana (Sacc. & Speg.) Cooke
Sphaeria cupressi Cooke & Harkn.
Sphaeria cupressiformis Woodw.
Sphaeria cupula Ellis & Everh.
Sphaeria cupularis Fr.
Sphaeria cupulifera Berk. & Broome
Sphaeria curta Fr.
Sphaeria curtisii Berk.
Sphaeria curva Wallr.
Sphaeria curvatum Anonym.
Sphaeria curvicolla Peck
Sphaeria curvirostra De Not.
Sphaeria curvula (de Bary ex G. Winter) anon. ined.
Sphaeria cuspidata Fr.
Sphaeria cuticularis Schwein.
Sphaeria cyanea Sollm.
Sphaeria cyanogena Desm.
Sphaeria cyclospora (Cooke) Cooke
Sphaeria cylindrica Kalchbr. & Cooke
Sphaeria cyperacearum Schwein.
Sphaeria cypri Tul.
Sphaeria cyrillicola Berk. & M.A. Curtis
Sphaeria cytisporea Fr.
Sphaeria cytosporea Fr.
Sphaeria dacrymycella Nyl.
Sphaeria dalbergiae Heer
Sphaeria daphnes Ettingsh.
Sphaeria dasylirii Rabenh.
Sphaeria daturae Schwein.
Sphaeria decastyla Cooke
Sphaeria decedens Fr.
Sphaeria decipiens DC.
Sphaeria decolorans Pers.
Sphaeria decomponens Sowerby
Sphaeria decora Wallr.
Sphaeria decorticans Lib.
Sphaeria decorticans Fr.
Sphaeria decorticans Sowerby
Sphaeria decorticata Schwein.
Sphaeria decumbens Kunze & Schmidt
Sphaeria deerrata Cooke & Ellis
Sphaeria deflectens (P. Karst.) W. Phillips & Plowr.
Sphaeria defodiens Ellis
Sphaeria deformans Lagger
Sphaeria deformata Schwein.
Sphaeria deformis Fr.
Sphaeria defossa Durieu & Mont.
Sphaeria delicatula Fr.
Sphaeria delitescens Wallr.
Sphaeria delphinii Rabenh.
Sphaeria dematiosa Schwein.
Sphaeria dematium Pers.
Sphaeria demersa Corda
Sphaeria dendritica Wallr.
Sphaeria denigrans Curr.
Sphaeria denigrata Schwein.
Sphaeria denotata Cooke & Ellis
Sphaeria denudans Schwein.
Sphaeria depazaeformis Auersw.
Sphaeria deperdita Heer
Sphaeria depilata Fr.
Sphaeria deplanata Fr.
Sphaeria depolita Berk. & M.A. Curtis
Sphaeria depressa J.M. Hook
Sphaeria derasa Berk. & Broome
Sphaeria desmazieresii Berk. & Broome
Sphaeria desmodii Peck
Sphaeria despreauxii Mont.
Sphaeria detrusa Fr.
Sphaeria deusta Hoffm.
Sphaeria devexa Desm.
Sphaeria dianthi Alb. & Schwein.
Sphaeria diaphana Cooke & Ellis
Sphaeria diatrypa Fr.
Sphaeria diceras Pers. ex Lév.
Sphaeria dichaenoides Richon
Sphaeria dichoma Lév.
Sphaeria dichotoma Lév.
Sphaeria dichroa Durieu & Mont.
Sphaeria dickiei Berk. & Broome
Sphaeria dictamni Fuckel
Sphaeria diderma Schwein.
Sphaeria difformis Schumach.
Sphaeria diffusa Schwein.
Sphaeria digitalis Crouan
Sphaeria digitata J.M. Hook
Sphaeria diminuens Fr.
Sphaeria dimorpha Wallr.
Sphaeria dioica Moug.
Sphaeria dioscoreae Berk. & M.A. Curtis
Sphaeria diospyri Schwein.
Sphaeria diplasia Durieu & Mont.
Sphaeria diplodioides Crouan
Sphaeria diplospora Cooke
Sphaeria disciformis Hoffm.
Sphaeria discincola Schwein.
Sphaeria discoidea Lév.
Sphaeria discophora Mont.
Sphaeria discors Durieu & Mont.
Sphaeria discospora (Auersw. ex Niessl) W. Phillips & Plowr.
Sphaeria discreta Schwein.
Sphaeria discutiens Berk.
Sphaeria disjecta P. Karst.
Sphaeria dispar Fr.
Sphaeria dispersa Heer
Sphaeria dispersella Nyl.
Sphaeria disrupta Berk. & M.A. Curtis
Sphaeria disseminata Berk. & M.A. Curtis
Sphaeria dissepta Fr.
Sphaeria dissiliens Cooke & Ellis
Sphaeria disticha Ehrenb.
Sphaeria distincta Schwein.
Sphaeria distributa Cooke & Ellis
Sphaeria ditopa Fr.
Sphaeria ditricha Fr.
Sphaeria divaricata Fée
Sphaeria divergens Schwein.
Sphaeria dochmia Berk. & Broome
Sphaeria dolichostoma Berk. & M.A. Curtis
Sphaeria dolioloides (Auersw.) Buckn.
Sphaeria doliolum Pers.
Sphaeria dolosa Fr.
Sphaeria donacina De Not.
Sphaeria dorycnii Mont.
Sphaeria dothidea Moug. ex Fr.
Sphaeria drabae Nyl.
Sphaeria drimydis Curr.
Sphaeria druparum Schwein.
Sphaeria drupivora Schwein.
Sphaeria dryadis Fuckel
Sphaeria dryadum Ettingsh.
Sphaeria dryina Curr.
Sphaeria drymidis Curr.
Sphaeria dryophila Schwein.
Sphaeria dubia Tode
Sphaeria dubyi De Not.
Sphaeria dufourei Fr.
Sphaeria dulcamarae Kunze & Schmidt
Sphaeria duncani Ettingsh.
Sphaeria duplex Sowerby
Sphaeria duplicella Nyl.
Sphaeria durieui Mont.
Sphaeria durissima Schwein.
Sphaeria ecastophylli Lév.
Sphaeria echii Kirchn.
Sphaeria echinata Lév.
Sphaeria echinella Cooke
Sphaeria echinocephala Schwein.
Sphaeria echinophila Ces.
Sphaeria echinus Biv.
Sphaeria eckfeldtii Ellis
Sphaeria effigurata Schwein.
Sphaeria effossa Heer
Sphaeria effugiens P. Karst.
Sphaeria effusa Sowerby
Sphaeria elegans Duby
Sphaeria elevans Schwein.
Sphaeria elevata Berk.
Sphaeria eliminata Berk. & M.A. Curtis
Sphaeria ellipsosperma Sowerby
Sphaeria elliptica Schwein.
Sphaeria elongata Fr.
Sphaeria elongatocompressa Schwein.
Sphaeria emergens Schwein.
Sphaeria emperigonia Auersw.
Sphaeria empetri (Pers.) Fr.
Sphaeria endopteris Plowr.
Sphaeria entaxia Cooke & Ellis
Sphaeria enteroleuca Fr.
Sphaeria enteromela Schwein.
Sphaeria enteromorpha Lév.
Sphaeria enteroxantha Schwein.
Sphaeria enteroxantha Berk.
Sphaeria entomorrhiza Roberge
Sphaeria epicalamia Riess
Sphaeria epicarecta Cooke
Sphaeria epichloë Kunze
Sphaeria epicymatia Wallr.
Sphaeria epidermidis Fr.
Sphaeria epigaea Pers.
Sphaeria epileuca Berk. & Broome
Sphaeria epilobii-tetragoni Kirchn.
Sphaeria epilobii Fuckel
Sphaeria epilobii Wallr.
Sphaeria epimyces G.H. Otth
Sphaeria epipapyrea Wallr.
Sphaeria epiphylla Schwein.
Sphaeria epipteridea Cooke & Harkn.
Sphaeria episphaeria Tode
Sphaeria epistroma (Cooke) anon. ined.
Sphaeria epixantha Berk. & Broome
Sphaeria epochnii Berk. & Broome
Sphaeria equina Fr.
Sphaeria equiseti Desm.
Sphaeria equorum (Fuckel) anon. ined.
Sphaeria eremita Rebent.
Sphaeria eres Berk. & Broome
Sphaeria ericae Fr.
Sphaeria ericina Tubeuf
Sphaeria erigerontis Opiz
Sphaeria erinacea Crouan
Sphaeria eriophora Cooke
Sphaeria eriostega Cooke & Ellis
Sphaeria erptans Sowerby
Sphaeria errabunda Roberge & Desm.
Sphaeria erratica Cooke & Ellis
Sphaeria erraticola P. Karst.
Sphaeria erubescens Roberge
Sphaeria eructans Wallr.
Sphaeria erumpens Schwein.
Sphaeria eryngii Oudem.
Sphaeria erysiphina Berk. & Broome
Sphaeria erythrella Wallr.
Sphaeria erythrinella Nyl.
Sphaeria erythrococcos Ehrenb.
Sphaeria erythrospora Riess
Sphaeria erythrostoma Pers.
Sphaeria escharoidea Berk.
Sphaeria escharoides Fr.
Sphaeria eschscholzii Ehrenb.
Sphaeria eterio Berk. & Broome
Sphaeria eucalypti Cooke & Harkn.
Sphaeria eucalypti Ettingsh.
Sphaeria eucrypta Berk. & Broome
Sphaeria eumorpha Berk. & M.A. Curtis
Sphaeria eunomia Fr.
Sphaeria eunomioides G.H. Otth
Sphaeria eunotia Berk. & M.A. Curtis
Sphaeria eunotiaespora Cooke & Harkn.
Sphaeria euomphala Berk. & M.A. Curtis
Sphaeria euonymi Kunze ex Fr.
Sphaeria eupatorii Kirchn.
Sphaeria euphorbiae Fuckel
Sphaeria euphorbiaecola Schwein.
Sphaeria euphorbiicola Schwein.
Sphaeria euphorea Fr.
Sphaeria eustegia Cooke
Sphaeria eustegiae Cooke
Sphaeria eustoma Fr.
Sphaeria eutypa Fr.
Sphaeria evanescens Heer
Sphaeria evonymi Kunze
Sphaeria evulsa Schwein.
Sphaeria exanthemoides Mont.
Sphaeria exarata Schwein.
Sphaeria exasperans Schwein.
Sphaeria excavata Schwein.
Sphaeria excavata Fr.
Sphaeria excentrica Cooke & Peck
Sphaeria excipulans Schwein.
Sphaeria excipuliformis Fr.
Sphaeria excussa Schwein.
Sphaeria exercitalis Peck
Sphaeria exigua Cooke & Peck
Sphaeria exilis Alb. & Schwein.
Sphaeria eximia Peck
Sphaeria exosporioides Desm.
Sphaeria expers Schwein.
Sphaeria exserta Fr.
Sphaeria extensa Fr.
Sphaeria exuberans Fr.
Sphaeria exusta Fr.
Sphaeria fagicola Fr.
Sphaeria faginea Curr.
Sphaeria fallax Pers.
Sphaeria farcta Plowr.
Sphaeria fascicularis Wallr.
Sphaeria favacea Fr.
Sphaeria feejeensis Berk.
Sphaeria feistmanteliana Rabenh.
Sphaeria felina Fuckel
Sphaeria fenestrans Duby
Sphaeria ferruginea Pers.
Sphaeria ferulina Durieu & Mont.
Sphaeria festucae Lib.
Sphaeria fibriseda Schwein.
Sphaeria fibritecta Berk.
Sphaeria fibrosa Pers.
Sphaeria fici-tenuinervis Ettingsh.
Sphaeria fici Heer
Sphaeria filicina Fr.
Sphaeria filicum Desm.
Sphaeria filiformis Alb. & Schwein.
Sphaeria filospora Cooke & Ellis
Sphaeria filum Biv.
Sphaeria fimbriata Pers.
Sphaeria fimetaria Rabenh.
Sphaeria fimeti Pers.
Sphaeria fimicola Roberge ex Desm.
Sphaeria fissa Pers.
Sphaeria fissicola Cooke & Ellis
Sphaeria fissurarum Berk. & M.A. Curtis
Sphaeria fistulosa Lév.
Sphaeria flabella Schwein.
Sphaeria flabellariae Ettingsh. & Garden
Sphaeria flabelliformis (Schwein.) Fr.
Sphaeria flacca Wallr.
Sphaeria flaccida Alb. & Schwein.
Sphaeria flavescens Fr.
Sphaeria flavida Corda
Sphaeria flavocompta Berk. & M.A. Curtis
Sphaeria flavovirens Pers.
Sphaeria flavovirescens Hoffm.
Sphaeria flavoviridis Fuckel
Sphaeria floccosa Fr.
Sphaeria floriformis Sowerby
Sphaeria fluens Sowerby
Sphaeria fluviatilis W. Phillips & Plowr.
Sphaeria fockei Miq.
Sphaeria foeda Lév.
Sphaeria foedans Fr.
Sphaeria foeniculacea Mont.
Sphaeria foeniculi Castagne
Sphaeria foliicola Berl. & Roum.
Sphaeria foraminosa Pers.
Sphaeria foraminula Pers.
Sphaeria foveolaris Fr.
Sphaeria foveolata Berk. & Ravenel
Sphaeria fragariae Schwein.
Sphaeria fragiformis Pers.
Sphaeria fragilis Berk.
Sphaeria frangulae Pers.
Sphaeria fraudolenta Durieu & Mont.
Sphaeria fraxicola Schwein.
Sphaeria fraxini Curr.
Sphaeria fraxinicola Schwein.
Sphaeria friabilis Pers.
Sphaeria friesii Duby
Sphaeria frigida Fr.
Sphaeria frit Fr.
Sphaeria frondicola Fr.
Sphaeria frustrum-coni Schwein.
Sphaeria frustum-coni Schwein.
Sphaeria fruticum Roberge & Desm.
Sphaeria fuckelii Duby
Sphaeria fulgida Cooke & Peck
Sphaeria fuliginosa Pers.
Sphaeria fulva Fr.
Sphaeria fulvolanata Berk.
Sphaeria fulvopruinata Berk.
Sphaeria fumosa Schwein.
Sphaeria funesta Kunze
Sphaeria funicola Ellis
Sphaeria fur Ehrenb.
Sphaeria furfuracea Fr.
Sphaeria fusariispora Mont.
Sphaeria fusca Pers.
Sphaeria fuscata Schwein.
Sphaeria fuscella Sacc.
Sphaeria fuscella Berk. & Broome
Sphaeria fuscescens Schwein.
Sphaeria fuscomarginata Sowerby
Sphaeria fuscopurpurea Schwein.
Sphaeria fuscospora Schwein.
Sphaeria fusispora Duby
Sphaeria futilis Berk. & Broome
Sphaeria galbana Fr.
Sphaeria galeobdolonis Kirchn.
Sphaeria galii Fr.
Sphaeria galiorum Roberge ex Desm.
Sphaeria gallae Schwein.
Sphaeria gangraena Fr.
Sphaeria gardneri Berk.
Sphaeria garryae Cooke & Harkn.
Sphaeria gastrina Fr.
Sphaeria gelatinosa Tode
Sphaeria gelidaria Mudd
Sphaeria gelsemiata Cooke
Sphaeria genistae Fuckel
Sphaeria gentianaecola DC.
Sphaeria gentianicola DC.
Sphaeria geoglossum Schwein.
Sphaeria geographica DC.
Sphaeria georginae Fuckel
Sphaeria geranii Wallr.
Sphaeria gigantea Mont.
Sphaeria gigaspora Desm.
Sphaeria gilva Jungh.
Sphaeria glandicola Schwein.
Sphaeria glandis Duby
Sphaeria glaucina Fr.
Sphaeria glaucopunctata (Grev.) Curr.
Sphaeria gleditschiae Schwein.
Sphaeria glis Berk. & Broome
Sphaeria globigera Moug. & Lév.
Sphaeria globosa Spreng. ex Fr.
Sphaeria globularioides Crouan
Sphaeria globularis Batsch
Sphaeria gloeospora Berk. & Curr.
Sphaeria glomerata Engelhard
Sphaeria glomerulata Fuckel
Sphaeria glomus Berk. & M.A. Curtis
Sphaeria gnomon Tode
Sphaeria gnomonia Tode
Sphaeria godini Desm.
Sphaeria gomphus Fr.
Sphaeria goniostoma Schwein.
Sphaeria gossypii Schwein.
Sphaeria gracillima Fr.
Sphaeria graminicola Haller
Sphaeria graminis Pers.
Sphaeria gramma Schwein.
Sphaeria grammodes De Not.
Sphaeria grammodes Kunze
Sphaeria granati M. & Fr.
Sphaeria granatum Wallr.
Sphaeria granulosa Pers.
Sphaeria granulosa (Bull.) Sowerby
Sphaeria granum Anonym.
Sphaeria graopsis Ellis
Sphaeria graphis (Fuckel) anon. ined.
Sphaeria gregalis Schwein.
Sphaeria gregaria Weigel
Sphaeria grisea Schwein.
Sphaeria griseotecta Berk. & Broome
Sphaeria griseotingens Berk. & M.A. Curtis
Sphaeria grossa Pers.
Sphaeria grossulariae Fr.
Sphaeria grumata Cooke & Ellis
Sphaeria guepini Fr.
Sphaeria guepinii Fr.
Sphaeria gutta Sowerby
Sphaeria guttifera DC.
Sphaeria gypsophilae Lasch
Sphaeria gyrosa Schwein.
Sphaeria haematites Roberge & Desm.
Sphaeria haematorhyncha Sommerf.
Sphaeria halonia Fr.
Sphaeria halseyana Schwein.
Sphaeria halymi Castagne
Sphaeria hapalocystis Berk. & Broome
Sphaeria haustellata Fr.
Sphaeria hederae Fr.
Sphaeria hederaecola Desm.
Sphaeria hederaefolia Cooke
Sphaeria hedericola Fr.
Sphaeria helenae Curr.
Sphaeria helicicola Desm.
Sphaeria helicoma W. Phillips & Plowr.
Sphaeria helicophila Cooke
Sphaeria helicospora Rabenh.
Sphaeria hellebori Chaillet & Fr.
Sphaeria heloniaefolia Cooke & Ellis
Sphaeria helvellae P. Karst.
Sphaeria hemicrypta Durieu & Mont.
Sphaeria hemipsila Berk. & Broome
Sphaeria hemisphaerica Alb. & Schwein.
Sphaeria hemitapha Berk. & Broome
Sphaeria hendersoniae Ellis
Sphaeria hepaticarum Crouan
Sphaeria hepaticicola Duby
Sphaeria herbarum Pers.
Sphaeria herbicola Schwein.
Sphaeria herculea Miq.
Sphaeria hericium Schwein.
Sphaeria herniariae Kirchn.
Sphaeria herpotricha Fr.
Sphaeria herpotrichioides Fuckel
Sphaeria herpotrichoides Fuckel
Sphaeria heterospora De Not.
Sphaeria heterostoma Mont.
Sphaeria heufleri Auersw.
Sphaeria hians Wallr.
Sphaeria hiascens Fr.
Sphaeria hibisci Berk.
Sphaeria hibiscicola Schwein.
Sphaeria hibisicola Schwein.
Sphaeria himantia Pers.
Sphaeria hippomarathri Opiz
Sphaeria hippophaës Sollm.
Sphaeria hippotrichoides Sowerby
Sphaeria hirsuta Fr.
Sphaeria hirta Fr.
Sphaeria hirtella Fr.
Sphaeria hirtissima Peck
Sphaeria hirtula P. Karst.
Sphaeria hispida Tode
Sphaeria hoffmannii Fr.
Sphaeria holmskioldii P. Karst.
Sphaeria holmskjoeldii P. Karst.
Sphaeria holoschista Berk. & Broome
Sphaeria holoschoeni Mont.
Sphaeria homoiospora Berk. & M.A. Curtis
Sphaeria homostegia Nyl.
Sphaeria hookeri Klotzsch
Sphaeria horridula Wallr.
Sphaeria humana Fuckel
Sphaeria humulina Peck
Sphaeria hyalina Schwein.
Sphaeria hyalospora Ces.
Sphaeria hydnicola Schwein.
Sphaeria hydrangeae Schwein.
Sphaeria hydrophila P. Karst.
Sphaeria hyetospilus Mart.
Sphaeria hyperborea Heer
Sphaeria hyperici Schwein.
Sphaeria hypericina Berk. & M.A. Curtis
Sphaeria hyperopta Rehm
Sphaeria hyphenis Cooke
Sphaeria hypocreoides Henn.
Sphaeria hypodermia Fr.
Sphaeria hypoleuca Berk. & Broome
Sphaeria hypomilla Lév.
Sphaeria hypotephra Berk. & Broome
Sphaeria hypoxantha Lév.
Sphaeria hypoxylon Pers.
Sphaeria hysterina Wallr.
Sphaeria hysterioides Schwein.
Sphaeria hystricula Berk. & Broome
Sphaeria hystrix Tode
Sphaeria icterodes Riess
Sphaeria idaei Fuckel
Sphaeria ignobilis P. Karst.
Sphaeria ilicina Nees
Sphaeria ilicis Schleich.
Sphaeria illita Schwein.
Sphaeria imitans P. Karst.
Sphaeria imitatrix Berk. & Broome
Sphaeria immersa Fuckel
Sphaeria immunda Fuckel
Sphaeria implicata Lév.
Sphaeria imposita Schwein.
Sphaeria impressa Preuss
Sphaeria improvisa P. Karst.
Sphaeria inaequabilis Berk. & M.A. Curtis
Sphaeria inaequalis Curr.
Sphaeria inamoena Lév.
Sphaeria inanis Schwein.
Sphaeria incanescens Schwein.
Sphaeria incarcerata Desm.
Sphaeria inclinata Desm.
Sphaeria inclusa Lasch
Sphaeria incommiscibilis Berk. & M.A. Curtis
Sphaeria inconspicua Desm.
Sphaeria inconstans Schwein.
Sphaeria incrassata Jungh.
Sphaeria increscens Al. Br.
Sphaeria incrustans Pers.
Sphaeria incrustata Kunze
Sphaeria incusis Anonym.
Sphaeria indeprensa Durieu & Mont.
Sphaeria indistincta Schwein.
Sphaeria infarciens Wallr.
Sphaeria infectoria (Fuckel) Cooke
Sphaeria infernalis Kunze
Sphaeria inflata Ellis
Sphaeria innesii Curr.
Sphaeria innumera Berk. & Broome
Sphaeria inordinata Berk. & M.A. Curtis
Sphaeria inquilina Desm.
Sphaeria inquinans Tode
Sphaeria insculpta Fr.
Sphaeria insidens Schwein.
Sphaeria insidiosa Desm.
Sphaeria insitiva Tode
Sphaeria inspersa Berk.
Sphaeria inspissa Schwein.
Sphaeria insularis Wallr.
Sphaeria intercellularis Berk. & M.A. Curtis
Sphaeria intercepta Kalchbr. & Cooke
Sphaeria intermedia Schwein.
Sphaeria intermixta Berk. & Broome
Sphaeria interpungens Heer
Sphaeria interrupta Mont.
Sphaeria interspersa Cooke
Sphaeria interstitialis Cooke & Peck
Sphaeria intexta Curr.
Sphaeria intonsa Schwein.
Sphaeria intumescens Al. Br.
Sphaeria intybi Durieu & Mont.
Sphaeria inulina Durieu & Mont.
Sphaeria inundatorum Schwein.
Sphaeria inusta (Ach.) Fr.
Sphaeria inverecunda De Not.
Sphaeria inversa Fr.
Sphaeria investans Cooke
Sphaeria investiens Schwein.
Sphaeria investita Schwein.
Sphaeria involuta Schwein.
Sphaeria iridicola Schwein.
Sphaeria iridis Schwein.
Sphaeria irregularis Sowerby
Sphaeria isariphora Desm.
Sphaeria ischnostyla Desm.
Sphaeria ischnotheca Desm.
Sphaeria isiaca Ces.
Sphaeria italica Gaudich. & F. Strauss
Sphaeria janus Berk. & Broome
Sphaeria jasmini Schwein.
Sphaeria jasminicola Desm.
Sphaeria javanica Zipp. & Lév.
Sphaeria jenynsii Berk. & Broome
Sphaeria jerdoni Berk. & Broome
Sphaeria jucunda Mont.
Sphaeria juglandicola Schwein.
Sphaeria juglandis Fr.
Sphaeria junci Oudem.
Sphaeria juncina Berk. & Ravenel
Sphaeria jungermanniae Nees
Sphaeria juniperi Fr.
Sphaeria junipericola Schwein.
Sphaeria juniperina P. Karst.
Sphaeria kalmiaecola Schwein.
Sphaeria kalmiarum Schwein.
Sphaeria kegeliana Lév.
Sphaeria keithii Berk. & Broome
Sphaeria ketmiae Ces.
Sphaeria kinkelini Engelhard
Sphaeria kirbii Sowerby
Sphaeria kirkiana Linds.
Sphaeria koelreuteriae Durieu
Sphaeria kretschmari Rabenh.
Sphaeria kunkleri Heer
Sphaeria kunzei Fr.
Sphaeria kutschlinica Ettingsh.
Sphaeria labecula Lév.
Sphaeria labiatae Cooke
Sphaeria laburni Pers.
Sphaeria lactea Fr.
Sphaeria lactescentium Schwein.
Sphaeria lactifluorum Schwein.
Sphaeria lactucarum Schwein.
Sphaeria lacustris Fuckel
Sphaeria laevata Fr.
Sphaeria laevigata Schwein.
Sphaeria lagenaria Pers.
Sphaeria lampadophora Berk. & Broome
Sphaeria lamprotheca Desm.
Sphaeria lamyi Desm.
Sphaeria lamyii Desm.
Sphaeria lanaris Welw. & Curr.
Sphaeria lanata Fr.
Sphaeria lanceolata Kalchbr. & Cooke
Sphaeria lanciformis Fr.
Sphaeria landeghemiae Westend.
Sphaeria lantanae Nitschke
Sphaeria lanuginosa Preuss
Sphaeria lapidea Lesq.
Sphaeria larvata Fr.
Sphaeria lasioderma Durieu & Mont.
Sphaeria lata Pers.
Sphaeria latebrosa Ellis
Sphaeria latericolla Berk.
Sphaeria latericollis DC.
Sphaeria lateritia Fr.
Sphaeria lathyri Durieu & Mont.
Sphaeria lathyrina Berk. & M.A. Curtis
Sphaeria laurocerasi Desm.
Sphaeria leaiana Berk.
Sphaeria lebiseyi Desm.
Sphaeria lecythea Schwein.
Sphaeria leguminis-cytisi Desm.
Sphaeria leguminum Wallr.
Sphaeria leightoni Berk. & Broome
Sphaeria leightonii Berk. & Broome
Sphaeria leioplaca Fr.
Sphaeria leiostega Ellis
Sphaeria leiphaemia Fr.
Sphaeria lejoplaca Fr.
Sphaeria lejostega Ellis
Sphaeria lemaneae Cohn ex Woronin
Sphaeria lenarsii Westend.
Sphaeria lenta Schwein.
Sphaeria leonina Cooke & Peck
Sphaeria leporina Cain
Sphaeria leprantha Fr.
Sphaeria leprosa Pers.
Sphaeria leptasca Auersw.
Sphaeria leptidea Fr.
Sphaeria leptocarpeae Opiz
Sphaeria leptorrhyncha Durieu & Mont.
Sphaeria leptostroma Ehrenb.
Sphaeria leptostyla Fr.
Sphaeria lespedezae Schwein.
Sphaeria leucocephala Ehrh.
Sphaeria leucocreas Mont.
Sphaeria leucomelaria Mudd
Sphaeria leucophaeata Rebent.
Sphaeria leucopis Fr.
Sphaeria leucoplaca Kirchn.
Sphaeria leucospila Berk. & M.A. Curtis
Sphaeria leucostigma Lév.
Sphaeria leucostigma DC.
Sphaeria leucostoma Pers.
Sphaeria leucostroma Mont.
Sphaeria leveillei Tul.
Sphaeria levieuxii Fr.
Sphaeria libera Pers.
Sphaeria lichenalis Peck
Sphaeria lichenicola Fr.
Sphaeria lichenis-sordidi Massee
Sphaeria lichenoides DC.
Sphaeria lichenopsis A. Massal.
Sphaeria ligneola Berk. & Broome
Sphaeria ligniaria Grev.
Sphaeria ligniota Fr.
Sphaeria lignitum Heer
Sphaeria lignyodes Berk. & Broome
Sphaeria ligustri Schwein.
Sphaeria lilacina Schwein.
Sphaeria liliaginis Opiz
Sphaeria limaeformis Schwein.
Sphaeria limbata Ettingsh.
Sphaeria limitata Pers.
Sphaeria limminghii Westend.
Sphaeria lindsayana Curr.
Sphaeria linearis Nees
Sphaeria lineata DC.
Sphaeria lineata Alb. & Schwein.
Sphaeria lineolans Schwein.
Sphaeria lineolata Roberge & Desm.
Sphaeria lingam Tode
Sphaeria lingua Lév.
Sphaeria linnaeae Ehrenb.
Sphaeria linneae Ehrenb.
Sphaeria linosperma (Mont.) Mont.
Sphaeria lintearia Mont.
Sphaeria liquidambaris Schwein.
Sphaeria lirella Moug. & Nestl.
Sphaeria liriodendri Schwein.
Sphaeria lisae De Not.
Sphaeria littoralis Crouan
Sphaeria lituus Berk. & Broome
Sphaeria livida Pers.
Sphaeria lixivia Fr.
Sphaeria lloydii Crouan
Sphaeria lobata Fr.
Sphaeria loculata Lév.
Sphaeria loepophaga Tul.
Sphaeria longa Sowerby
Sphaeria longchampsi Westend.
Sphaeria longispora Ellis
Sphaeria longissima Pers.
Sphaeria lonicerae Fuckel
Sphaeria lonicerarum Desm.
Sphaeria lonicerina P. Karst.
Sphaeria lophanthi Berk. & M.A. Curtis
Sphaeria lucifuga Jungh.
Sphaeria ludens Schulzer
Sphaeria ludwigiae Cooke
Sphaeria lugubris Roberge & Desm.
Sphaeria lunariae Berk. & Broome
Sphaeria lupini Cooke & Harkn.
Sphaeria lutea Alb. & Schwein.
Sphaeria luteobasis Ellis
Sphaeria luteola Desm.
Sphaeria luteomaculata Schwein.
Sphaeria luteovirens Fr.
Sphaeria luzulae Rabenh.
Sphaeria lychnidis Fr.
Sphaeria lycoperdoides Weigel
Sphaeria lycopodii Lév.
Sphaeria lycopodina Mont.
Sphaeria macowaniae Kalchbr. & Cooke
Sphaeria macrocarpa Rabenh.
Sphaeria macrospora Desm.
Sphaeria macrostoma Tode
Sphaeria macrostomella Ces.
Sphaeria macrostomoides De Not.
Sphaeria macrotheca Crouan
Sphaeria macrotricha Berk. & Broome
Sphaeria macrozamiae Berk. & Broome
Sphaeria macula Tode
Sphaeria maculaeformis Ehrenb.
Sphaeria maculans Desm.
Sphaeria macularis Fr.
Sphaeria maculata Wallr.
Sphaeria maculifer Heer
Sphaeria maculiformis Pers.
Sphaeria magnoliae Schwein.
Sphaeria malaleuca Kunze
Sphaeria malina Fr.
Sphaeria malorum Berk.
Sphaeria malvicola Schwein.
Sphaeria mamillana Fr.
Sphaeria mamma Wallr.
Sphaeria mammaeformis Hoffm.
Sphaeria mammata Nyl.
Sphaeria mammiformis Pers.
Sphaeria mammillana Fr.
Sphaeria mapaniae Schwein.
Sphaeria marcescens Berk. & M.A. Curtis
Sphaeria marciensis Peck
Sphaeria marcyensis Peck
Sphaeria marginata Fr.
Sphaeria maritima Cooke & Plowr.
Sphaeria marram Cooke
Sphaeria martiniana Linds.
Sphaeria mascarensis Mont.
Sphaeria massalongi Mont.
Sphaeria massalongii Mont.
Sphaeria mastoidea
Sphaeria mathieui Westend.
Sphaeria maura Fr.
Sphaeria mauritanica (Durieu & Mont.) Mont.
Sphaeria mauritiae G. Martin
Sphaeria maxima Weber
Sphaeria maydis Berk.
Sphaeria media Pers.
Sphaeria mediterranea De Not.
Sphaeria medullaris Wallr.
Sphaeria medusina Fr.
Sphaeria megalocarpa Plowr.
Sphaeria megalospora Mont.
Sphaeria megarrhizae Cooke & Harkn.
Sphaeria megastoma Peck
Sphaeria mela Schwein.
Sphaeria melaena Fr.
Sphaeria melaleucae Lév.
Sphaeria melanaspis Mont.
Sphaeria melanococca Lév.
Sphaeria melanoplaca Desm.
Sphaeria melanostigma Lév.
Sphaeria melanostyla DC.
Sphaeria melanotes Berk. & Broome
Sphaeria melantera Peck
Sphaeria melasperma Fr.
Sphaeria melastoma Fr.
Sphaeria melastomatis Lév.
Sphaeria melastomatum Lév.
Sphaeria melastroma Fr.
Sphaeria meliae Schwein.
Sphaeria meliloti Lasch
Sphaeria melina Berk. & Broome
Sphaeria melioloides Berk. & M.A. Curtis
Sphaeria mellina Mont.
Sphaeria melogramma (Bull.) Pers.
Sphaeria meloplaca Schwein.
Sphaeria melostoma Fr.
Sphaeria membranacea Berk. & Broome
Sphaeria mendax De Not.
Sphaeria menyanthis Kirchn.
Sphaeria merdaria Fr.
Sphaeria meretrix Mont.
Sphaeria mertensiae Ellis
Sphaeria mesaedema Berk. & M.A. Curtis
Sphaeria mesascium De Not.
Sphaeria metuloidea Kalchbr. & Cooke
Sphaeria mezerei Schwein.
Sphaeria micheliana Fr.
Sphaeria michotii Westend.
Sphaeria miconiae Duby
Sphaeria micraspis Berk.
Sphaeria microcarpa Fr. & Mont.
Sphaeria microloncha Berk. & M.A. Curtis
Sphaeria micropus Fr.
Sphaeria microscopica Fuckel
Sphaeria microspila Berk. & Broome
Sphaeria microsticta Mont.
Sphaeria microstoma Fr.
Sphaeria microtheca Cooke & Ellis
Sphaeria micula Fr.
Sphaeria milii-multiflori Castagne
Sphaeria militaris Ehrh.
Sphaeria millegrana Schwein.
Sphaeria millepunctata Nitschke
Sphaeria milliaria Engelhard
Sphaeria miltina Mont.
Sphaeria miniata Hoffm.
Sphaeria minima Duby
Sphaeria minor Anonym.
Sphaeria minuscula Lév.
Sphaeria minuta Auersw.
Sphaeria minutella Peck
Sphaeria minutissima Ettingsh.
Sphaeria minutula Saporta
Sphaeria mirabilis Peck
Sphaeria miribelii Fr.
Sphaeria miskibutris De Not.
Sphaeria mobilis Tode
Sphaeria modesta Desm.
Sphaeria molliuscula Schwein.
Sphaeria molluginis Mont.
Sphaeria molybdina Mont. & Moug.
Sphaeria monadelpha Fr.
Sphaeria monosperma Peck
Sphaeria monstrosa Schwein.
Sphaeria montagnei Fr.
Sphaeria morbosa Schwein.
Sphaeria mori-albae Schwein.
Sphaeria mori-rubrae Schwein.
Sphaeria mori Schwein.
Sphaeria mori Castagne
Sphaeria moriformis Tode
Sphaeria morloti Fisch.
Sphaeria moroides Curr.
Sphaeria mortuosa Ellis
Sphaeria mougeotii Pers.
Sphaeria mucida Tode
Sphaeria mucosa Fuckel
Sphaeria mucronata Schwein.
Sphaeria mucronulata Fr.
Sphaeria muelleri Duby
Sphaeria muenzenbergensis Ettingsh.
Sphaeria multicapsula Sowerby
Sphaeria multiceps Sow.
Sphaeria multifera Berk. & Ravenel
Sphaeria multifida Kunze
Sphaeria multiformis Fr.
Sphaeria multiplex Kunze
Sphaeria mureti Heer
Sphaeria muricata Mengasc. & Göpp.
Sphaeria muricella Fr.
Sphaeria murrayi Berk. & M.A. Curtis
Sphaeria mutabilis Pers.
Sphaeria mutans Cooke & Peck
Sphaeria mutila Fr.
Sphaeria mycophila Fr.
Sphaeria myriadea DC.
Sphaeria myricae Lesq.
Sphaeria myricariae Fuckel
Sphaeria myriocarpa Fr.
Sphaeria myriospora Durieu & Mont.
Sphaeria myrrhidis Schwein.
Sphaeria nardi Fr.
Sphaeria natans Tode
Sphaeria naucosa Fr.
Sphaeria naudini Roum.
Sphaeria navicularis Wallr.
Sphaeria nebraskae Berk. & M.A. Curtis
Sphaeria nebulosa Pers.
Sphaeria negundinis Opiz
Sphaeria nemorosa Sacc. & Speg.
Sphaeria nepalensis Berk.
Sphaeria nephromae Crouan
Sphaeria nephromatis P. Crouan
Sphaeria nervisequa Wallr.
Sphaeria nervisequia Schwein.
Sphaeria nesodes Berk. & Broome
Sphaeria nidula Schwein.
Sphaeria nidulans Schwein.
Sphaeria nigerrima R.R. Bloxam
Sphaeria nigra Sowerby
Sphaeria nigrans Desm.
Sphaeria nigredo Schwein.
Sphaeria nigrella Fr.
Sphaeria nigrifacta Cooke
Sphaeria nigripes Ellis
Sphaeria nigrita Schwein.
Sphaeria nigro-angulata Grev.
Sphaeria nigro-annulata Berk. & M.A. Curtis
Sphaeria nigro-annulata Grev.
Sphaeria nigrobrunnea Schwein.
Sphaeria nigrofacta Cooke
Sphaeria nigrofactae Cooke
Sphaeria nigrotecta Berk. & Ravenel
Sphaeria nitens Lév.
Sphaeria nitida Weigel
Sphaeria nitidissima Durieu & Mont.
Sphaeria nitidula Lév.
Sphaeria nitrosa Wallr.
Sphaeria nitschkei Auersw.
Sphaeria nivalis Fuckel
Sphaeria nivea Hoffm.
Sphaeria nobilis Schwein.
Sphaeria norfolcia Cooke
Sphaeria notarisii Mont.
Sphaeria notha Fr.
Sphaeria nuclearia De Not.
Sphaeria nucleata Curr.
Sphaeria nucula Fr.
Sphaeria nummularia R.G. Bagn.
Sphaeria nyssaecola Berk. & M.A. Curtis
Sphaeria nyssicola Berk. & M.A. Curtis
Sphaeria obducens De Not.
Sphaeria obducens Schumach.
Sphaeria obesa Durieu & Mont.
Sphaeria obiones Crouan
Sphaeria obionis Crouan
Sphaeria obliquata Sommerf.
Sphaeria obliterans Berk. & Broome
Sphaeria oblitescens Berk. & Broome
Sphaeria obovata Berk.
Sphaeria obscura Schwein.
Sphaeria obscurata Schwein.
Sphaeria obstrusa Rabenh.
Sphaeria obtecta Schwein.
Sphaeria obturata Fr.
Sphaeria obtusa Schwein.
Sphaeria obtusata Schwein.
Sphaeria obtusissima Berk. & M.A. Curtis
Sphaeria occulta Lib.
Sphaeria occultata Fr.
Sphaeria ocellata Fr.
Sphaeria ochracea Wahlenb.
Sphaeria ochracea Grev.
Sphaeria ochroleuca Schwein.
Sphaeria oculata Fr. & Mont.
Sphaeria odora Cooke & Harkn.
Sphaeria oedema Mont.
Sphaeria oenanthes Crouan
Sphaeria oenotherae Berk. & M.A. Curtis
Sphaeria ogilviensis Berk. & Broome
Sphaeria oleae DC.
Sphaeria oleandri Durieu & Mont.
Sphaeria olearum Castagne
Sphaeria oleipara Sollm.
Sphaeria olericola Berk. & M.A. Curtis
Sphaeria olerum Fr.
Sphaeria oligostoma Schwein.
Sphaeria olivacea Ehrenb.
Sphaeria olivaceahirta Schwein.
Sphaeria olivaceohirta Schwein.
Sphaeria olivaespora Berk. & M.A. Curtis
Sphaeria olivascens Schwein.
Sphaeria omphalodes Fr.
Sphaeria oncostoma Duby
Sphaeria onosmodina Petr. & Cif.
Sphaeria ootheca Berk. & M.A. Curtis
Sphaeria operculata Alb. & Schwein.
Sphaeria operosa Desm.
Sphaeria operta Kunze
Sphaeria ophioglossoides Ehrh.
Sphaeria oppansa Fr.
Sphaeria oppilata Fr.
Sphaeria opulenta De Not.
Sphaeria opuli Fr.
Sphaeria orbicula Schwein.
Sphaeria orbiculata Schwein.
Sphaeria ordinata Fr.
Sphaeria oreades Fr.
Sphaeria oreodaphnes Cooke & Harkn.
Sphaeria orni De Not.
Sphaeria oronoensis Ellis & Everh.
Sphaeria orthoceras Fr.
Sphaeria orthogramma Berk. & M.A. Curtis
Sphaeria orthosticha Mont.
Sphaeria orthotricha Berk. & M.A. Curtis
Sphaeria osculanda Preuss
Sphaeria osculosa Pers.
Sphaeria ostioloidea Cooke
Sphaeria ostruthii Fr.
Sphaeria osyridis Castagne
Sphaeria otagensis Linds.
Sphaeria ovalis Pass.
Sphaeria ovina Pers.
Sphaeria ovoidea Fr.
Sphaeria oxyacanthae Mont.
Sphaeria pachiloma Lév.
Sphaeria pachnostoma Berk. & M.A. Curtis
Sphaeria pachyascus Cooke & Ellis
Sphaeria pachyceras Durieu & Mont.
Sphaeria pachyloma Lév.
Sphaeria pachystoma Lév.
Sphaeria pachythele Berk. & Broome
Sphaeria pachytricha Link
Sphaeria padi J.C. Schmidt & Kunze
Sphaeria padicola Lib.
Sphaeria padina Pers.
Sphaeria paecilostoma Berk. & Broome
Sphaeria paedida Berk. & Broome
Sphaeria paetula Fr.
Sphaeria palaeodaphnes Ettingsh.
Sphaeria palaeojuglandis Ettingsh.
Sphaeria palaeolauri Ettingsh.
Sphaeria palaeolentisci Ettingsh.
Sphaeria palaeosantali Ettingsh.
Sphaeria palaeosapindi Ettingsh.
Sphaeria palaeotyphae Ettingsh.
Sphaeria palina Fr.
Sphaeria pallida Willd.
Sphaeria pallida Pers.
Sphaeria palliolata Schwein.
Sphaeria pallor Haller
Sphaeria palmacea Cooke
Sphaeria palmarum Duby
Sphaeria palmetta Cooke
Sphaeria palmicola Fr.
Sphaeria palustris Fr.
Sphaeria pampini Thüm.
Sphaeria panacis Fr.
Sphaeria pandani Rabenh.
Sphaeria pandanicola Berk. & Broome
Sphaeria panici Schwein.
Sphaeria pannicola Berk. & M.A. Curtis
Sphaeria pannosa Schwein.
Sphaeria pannus Kunze
Sphaeria pantherina Berk.
Sphaeria papaverea Berk. & Broome
Sphaeria papaveris Schumach.
Sphaeria papilionacea Berk. & M.A. Curtis
Sphaeria papilla Schwein.
Sphaeria papillata Schumach.
Sphaeria papula Fr.
Sphaeria papulosa Durieu & Mont.
Sphaeria papyrifera Link & Fr.
Sphaeria papyriferae Schwein.
Sphaeria parabolica Tode
Sphaeria parallela Fr.
Sphaeria parasitans Schwein.
Sphaeria pardalios Berk. & M.A. Curtis
Sphaeria pardalota Mont.
Sphaeria parietalis Berk. & M.A. Curtis
Sphaeria parmeliarum W. Phillips & Plowr.
Sphaeria parmula Lév.
Sphaeria parnassiae Peck
Sphaeria parvicapsa Cooke
Sphaeria pastinacae Schwein.
Sphaeria patella (Tode) Pers.
Sphaeria patellaris Wallr.
Sphaeria patouilliardi Sacc.
Sphaeria paucipilis Cooke
Sphaeria pauciseta Ces.
Sphaeria pauridia Berk. & M.A. Curtis
Sphaeria peckiana Thüm.
Sphaeria pedicularium Fr.
Sphaeria pedunculata Dicks.
Sphaeria pellita Fr.
Sphaeria peltata Jungh.
Sphaeria peltigerae Fuckel
Sphaeria penes Berk. & Broome
Sphaeria penetrans anon.
Sphaeria penicillata Schwein.
Sphaeria penicillus J.C. Schmidt
Sphaeria pentagona Pers.
Sphaeria peponis Schwein.
Sphaeria peregrina Mont. & Fr.
Sphaeria perexigua Berk.
Sphaeria perforans Roberge
Sphaeria perforata Schwein.
Sphaeria pericarpii Schwein.
Sphaeria periclymeni Crouan
Sphaeria perigena Nyl.
Sphaeria perigynicola Schwein.
Sphaeria periplocae De Not.
Sphaeria permunda Cooke
Sphaeria perpusilla Desm.
Sphaeria persicaria Schwein.
Sphaeria persimon Schwein.
Sphaeria persistens Heer
Sphaeria personata Fr.
Sphaeria persooni Wallr.
Sphaeria persoonii Wallr.
Sphaeria pertecta Cooke
Sphaeria pertusa Pers.
Sphaeria pertusa (L.) Weigel
Sphaeria perusta Berk. & Broome
Sphaeria peruviana Cooke
Sphaeria perversa De Not.
Sphaeria perversum De Not.
Sphaeria petasitidis Rabenh.
Sphaeria petasitis Fuckel
Sphaeria petiginosa Fr.
Sphaeria petioli Fuckel
Sphaeria petiolicola Desm.
Sphaeria petiolophila Peck
Sphaeria petiolorum Schwein.
Sphaeria petrucciana Caldesi
Sphaeria peziza Tode
Sphaeria pezizula Berk. & M.A. Curtis
Sphaeria phacidiomorpha Ces.
Sphaeria phaeocomes Rebent.
Sphaeria phaeocomoides Berk. & Broome
Sphaeria phaeospora Duby
Sphaeria phaeosticta Berk.
Sphaeria phaeostroma Durieu & Mont.
Sphaeria phaeostromoides Peck
Sphaeria phaselina Mont.
Sphaeria phaseolorum Cooke & Ellis
Sphaeria phellandrii Kirchn.
Sphaeria phellogena Berk. & M.A. Curtis
Sphaeria phellos Schwein.
Sphaeria phiala Durieu & Mont.
Sphaeria phileura Cooke & Peck
Sphaeria phillyreae (Mont.) Mont.
Sphaeria philoprina Berk. & M.A. Curtis
Sphaeria phlyctaenodes Mont.
Sphaeria phlyctaenoides Berk. & M.A. Curtis
Sphaeria phoenix Kunze & Fr.
Sphaeria pholeodes Mont.
Sphaeria pholidigena Ellis
Sphaeria phomatoides Mont.
Sphaeria phomatospora Berk. & Broome
Sphaeria phomoides Crouan
Sphaeria phomopsis Cooke & Ellis
Sphaeria phormicola Cooke
Sphaeria phragmitis Ludw.
Sphaeria phragmospora Durieu & Mont.
Sphaeria phyllireae Mont.
Sphaeria phylloplacus Kunze
Sphaeria phyllostictoides Saporta
Sphaeria picacea Cooke & Ellis
Sphaeria picastra Fr.
Sphaeria picea Pers.
Sphaeria pileata Tode
Sphaeria pileiformis Berk.
Sphaeria pilifera Fr.
Sphaeria pilosa Pers.
Sphaeria pilosella P. Karst.
Sphaeria pilulifera Fr.
Sphaeria piluliformis Jungh.
Sphaeria pinastri Grev.
Sphaeria pinastri DC.
Sphaeria pinea Fuckel
Sphaeria pinetorum Fuckel
Sphaeria pini Alb. & Schwein.
Sphaeria pinicola Heer
Sphaeria pinodes Berk. & A. Bloxam
Sphaeria pinophylla Plowr. & W. Phillips
Sphaeria pirei Westend.
Sphaeria piriformis Olive
Sphaeria pirina Fr.
Sphaeria pirolae Ehrenb.
Sphaeria pisi Sowerby
Sphaeria pistillare Wallr.
Sphaeria pithyophila Schmidt & Kunze
Sphaeria pityrodes Mont.
Sphaeria placenta Tode
Sphaeria placentula Schwein.
Sphaeria plagarum Cooke & Harkn.
Sphaeria plana Fée
Sphaeria planiuscula Riess ex Rabenh.
Sphaeria plantaginicola Schwein.
Sphaeria plantaginis Ces.
Sphaeria platani Schwein.
Sphaeria platanicola Howe
Sphaeria platanoides Pers.
Sphaeria platanoidis Pers.
Sphaeria platasca Berk.
Sphaeria plateata Curr.
Sphaeria platypoda Lév.
Sphaeria platypus Schwein.
Sphaeria platystoma Schwein.
Sphaeria pleuronervia De Not.
Sphaeria pleurostoma Kunze ex Fr.
Sphaeria plicata Preuss
Sphaeria plicatula Berk. & Broome
Sphaeria plinthis Fr.
Sphaeria plowrightii (Niessl) Buckn.
Sphaeria pocula Schwein.
Sphaeria podagrariae Roth
Sphaeria podoides Pers.
Sphaeria poitei Lév.
Sphaeria polaris Th. Fr.
Sphaeria poliota Fr.
Sphaeria polita Fr.
Sphaeria polycladia Pers.
Sphaeria polygoni-sagittati Schwein.
Sphaeria polygonorum Auersw.
Sphaeria polygramma Fr.
Sphaeria polymorpha Pers.
Sphaeria polynesia Berk. & M.A. Curtis
Sphaeria polypodii Rabenh.
Sphaeria polyscia Berk. & Broome
Sphaeria polysticta Berk. & M.A. Curtis
Sphaeria polytrichia Wallr.
Sphaeria pomiformis Pers.
Sphaeria pomorum Schwein.
Sphaeria pontiformis (Fuckel) Cooke
Sphaeria popula Fr.
Sphaeria populi-ovalis Al. Br.
Sphaeria populi-transversae Al. Br.
Sphaeria populi Fuckel
Sphaeria populicola Crouan
Sphaeria populina Pers.
Sphaeria poronia (L.) Pers.
Sphaeria porothelia Berk. & M.A. Curtis
Sphaeria porphyrogona Tode
Sphaeria porphyrostoma Kunze
Sphaeria portentosa Mont.
Sphaeria posidoniae Durieu & Mont.
Sphaeria potentillae Schwein.
Sphaeria praeclara Mont.
Sphaeria praemorsa Lasch
Sphaeria praestans Lév.
Sphaeria praetermissa P. Karst.
Sphaeria prinicola Berk. & M.A. Curtis
Sphaeria pristina Ettingsh.
Sphaeria problematicus Knowl. & Lesq.
Sphaeria proboscidea Fr.
Sphaeria profuga Ehrenb.
Sphaeria profusa Fr.
Sphaeria propagata Plowr.
Sphaeria propendula P. Karst.
Sphaeria propinquella Nyl.
Sphaeria propullans Schwein.
Sphaeria propullulans Schwein.
Sphaeria prorumpens Wallr.
Sphaeria proteus Berk. & M.A. Curtis
Sphaeria protracta Nees
Sphaeria protuberans Fuckel
Sphaeria protusa Fr.
Sphaeria proxima Saporta
Sphaeria pruina Schwein.
Sphaeria pruinata Klotzsch
Sphaeria pruinosa Fr.
Sphaeria prunastri Pers.
Sphaeria pruniformis Nyl.
Sphaeria pseudobombarda Mont.
Sphaeria pseudomaculiformis Desm.
Sphaeria pseudopeziza Desm.
Sphaeria pseudoplatani Fr.
Sphaeria pseudotrichia Schwein.
Sphaeria psilogramma Durieu & Mont.
Sphaeria psoraleae Castagne
Sphaeria psoriella Berk. & M.A. Curtis
Sphaeria psoromatis Massee
Sphaeria pteleae Rabenh.
Sphaeria pteridicola Berk. & M.A. Curtis
Sphaeria pteridis Rebent.
Sphaeria pterophila Nitschke
Sphaeria pubens Schwein.
Sphaeria puccinioides DC.
Sphaeria pugillus Schwein.
Sphaeria pulchella Pers.
Sphaeria pulchriseta Peck
Sphaeria pulicaris Fr.
Sphaeria pullulans Berk.
Sphaeria pulveracea Ehrh.
Sphaeria pulverulenta Nees
Sphaeria pulvinata R. Hedw.
Sphaeria pulvinulus Berk.
Sphaeria pulvis-pyrius Pers.
Sphaeria pulviscula Curr.
Sphaeria pulviscula P. Karst.
Sphaeria pumila Fr.
Sphaeria puncta Schwein.
Sphaeria punctata (L.) Curr.
Sphaeria puncticularis Opiz
Sphaeria punctiformis-fossilis A. Br.
Sphaeria punctiformis Pers.
Sphaeria punctulata Roberge ex Desm.
Sphaeria punctum Schwein.
Sphaeria pungens Wallr.
Sphaeria punicae Mont.
Sphaeria punicea Kunze & J.C. Schmidt
Sphaeria pupula Fr.
Sphaeria purpurascens DC.
Sphaeria purpurea Fr.
Sphaeria purpureofusca Schwein.
Sphaeria purtoni Grev.
Sphaeria purtonii Grev.
Sphaeria pusilla Pers.
Sphaeria pustula Pers.
Sphaeria pustulata Desm.
Sphaeria putaminum Schwein.
Sphaeria pygmaea P. Karst.
Sphaeria pyramidalis Schwein.
Sphaeria pyrenogena Durieu & Mont.
Sphaeria pyrenula Fr.
Sphaeria pyriformis Pers.
Sphaeria pyrina Fr.
Sphaeria pyriospora Ellis
Sphaeria pyrolae Ehrenb.
Sphaeria quadrata Schwein.
Sphaeria quadrifida Schwein.
Sphaeria quadrinucleata Curr.
Sphaeria quassiae-amarae Fée
Sphaeria quaternata Pers.
Sphaeria querceticola Crouan
Sphaeria quercicola Wallr.
Sphaeria quercina Pers.
Sphaeria quercuum Schwein.
Sphaeria querna Curr.
Sphaeria quisquiliare Mont.
Sphaeria rabenhorstii Berk. & Broome
Sphaeria racemula Cooke & Peck
Sphaeria racodium Pers.
Sphaeria radians Tode
Sphaeria radiata Wallr.
Sphaeria radicali Schwein.
Sphaeria radicalis (Schwein.) De Not.
Sphaeria radicata Schwein.
Sphaeria radicosa (Bull.) St.-Amans
Sphaeria radicum Schwein.
Sphaeria radula Pers.
Sphaeria ramalinae Desm.
Sphaeria ramosa Dicks.
Sphaeria ramulicola Peck
Sphaeria ranella Berk. & Ravenel
Sphaeria ranunculacearum Lév.
Sphaeria rasa Berk.
Sphaeria rattus Schwein.
Sphaeria rauii Ellis & Everh.
Sphaeria recedens Cooke & Harkn.
Sphaeria recedens Niessl
Sphaeria recessa Cooke & Peck
Sphaeria reclusa Brond.
Sphaeria recondita Schwein.
Sphaeria recutita Fuckel
Sphaeria redimita Wallr.
Sphaeria refracta Cooke
Sphaeria regmostoma Fr.
Sphaeria regulina Berk. & Broome
Sphaeria relicina Fr.
Sphaeria reniformis Richon
Sphaeria repanda Fr.
Sphaeria repens Corda
Sphaeria resecans (Nitschke) W. Phillips & Plowr.
Sphaeria resinae (Ehrenb.) Fr.
Sphaeria reticulata DC.
Sphaeria retipes Lév.
Sphaeria revelata Berk.
Sphaeria rhacodium Sacc.
Sphaeria rhacodium Pers.
Sphaeria rhamni Nees
Sphaeria rhinanthi Sommerf.
Sphaeria rhizina Schwein.
Sphaeria rhizinia Schwein.
Sphaeria rhizogena Berk.
Sphaeria rhizoides Wallr.
Sphaeria rhizomorphae Curr.
Sphaeria rhizophila Berk. & M.A. Curtis
Sphaeria rhodobapha Berk. & Broome
Sphaeria rhodochlora Mont.
Sphaeria rhododendri Klotzsch
Sphaeria rhodomela Schwein.
Sphaeria rhodomphala Berk.
Sphaeria rhodomphalos Berk.
Sphaeria rhodopis Fr.
Sphaeria rhodorae Cooke
Sphaeria rhodospila Berk. & M.A. Curtis
Sphaeria rhodosticta Berk. & Broome
Sphaeria rhodostoma Alb. & Schwein.
Sphaeria rhoina Schwein.
Sphaeria rhois Schwein.
Sphaeria rhopaloides Kunze
Sphaeria rhynchosiae Lév.
Sphaeria rhypara Berk. & Broome
Sphaeria rhyponta Mont.
Sphaeria rhytidodes Berk. & Broome
Sphaeria rhytismoides Ettingsh.
Sphaeria rhytismoides Corda
Sphaeria rhytostoma Fr.
Sphaeria ribesia Schwein.
Sphaeria ribicola Fr.
Sphaeria ribis Tode
Sphaeria riccioidea Bolton
Sphaeria rigens Fr.
Sphaeria rigida DC.
Sphaeria rimarum Lasch
Sphaeria rimicola Schwein.
Sphaeria rimosa Schwein.
Sphaeria rimularum Cooke
Sphaeria rivana De Not.
Sphaeria rivulosa Schwein.
Sphaeria rizophila Berk.
Sphaeria robergeana Desm.
Sphaeria robertsii Hook.
Sphaeria robiniae Schwein.
Sphaeria rosae Schleich.
Sphaeria rosaecola Fuckel
Sphaeria rosea Pers.
Sphaeria rosella Alb. & Schwein.
Sphaeria rosicola
Sphaeria rostellata Fr.
Sphaeria rostraspora W.R. Gerard
Sphaeria rostrata Fr.
Sphaeria rostrispora W.R. Gerard
Sphaeria rottlerae Berk. & Broome
Sphaeria rotula Cooke
Sphaeria rousseliana Desm.
Sphaeria rouxii Mont.
Sphaeria rubefaciens Peck
Sphaeria rubella Pers.
Sphaeria rubelloides Plowr.
Sphaeria rubi-fruticosi Crouan
Sphaeria rubi G. Martin
Sphaeria rubicola Curr.
Sphaeria rubicunda Schwein.
Sphaeria rubida Bloxam
Sphaeria rubifaciens Peck
Sphaeria rubiformis Sowerby
Sphaeria rubiginosa Pers.
Sphaeria rubina P. Karst.
Sphaeria rubincola Schwein.
Sphaeria rubitingens Bloxam
Sphaeria ruborum Schwein.
Sphaeria rubra Willd.
Sphaeria rubricola Fr.
Sphaeria rubricosa Fr.
Sphaeria rubrocincta Schwein.
Sphaeria rudis Fr.
Sphaeria rufa Pers.
Sphaeria rufescens Schwein.
Sphaeria rufofusca Fr.
Sphaeria rugifera Opiz
Sphaeria rugosa Grev.
Sphaeria rumicis Desm.
Sphaeria rupifera Opiz
Sphaeria rusci Wallr.
Sphaeria russellii Berk. & M.A. Curtis
Sphaeria ryckholtii Westend.
Sphaeria sabalensioides Ellis & G. Martin
Sphaeria sabalensis Cooke
Sphaeria sabalicola Ellis & G. Martin
Sphaeria sabaligera Berk. & M.A. Curtis
Sphaeria sabuletorum Berk.
Sphaeria sacchari Berk. & Broome
Sphaeria sacculus Schwein.
Sphaeria saepincola Anonym.
Sphaeria salebrosa Preuss
Sphaeria salicaria P. Karst.
Sphaeria salicella Fr.
Sphaeria salicicola Fr.
Sphaeria salicina Pers.
Sphaeria salicis Fuckel
Sphaeria salicorniae Auersw.
Sphaeria saligna Ehrenb.
Sphaeria sallei Berk.
Sphaeria salzmanni Duby
Sphaeria samarae Schwein.
Sphaeria sambuci Pers.
Sphaeria sambucivora Schwein.
Sphaeria sancta Rehm & Thüm.
Sphaeria sanguinaria P. Karst.
Sphaeria sanguinea Sibth.
Sphaeria sanguinolenta Wallr.
Sphaeria sapinea Fr.
Sphaeria sarawacensis Ces.
Sphaeria sarcocystis Berk. & M.A. Curtis
Sphaeria sardoa De Not.
Sphaeria sarmenti Cooke & Harkn.
Sphaeria sarmentorum Pirotta
Sphaeria sarraceniae Schwein.
Sphaeria sassafras Schwein.
Sphaeria saturnus Sowerby
Sphaeria saubinetii Berk. & Broome
Sphaeria scabella Quél.
Sphaeria scabiens Ces.
Sphaeria scabiosicola DC.
Sphaeria scabra Curr.
Sphaeria scabriseta Schwein.
Sphaeria scabrosa Fr.
Sphaeria scalaris Durieu & Mont.
Sphaeria scapincola Schwein.
Sphaeria scapophila Peck
Sphaeria scatigena Berk. & Broome
Sphaeria schaereri C. Massal.
Sphaeria schistostroma Duby
Sphaeria schizostoma Mont.
Sphaeria schmidtii Auersw.
Sphaeria schoeneggensis Ettingsh.
Sphaeria schoereri Massee
Sphaeria schomburgkii Berk.
Sphaeria schumacheri E.C. Hansen
Sphaeria schweinitzii Fr.
Sphaeria scirpi Fr. ex Rabenh.
Sphaeria scirpicola DC.
Sphaeria scirporum Schwein.
Sphaeria sclerotium Schwein.
Sphaeria scobina (Nitschke) Cooke
Sphaeria scoparia Schwein.
Sphaeria scopula Cooke & Peck
Sphaeria scopula Sowerby
Sphaeria scoriadea Fr.
Sphaeria scotina Durieu & Mont.
Sphaeria scotophila Durieu & Mont.
Sphaeria scrophulariae Desm.
Sphaeria scruposa Fr.
Sphaeria scutellata Pers.
Sphaeria scutiformis Fr.
Sphaeria secreta Cooke & Ellis
Sphaeria secretani Heer
Sphaeria secretanii Heer
Sphaeria segna Cooke & Ellis
Sphaeria segregata Berk. & M.A. Curtis
Sphaeria selysii Westend.
Sphaeria semen Cooke & Peck
Sphaeria semi-immersa Berk. & M.A. Curtis
Sphaeria semilibera Desm.
Sphaeria seminis Cooke & Harkn.
Sphaeria seminuda De Not.
Sphaeria semiorbis J.M. Hook
Sphaeria semitecta Berk. & M.A. Curtis
Sphaeria sentina Fr.
Sphaeria sepelibilis Berk. & M.A. Curtis
Sphaeria sepincola Fr.
Sphaeria sepincoliformis (De Not.) anon. ined.
Sphaeria septemseptata Auersw.
Sphaeria septorioides Desm.
Sphaeria sepulta Boud.
Sphaeria sepulta Berk. & M.A. Curtis
Sphaeria sepulta Mont.
Sphaeria sequoiae Plowr.
Sphaeria sequojae Plowr.
Sphaeria seriata Pers.
Sphaeria serograpta Durieu & Mont.
Sphaeria serpens Pers.
Sphaeria sertata Mont.
Sphaeria seseleos Opiz
Sphaeria setacea Pers.
Sphaeria setchellii Harkn.
Sphaeria setiformis Pers.
Sphaeria setosa Schwein.
Sphaeria sexdecemspora Cooke
Sphaeria sexdecimspora Cooke
Sphaeria signans Wallr.
Sphaeria silenes Kirchn.
Sphaeria siliquosarum Schwein.
Sphaeria silphii Schwein.
Sphaeria simplex Bull.
Sphaeria sinapisperma Rabenh.
Sphaeria sinclairii Berk.
Sphaeria sinensis Berk.
Sphaeria sinopica Fr.
Sphaeria siparia Berk. & Broome
Sphaeria sismondae Ettingsh.
Sphaeria smaragdina Ces.
Sphaeria smilacicola Schwein.
Sphaeria smilacinina Peck
Sphaeria smilacis Castagne
Sphaeria sobolifera (Hill) Berk.
Sphaeria socia Nees
Sphaeria socialis Kunze
Sphaeria sodomaea De Not.
Sphaeria solani Pers.
Sphaeria solaris Cooke & Ellis
Sphaeria solida Sowerby
Sphaeria solidaginis Fr.
Sphaeria solidaginum Schwein.
Sphaeria solitaria Deb. & Ettingsh.
Sphaeria solorinae Mont.
Sphaeria soluta Cooke & Ellis
Sphaeria sommeri Eichelb.
Sphaeria sorbi Alb. & Schwein.
Sphaeria sorbina Nyl.
Sphaeria sordaria Fr.
Sphaeria sordida Pers.
Sphaeria sordidula Lév.
Sphaeria sorghophila Peck
Sphaeria sorosia Lév.
Sphaeria sparsa Wallr.
Sphaeria spartii Nees
Sphaeria spathulata Pers.
Sphaeria spectabilis Fr.
Sphaeria speirea Fr.
Sphaeria spergulae Kirchn.
Sphaeria spermoides Hoffm.
Sphaeria sphaerellula Peck
Sphaeria sphaerincola Schwein.
Sphaeria sphaeriostoma Schwein.
Sphaeria sphaerocephala Schwein.
Sphaeria sphaerococca Wallr.
Sphaeria sphagnaeceticola Crouan
Sphaeria sphagnorum Crouan
Sphaeria sphecocephala Klotzsch ex Berk.
Sphaeria sphecophila Klotzsch
Sphaeria sphincterica Sowerby
Sphaeria sphinctrina
Sphaeria sphingiophora Oudem.
Sphaeria spiculifera Sowerby
Sphaeria spiculosa Fr.
Sphaeria spiculosa Pers.
Sphaeria spiculosa Batsch
Sphaeria spilota Lév.
Sphaeria spina Schwein.
Sphaeria spinaciae Fr.
Sphaeria spinifera Wallr.
Sphaeria spinosa Pers.
Sphaeria spissa Schwein.
Sphaeria spondylina Fr.
Sphaeria sporadina Lév.
Sphaeria sporormia Cooke
Sphaeria spurca Wallr.
Sphaeria squalidula Cooke & Peck
Sphaeria squamarioides Mudd
Sphaeria squamata Cooke & Ellis
Sphaeria squamulata Schwein.
Sphaeria stannea Fr.
Sphaeria staphyleae Schwein.
Sphaeria staphylina Peck
Sphaeria stegophora Mont.
Sphaeria steinheilii Mont.
Sphaeria stellarinearum Rabenh.
Sphaeria stellulata Fr.
Sphaeria stemmatea Fr.
Sphaeria stenogramma Durieu & Mont.
Sphaeria stenograpta Wallr.
Sphaeria stenotheca Ellis & Everh.
Sphaeria stercoraria Sowerby
Sphaeria stercoris DC.
Sphaeria stereocaulicola Linds.
Sphaeria stereorum Schwein.
Sphaeria sterilior Schwein.
Sphaeria stevensoni Berk. & Broome
Sphaeria stevensonii Berk. & Broome
Sphaeria stictarum De Not.
Sphaeria stictinae Olive
Sphaeria stictispora Cooke & Ellis
Sphaeria stictoides Berk. & M.A. Curtis
Sphaeria stictostoma Berk. & M.A. Curtis
Sphaeria stigma Hoffm.
Sphaeria stigmatella Wallr.
Sphaeria stilbosporans Schwein.
Sphaeria stilbostoma Fr.
Sphaeria stilbum Schmidt.
Sphaeria stipata Schwein.
Sphaeria stomatica Schwein.
Sphaeria stricta Pers.
Sphaeria strigosa Alb. & Schwein.
Sphaeria striiformis Pers.
Sphaeria striiformis Fr.
Sphaeria strobilicola ined.
Sphaeria strobiligena Desm.
Sphaeria strobilina Holle & J.C. Schmidt
Sphaeria strobilina Curr.
Sphaeria stromatica Spreng.
Sphaeria strumella Fr.
Sphaeria strumellaeformis De Not.
Sphaeria stuppea Wallr.
Sphaeria stygia Lév.
Sphaeria stylophora Berk. & Broome
Sphaeria subaenea Berk. & M.A. Curtis
Sphaeria subaffixa Schwein.
Sphaeria subambigua Cooke
Sphaeria subbullans Schwein.
Sphaeria subclavata Lagger
Sphaeria subclypeata Berk. & M.A. Curtis
Sphaeria subconcava Schwein.
Sphaeria subconfluens Schwein.
Sphaeria subconica Cooke & Peck
Sphaeria subconnata Schwein.
Sphaeria subcorticalis Peck
Sphaeria subcutanea Cooke & Ellis
Sphaeria subdenudata Peck
Sphaeria subdispersa P. Karst.
Sphaeria subexerta Cooke & Ellis
Sphaeria subfasciculata Schwein.
Sphaeria subgemina Berk. & M.A. Curtis
Sphaeria subiculata Schwein.
Sphaeria sublanosa Cooke
Sphaeria sublimbata Durieu & Mont.
Sphaeria sublobata Schwein.
Sphaeria submaculans
Sphaeria submoriformis Plowr.
Sphaeria suborbicularis Curr.
Sphaeria subriparia Cooke
Sphaeria subrugosa Schwein.
Sphaeria subsalsa Crouan
Sphaeria subscripta Fr.
Sphaeria subsecreta Sowerby
Sphaeria subsimplex Schwein.
Sphaeria subsolitaria Schwein.
Sphaeria subtecta Fr.
Sphaeria subterranea Schwein.
Sphaeria subtilis G. Martin
Sphaeria subulata Tode
Sphaeria subusta Fr.
Sphaeria subvestita Ellis & Everh.
Sphaeria succenturiata Tode
Sphaeria succincta Wallr.
Sphaeria succinea Roberge & Desm.
Sphaeria suessii Ettingsh.
Sphaeria suffulta Nees
Sphaeria suffusa Fr.
Sphaeria sulcata Fr.
Sphaeria sulcigena Mont.
Sphaeria sulfurea Schwein.
Sphaeria sumachi Schwein.
Sphaeria supercrustacea Sowerby
Sphaeria superficialis Curr.
Sphaeria superflua (Fuckel) anon. ined.
Sphaeria surculi Fr.
Sphaeria surrecta Cooke
Sphaeria suspecta Auersw.
Sphaeria sustenta Plowr.
Sphaeria sycina Mont.
Sphaeria syciosperma Durieu & Mont.
Sphaeria syconophila De Not.
Sphaeria syncephala Wallr.
Sphaeria syngenesia Fr.
Sphaeria syringae Fr.
Sphaeria systema-solare Fuckel
Sphaeria systoma Fr.
Sphaeria tageticola Schwein.
Sphaeria taleola Fr.
Sphaeria tamaricis Grev.
Sphaeria taphrina Fr.
Sphaeria tarda Fuckel
Sphaeria tartaricola Nyl.
Sphaeria taxi Schwein.
Sphaeria taxicola Peck
Sphaeria taylori Berk.
Sphaeria taylorii Berk.
Sphaeria tecomae Berk. & M.A. Curtis
Sphaeria tecta Schwein.
Sphaeria telfairii Berk.
Sphaeria tenacella Fr.
Sphaeria tenacis Cooke
Sphaeria tenebrosa Berk. & Broome
Sphaeria tenella Schwein.
Sphaeria tenera Ellis
Sphaeria tentaculata Batsch
Sphaeria tenuissima Zipp. & Lév.
Sphaeria tephrocoma Berk. & Broome
Sphaeria tephrosia Lév.
Sphaeria tephrosiae Cooke & Ellis
Sphaeria tephrotricha Fr.
Sphaeria terebinthi Ces.
Sphaeria terebricosa Berk. & Broome
Sphaeria teres Schwein.
Sphaeria terrestris Sowerby
Sphaeria tessella Pers.
Sphaeria tessera Fr.
Sphaeria testacea Fr.
Sphaeria tetradeniae Berk. & Broome
Sphaeria tetragona Duby
Sphaeria teucrii Crouan
Sphaeria texensis Cooke
Sphaeria thallophila Cooke
Sphaeria thapsi Schwein.
Sphaeria thecicola Berk.
Sphaeria thelebola Fr.
Sphaeria thelena Fr.
Sphaeria therophila Desm.
Sphaeria thoracella Rutstr.
Sphaeria thouarsiana Lév.
Sphaeria thujina Peck
Sphaeria thujna Peck
Sphaeria thuridonta Cooke & Ellis
Sphaeria thwaitesii Berk. & Broome
Sphaeria thyoidea Cooke & Ellis
Sphaeria thyrsus Berk.
Sphaeria tigrinans Schwein.
Sphaeria tiliae Curr.
Sphaeria tiliae Pers.
Sphaeria tiliaginea Curr.
Sphaeria tinctor Berk.
Sphaeria tingens Ces.
Sphaeria tomicum Lév.
Sphaeria torminosa Mont.
Sphaeria tornata Fr.
Sphaeria tortuosa Fr.
Sphaeria torulispora Cooke
Sphaeria tosta Cooke
Sphaeria toxici Schwein.
Sphaeria trachelina Lév.
Sphaeria trachodes Mont.
Sphaeria trames Berk. & M.A. Curtis
Sphaeria transiens Saporta
Sphaeria translucens De Not.
Sphaeria transversa Schwein.
Sphaeria transversalis Schwein.
Sphaeria tremelloides Schumach.
Sphaeria tremulicola DC.
Sphaeria trichella Fr.
Sphaeria trichiacea Fr.
Sphaeria trichina Pers.
Sphaeria trichoderma Hoffm.
Sphaeria trichostoma Fr.
Sphaeria trichostroma Kunze
Sphaeria trientalis Lasch
Sphaeria trifolii Fuckel
Sphaeria triglochinicola Curr.
Sphaeria tristis Pers.
Sphaeria tritici-gracilis Castagne
Sphaeria tritorulosa Plowr.
Sphaeria trivialis Berk. & Broome
Sphaeria trochiformis Preuss
Sphaeria trochila Fr.
Sphaeria trogii Heer
Sphaeria truncata Schwein.
Sphaeria truncatula Fr.
Sphaeria tubaeformis Tode
Sphaeria tuberculosa Schwein.
Sphaeria tubericola Schwein.
Sphaeria tuberiformis Wallr.
Sphaeria tuberosa Pers.
Sphaeria tubiformis Tode
Sphaeria tubulina Alb. & Schwein.
Sphaeria tulasnei Crouan
Sphaeria tulipifera Schwein.
Sphaeria tumefaciens Ellis & Harkn.
Sphaeria tumida Pers.
Sphaeria tumorum Schwein.
Sphaeria tumulata Cooke
Sphaeria tumulosa Roberge & Desm.
Sphaeria tunae Spreng.
Sphaeria tunicata Tode
Sphaeria turbinata Pers.
Sphaeria turbinea Ludw.
Sphaeria turbinulata Schwein.
Sphaeria turgida Pers.
Sphaeria typhae Lasch
Sphaeria typharum Rabenh.
Sphaeria typhicola Cooke
Sphaeria typhina Pers.
Sphaeria uberiformis Fr.
Sphaeria uberina Mont.
Sphaeria uda Pers.
Sphaeria ulicis Fr.
Sphaeria uliginosa Fr.
Sphaeria ulmaria Sowerby
Sphaeria ulmaticolor Berk. & M.A. Curtis
Sphaeria ulmea Schwein.
Sphaeria ulmi Duvernoy
Sphaeria ulmicola Curr.
Sphaeria ulmicola Biv.
Sphaeria ulnospora Cooke
Sphaeria umbellatarum Schwein.
Sphaeria umbilicata Pers.
Sphaeria umbonata Fr.
Sphaeria umbrina Fr.
Sphaeria umbrinella De Not.
Sphaeria undosa Lév.
Sphaeria undulata Fr.
Sphaeria unedonis De Not.
Sphaeria ungeri Ettingsh.
Sphaeria unguiculata Mont.
Sphaeria unicaudata Berk. & Broome
Sphaeria unita (Nitschke) Fr.
Sphaeria uraniae Mont.
Sphaeria urceolata Wallr.
Sphaeria urticae Rabenh.
Sphaeria urticaria Mont.
Sphaeria utriculus Rebent.
Sphaeria uvae-sarmenti Cooke
Sphaeria uvaespora Cooke
Sphaeria uvariae Berk.
Sphaeria uvispora Cooke
Sphaeria vaccinicola Lib.
Sphaeria vaccinii Saporta
Sphaeria vacciniicola Schwein.
Sphaeria vacillans De Not.
Sphaeria vagabunda Desm.
Sphaeria vaginae Lasch
Sphaeria vaginarum Castagne
Sphaeria valsoides Peck
Sphaeria van-vleckii Schwein.
Sphaeria varia Pers.
Sphaeria variabilis Schwein.
Sphaeria varians Curr.
Sphaeria variolaria Schwein.
Sphaeria variolariae Massee
Sphaeria variolosa Pers.
Sphaeria vasculosa Fr.
Sphaeria vectis Berk. & Broome
Sphaeria velata Pers.
Sphaeria velutina
Sphaeria venisequa Göpp.
Sphaeria ventosa Rostr.
Sphaeria ventosaria Linds.
Sphaeria ventricosa Pers.
Sphaeria venulosa Wallr.
Sphaeria vepris Lacroix
Sphaeria verbascicola Schwein.
Sphaeria verecunda Curr.
Sphaeria vermicularia Nees
Sphaeria vermiculariaeformis Fuckel
Sphaeria verminosa Mont.
Sphaeria vernicosa Schwein.
Sphaeria veronensis Massee
Sphaeria verrucaeformis Ehrh.
Sphaeria verrucaria Fr.
Sphaeria verrucarioides P. Crouan & H. Crouan
Sphaeria verrucella Fr.
Sphaeria verrucicola Wedd.
Sphaeria verrucosa Schwein.
Sphaeria versatilis Fr.
Sphaeria versicolor Briganti
Sphaeria versipellis Tode
Sphaeria vervecina Desm.
Sphaeria vesticola Berk. & Broome
Sphaeria vestita Fr.
Sphaeria vesuvius Berk. & Broome
Sphaeria vetusta Ellis
Sphaeria vetustus Saporta
Sphaeria vexata Cooke & Ellis
Sphaeria vibratilis Fr.
Sphaeria vibriospora Berk. & M.A. Curtis
Sphaeria viburni Nitschke
Sphaeria vicinula Nyl.
Sphaeria vilis Fr.
Sphaeria vincae Fr.
Sphaeria vincetoxici (Schube) Fr.
Sphaeria violacea Fr.
Sphaeria virescens Schwein.
Sphaeria virginica Cooke & Ellis
Sphaeria virgultorum Fr.
Sphaeria viridella Peck
Sphaeria viridiatra Schwein.
Sphaeria viridicoma Cooke & Peck
Sphaeria viridis Bolton
Sphaeria visci Kalchbr.
Sphaeria viscosa Cooke & Ellis
Sphaeria vitalbae De Not.
Sphaeria viticola Schwein.
Sphaeria vitis-silvaticae Castagne
Sphaeria vitis Schwein.
Sphaeria vizeana Cooke
Sphaeria vogesiaca Anonym.
Sphaeria vomitoria Berk. & M.A. Curtis
Sphaeria vulgaris
Sphaeria vulvata Latourr.
Sphaeria weberi Heer
Sphaeria weddellii Mont.
Sphaeria wellingtoniae Cooke & Harkn.
Sphaeria widdringtoniae Ludw.
Sphaeria winteri J. Kunze
Sphaeria wolffensteniana J.G. Kühn
Sphaeria wrightii Berk. & M.A. Curtis
Sphaeria xantha Fr.
Sphaeria xanthii Lasch
Sphaeria xantholeuca Kunze
Sphaeria xanthoriae Wedd.
Sphaeria xanthostroma Schwein.
Sphaeria xanthotricha Cooke & Broome
Sphaeria xanthoxyli Lév.
Sphaeria xestothele Berk. & M.A. Curtis
Sphaeria xylariaespora Cooke & Ellis
Sphaeria xylariispora Cooke & Ellis
Sphaeria xylomoides DC.
Sphaeria xylostei Pers.
Sphaeria yuccae-gloriosae Curr.
Sphaeria yuccae Schwein.
Sphaeria yuccogena Cooke
Sphaeria zanthoxyli Lév.
Sphaeria zeae Curr.
Sphaeria zelandica Cooke
Sphaeria zeylanica Berk.
Sphaeria zinniae Schwein.
Sphaeria zizaniae Schwein.
Sphaeria zizaniaecola Berk. & M.A. Curtis
Sphaeria zizaniaeicola Berk. & M.A. Curtis
Sphaeria zizaniicola Berk. & M.A. Curtis
Sphaeria zonata Lév.
Sphaeria zosterae Schmalh.

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