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Name:Asterostroma Massee, Journal of the Linnean Society 25 (1889) page 154 [basionym]





Taxonomic position:

Lachnocladiaceae D.A. Reid [Family]
Russulales Kreisel ex P.M. Kirk, P.F. Cannon & J.C. David [Order]
Agaricomycetes Doweld [Class]
Agaricomycotina Doweld [Subdivision / Subphylum]
Basidiomycota R.T. Moore [Division / Phylum]
Fungi R.T. Moore [Kingdom]

Constituent taxa:

Asterostroma albidocarneum (Ravenel) Massee
Asterostroma andinum Pat.
Asterostroma apalum (Berk. & Broome) Massee
Asterostroma bicolor Ellis & Everh.
Asterostroma bruchii Speg.
Asterostroma cellare Henn.
Asterostroma cervicolor (Berk. & M.A. Curtis) Massee
Asterostroma chromoluteum Rick
Asterostroma corticola Massee
Asterostroma corticolum Massee
Asterostroma cremeofulvum Parmasto
Asterostroma degenerans Bres.
Asterostroma echinosporum Boidin, Lanq. & Gilles
Asterostroma epigaeum Lloyd
Asterostroma fulvum Romell
Asterostroma gaillardii Pat.
Asterostroma gracile Burt
Asterostroma hapalum (Berk. & Broome) Massee
Asterostroma laxum Bres.
Asterostroma medium Bres.
Asterostroma muscicola (Berk. & M.A. Curtis) Massee
Asterostroma ochroleucum Bres.
Asterostroma ochrostroma Burt
Asterostroma olivaceum Rick
Asterostroma pallidum Morgan
Asterostroma persimile Wakef.
Asterostroma praeacutosporum Boidin, Lanq. & Gilles
Asterostroma pseudofulvum Parmasto
Asterostroma roseum Bres.
Asterostroma sordidum
Asterostroma spiniferum Burt
Asterostroma spinososporum Boidin, Lanq. & Gilles
Asterostroma stelligerum (Speg.) Speg.
Asterostroma viridiflavum Rick

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