Observations of fungi and their associated organisms

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Hydnum sp.

Selection criteria. Country: any country. Associated organism: any (distribution map)

Number of records. 14. Date information. 1953 (Feb, Mar, Apr, May, Jul, Nov). Countries. Cuba, Georgia, India, South Africa, Ukraine, Venezuela, country not noted. Associated organisms. Eucalyptus sp. (stump, wood); Grevillea robusta (trunk); Hypocrea parasitans; Plantae indet. (trunk, twig, wood); Quercus pubescens (twig); Saccharum officinarum (litter). Collections. HACM 178, 584; HAJB 665; HAJB [Darwin] 5784; PREM 42178, 42179; TGM [Darwin] 3400; VEN 275304, 275305. Literature. Arnold (1986) page(s) 36, 178; Hawksworth, Kirk, Sutton & Pegler (1995); Lundquist & Baxter (1985) page(s) 15; Patil & Patil (1983).

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