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Lophodermium apiculatum (Wormsk. ex Fr.) Duby

Selection criteria. Country: any country. Associated organism: any (distribution map)

Number of records. 17. Date information. 1917 (May, Jul, Aug, Sep, Oct). Countries. Czech Republic, Russia, Slovakia, United Kingdom, Ukraine. Associated organisms. Agropyron repens (leaf); Calamagrostis epigeios (leaf, stem); Calamagrostis stricta (leaf); Gramineae gen.indet. (leaf); Molinia caerulea (leaf, stem); Molinia sp. (leaf). Collections. IMI 248744, 248745; K unnumbered; KW [Darwin] 21630; LEP unnumbered. Literature. Cannon, Hawksworth & Sherwood-Pike (1985); Fries (1823) page(s) 593; Henderson & Watling (1978); Minter (1986); Minter (2000) page(s) 69.

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