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Taeniolella sp.

Selection criteria. Country: any country. Associated organism: any (distribution map)

Number of records. 25. Date information. 1981 (Jan, Feb, Mar, Apr, May, Jul, Oct, Nov, Dec). Countries. Argentina, Canada, Chile, Cuba, Georgia, India, Madagascar, Malawi, South Africa, Venezuela, country not noted. Associated organisms. Acrophragmis sp.; Algae indet.; Ascomycota indet.; Corynespora sp.; Eucalyptus dealbata (leaf); Eucalyptus grandis (leaf); Eucalyptus nitens (leaf); Eucalyptus sp. (leaf); Exosporium pterocarpi; Fungi indet.; Nothofagus pumilio (wood); Picea orientalis (branch); Pinus contorta (stem); Plantae indet. (bark, branch, stem); Quercus alba (stick); Rubus sp. (stem); Smilax sp.; Sorghum bicolor (stem); Sporidesmium sp. Collections. HACM 6183, 6204, 6954, 7568, 7977, 7988, 8197, 7686 s/p, 7686-a s/p, 8100 s/p; HAJB 6453; IMI 357515, 362704, 362705, 362706, 347107b, 349756a; INIFAT 2844; MUCL 40974. Literature. Bourchier (1960) page(s) 1374; Hawksworth, Kirk, Sutton & Pegler (1995); Lal & Yadav (1964); Lal & Yadav (1965); Murvanishvili (1994) page(s) 55.

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