Observations of fungi and their associated organisms

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Isaria sp.

Selection criteria. Country: any country. Associated organism: any (distribution map)

Number of records. 28. Date information. 1958 (Jan, Apr, May, Jun, Sep). Countries. Chile, Cuba, Dominican Republic, India, Jamaica, Moldova, Namibia, Puerto Rico, Russia, South Africa, country not noted. Associated organisms. Acalypha wilkesiana; Amritodus atkinsoni (body); Bacteria indet.; Gonipterus scutellatus; Idioscopus clypealis; Insecta ord.indet. (juvenile); Lepidoptera fam.indet. (juvenile); Locustana pardalina; Mangifera indica; Naudaurelia tyrrhaea (chrysalid); Noctuidae gen.indet. (juvenile); Orocharis similis; Orthoptera fam.indet.; Petrusa marginata; Pseudococcus boninensis; Pseudococcus sp.; Saccharum officinarum; Vitis vinifera. Other substrata. soil. Collections. HACM [Darwin] 33818, 33819, 33820; HAJB 982, 1233; JBSD unnumbered. Literature. Ciferri (1961) page(s) 343; Doidge (1950) page(s) 732; Gotschlich (1913) page(s) 354; Hawksworth, Kirk, Sutton & Pegler (1995); Kumar, Roy, Khan, Yazdani, Hameed & Mahmood (1983); Lisina-Kulik (1968) page(s) 10; Nirwan & Upadhyaya (1976); Schaefer (1936) page(s) 7; Skaife (1925) page(s) 298; Solovei & Sizova (1973) page(s) 489; Stevenson (1975) page(s) 509.

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