Logo of the Darwin Initiative

Specific objectives of this project were to:
  • train reserve staff of at least 15 Cuban nature reserves in the writing of management plans;

  • help those staff to prepare new management plans for at least those 15 reserves;

  • establish, if possible, a regional identification service for fungi based in Cuba;

  • computerize existing and newly generated information about neglected groups of organisms;

  • use that and other information to produce conventional and electronic identification guides, including a guide to insects on sugar cane, and an identification guide to common wild plants of the Viñales valley in western Cuba;

  • deliver as much donated equipment (including a minimum of 45 desktop computers) as possible to its nature reserves and biodiversity institutions;

  • collaborate in study of Cuba's fungi, including surveying at three key sites (Reserva Ecológica Alturas de Banao, Cienaga de Zapata and Viñales National Park).

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