Logo of the Darwin Initiative

Welcome to the home page of the Darwin Initiative project Biodiversity Conservation in Cuba. This 3-year project, which began in April 2001, supported biodiversity conservation in Cuba. It sought to strengthen Cuban infrastructure for nature protection, and to provide support for Cuban scientists working with biodiversity, particularly of neglected groups of organisms. The project worked in national parks and protected areas of Cuba (particularly the Reserva Ecológica Alturas de Banao, Ciénaga de Zapata Biosphere Reserve, Mil Cumbres Protected Area, Pico Turquino National Park and the Parque Nacional Viñales), with the Empresa Nacional para la Protección de la Flora y la Fauna, and with scientists and conservationists in Havana (particularly in the Jardín Botánico Nacional and the Instituto de Ecología y Sistemática) and the UK (BioNET-INTERNATIONAL and CABI Bioscience).