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Specialist Groups

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General view of work planned for this action

Establishment of three specialist groups for conservation of microfungi at a global level, with the aim that they will eventually work within the World Conservation Union (IUCN) Species Survival Commission Specialist Group framework [], the themes for each group being as follows:

  • non-lichen-forming ascomycetes & conidial fungi;
  • rusts & smuts;
  • chromistans, chytrids, myxomycetes & zygomycetes.

    Objectives of each group: to prepare global conservation action plans (in situ and ex situ) for the organisms they represent; to stimulate awareness of threats, including climate change, by drawing attention to microfungi, advising on their conservation needs, and providing guidelines to facilitate their inclusion in conservation planning; to have a website making available the group's action plan, evolving to become a focus for conservation of microfungi, providing information, advice, encouragement and help for Rio Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) national focal points to include fungi in national plans; to bring policy and issues relating to conservation of microfungi to governmental and public attention, and to stimulate public debate.

    Preliminary websites

    As a first stage, draft websites have been prepared for each proposed group. To view those websites, please click on the following hyperlinks: Conservation of non-lichen-forming ascomycetes & conidial fungi, Rust & Smut Conservation and Chromistan, Chytrid, Myxomycete & Zygomycete Conservation.

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