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Description. A reserve for plants in southwest Cuba, augmenting an smaller reserve established earlier for crocodile conservation, now particularly valued for its pine forests on sandy soils. Extent 5212 ha. Established in 2001. Administered by the Empresa Nacional para la Protección de la Flora y la Fauna, Cuba.

Biodiversity. Numbers of species recorded in the management plan: Animalia, 71; Bacteria, 0; Chromista, 0; Fungi, 0; Plantae, 321 (103 endemic to Cuba); Protozoa, 0. Numbers of endangered species: Animalia, not known; Bacteria, not known; Chromista, not known; Fungi, not known; Plantae, not known; Protozoa, not known. Lists of animals and plants of the national park are included in the management plan.

Problems. Degradation of some forest land resulting from now historical practices. Absence of perimeter fence. Invasive harmful exotic species. Inadequate motor transport for the reserve. Lack of beast of burden. Lack of technical staff. No boats for marine work. No protective equipment for reserve workers. Poor quality of roads on the reserve. No 'phone communication for the reserve. Reserve signposting inadequate. Lack of equipment for protection of the reserve. Reserve management not sufficiently up-to-speed for ecotourism. Fruit trees not used sustainably on the reserve. Potential development of mining in the reserve buffer zone.

Project work. A 71 page management plan was produced with support from the Darwin Initiative project Biodiversity Conservation in Cuba.

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