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The Cybertruffle Foundation operates entirely on a not for profit basis. It has no funds of its own, and is not involved in disbursement of grants or monies of any kind. The objective of the Foundation is to facilitate free and open dissemination of information about the fungi. To achieve that within the limited resources available to the Foundation, internet facilities are provided to beneficiaries who satisfy the Foundation that they are suitable for priority.

The costs of the internet services are funded from sources outside the Foundation. The Foundation's rôle is therefore to organize facilities and provide the time to administer them. As a result, its activities are limited only by the enthusiasm and interest of the volunteer staff, and the time they can make available. The Foundation will consider sympathetically requests from bona fide mycologists who have significant mycological information which they would like to disseminate, but the limited resources available should be borne in mind.

The Foundation currently hosts four principal websites: Cyberliber, the digital library for mycology; Cybernome, the nomenclator for fungi and their associated organisms; Robigalia, a database with spatial and temporal records of the occurrence of fungi and their associated organisms; Valhalla, a website providing information about people who have studied fungi in the past, and who are now dead. These websites, which are the result of collaboration by many people worldwide, may also, from time to time, be supported by other bodies. In addition, the Foundation provides internet facilities for various other websites relating to mycology and the activities of mycologists, many but not all under the domain name.

The Foundation may be contacted through the e-mail address below.

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