Dried Reference Collection: BM

Website. http://www.nhm.ac.uk [home page for museum - there is no page specifically for mycology].

Postal address. The Curator, Fungal Dried Reference Collection, Herbarium, Department of Botany, The Natural History Museum, Cromwell Road, London, SW7 5BD, England, UK.

Description of collection. Over 395,000 specimens of lichen-forming fungi, and 51,000 specimens of myxomycetes.

Collectors with material in BM. Acharius, E.; Arnold, F.C.G.; Babington, C.; Bary, H.A. de; Boistel, A.B.; Borrer, W.; Brown, R.; Crombie, J.M.M.; Darbishire, O.V.; De Notaris, G.; Deakin, R.; Delise, D.F.; Dickson, J.; Faurie, U.J.; Fée, A.L.A.; Hampe, G.E.L.; Hepp, J.A.P.; Hooker, J.D.; Hooker, W.J.; Hudson, W.; Jacquin, N.J. von; Larbalestier, C. du Bois; Laurer, J.F.; Leighton, W.A.; Lindsay, W.L.; Lister, A.; Lister, G.; Lojka, (W.)H.; Lynge, B.A.; Mereschkowsky, K.S.; Montagne, J.P.F.C.; Mudd, W.A.; Müller Argoviensis, J.; Nylander, W.; Ravenel, H.W.; Smith, A.L.; Smith, J.E.; Sowerby, J.; Stirton, J.; Taylor, T.; Thwaites, G.H.K.; Turner, D.; Vainio, E.A.; Watson, W.; Weddell, H.A.; Welwitsch, F.M.J.; Withering, W.

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