Dried Reference Collection: K

Website. www.kew.org/collections/fungi.html.

Postal address. The Curator, Fungal Dried Reference Collection, Jodrell Laboratories, Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, Surrey, TW9 3AB, England, UK.

Description of collection. The collection was founded in 1879, and now holds over 800,000 specimens, including about 35,000 types, growing at around three to four thousand items each year. Most groups of fungi are represented. The collections are backed by an extensive mycological library which is one of the most complete reference collections of literature on fungi to be found anywhere. Label information for some specimens has been digitized.

Collectors with material in K. Ames, L.M.; Berkeley, M.J.; Borrer, W.J.; Broome, C.E.; Cooke, M.C.; Cunningham, G.H.; Currey, F.; Curtis, M.A.; Dennis, R.W.G.; Desfontaines, R.L.; Dietel, P.; Dring, D.M.; Grove, W.B.; Hansen, E.C.; Hansford, C.G.; Höhnel, F.X.R.; Hooker, W.J.; Léveillé, J.H.; Lightfoot, J.; Massee, G.E.; Pegler, D.N.; Petch, T.; Phillips, W.; Plowright, C.B.; Ravenel, H.W.; Rea, C.; Reid, D.A.; Roberts, P.J.; Smith, A.L.; Sowerby, J.; Spooner, B.M.; Thwaites, J.H.K.; Turner, D.; Wakefield, E.M.

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