(7 December 1902 – December 1978)

Ivan Yefimovich Brezhnev, mycologist and plant pathologist, was born in Brezhnevo village (Kursk province, Russia) on 7 December 1902. In 1930 I.Y. Brezhnev graduated from Leningrad State University, where he was a student of Professor A.N. Naumov. In 1935-1941 I.Y. Brezhnev worked as a junior member of teaching staff at the Chair of Morphology and Plant Systematics of Biological Faculty (Leningrad State University). At the same time he fulfilled duties of scientist in the Reserve "Forest on Vorskla" (Belgorod region), where he headed the mycological laboratory. In 1935 I.Y. Brezhnev defended his PhD Thesis and became the Candidate of Biological Sciences.

In the reserve, I.Y. Brezhnev made mycological inventory and worked on the subject "Oak Forest Biocenosis". Scientist carried on serious investigations of parasitic fungi mycoflora of this territory. On the basis this work scientific papers were published. At the territory of the reserve "Forest on Vorskla" I.Y. Brezhnev collected herbarium of 1200 species of fungi, which was annihilated by German occupants during the Great Patriotic war. Incomplete duplicate of herbarium is stored in Leningrad State University.

I.Y. Brezhnev was participant of the Great Patriotic war.

Publications of I.Y. Brezhnev were concerned with kilia of cabbage, significance of fertilizers in the fight against plant diseases, forest mycoflora. Using of fertilizers according to I.Y. Brezhnev's could be of practical use only in the case, if the cycle of the development of parasite or contamination occur in the soil. I.Y. Brezhnev objected to statement that surplus of nitrogen increased the danger of contamination, as well as to general regulations about role of potash and phosphate fertilizers in the fight against plant disease agents. On his opinion all depends of the type of combination of these elements, of soil peculiarities etc.

Till the end of his life I.Y. Brezhnev worked as senior lecturer at the Chair of Lower Plants of Leningrad State University. He permanently directed student's practical work on mycology. He knew perfectly mycflora of the reserve "Forest on Vorskla " and outskirts of Leningrad (now St Petersburg). This fact played an important part in choosing the subject to their further investigations by his students: many of them became mycologists.

I.Y. Brezhnev died in December 1978.

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