Mayra C. Camino Vilaró

Curriculum Vitae

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Personal details. Cuban, female, year of birth 1962.

Qualifications. Graduate degree: Licenciatura (Biological Sciences), 1985, Havana University; appointed Auxiliar Research, 1996, Havana University and MSc Botany, Mention Mycology, 1999, Havana University; experience in systematic mycology (Myxomycetes).

Current position. Scientific research in the Mycological Laboratory of the National Botanical Garden, since 1985.

Expertise. Mycology, identification of myxomycetes, expert in myxomycete systematics. Curator of the mycological collections in HAJB herbarium, 1987-1992. Technical adviser in one thesis of Biology students of Havana University. Experience of data-entry for computerized biological recording and in database maintenance. Experience of fieldwork with Myxomycetes and other groups of fungi in many expeditions to different areas of the country. Scientific member in the following projects: Fungi of the Caribbean (Darwin Initiative, 1997-2000); Fungal Diversity of the Sierra del Rosario Biosphere Reserve, Cuba; Electronic Distribution Maps of Caribbean Fungi (British Council, 200-2003); Biodiversity Conservation in Cuba (Darwin Initiative, 2001-2004); Fungal Diversity in Ecological Reserve "Alturas de Banao", Escambray, Cuba (2002-2005); Los Jardines Botánicos en la Conservación de la Diversidad Biológica (2001-2004).

Scientific events. Active participation in many different scientific events, attendance at more than 23 international and national congresses, including the Third and Fourth International Congresses of Systematics and Ecology of Myxomycetes (ICSEM3 Beltsville,1999, ICSEM4 Meise, 2002); First, Second, Third and Fourth Latin-American Mycological Congresses (La Habana,1993; La Habana,1996; Caracas,1999; Xalapa, 2002); Fourth Mexican Mycological Congresses (Guanajuato,1994); Fifth Latin-American Botanical Congress (La Habana, 1990); IX National Simposium of Cryptogamic Botany (Spain, 1991). many publications (over 15 in Cuba, Germany, Mexico and Spain).

Languages. Spanish, English (adequate).

MSc M. Camino

MSc M. Camino Vilaró,
Departamento de Micología,
Jardín Botánico Nacional de Cuba,
Tel.: (+53) 7 549310
Fax: (+53) 7 544184

Experience overseas. Various study periods in the following institutions: Friedrich Schiller University, Jena, Germany (1989); Instituto de Botánica, Universidad de Guadalajara, México (1992); International Mycological Institute / CABI Bioscience, Egham, UK (1998, 2002, 2003); Departamento Botánica, Universidad de Alcalá de Henares, Madrid, Spain (2003).

Previous achievements. Founder member of Latin American Association of Mycology (ALM) and Secretary during two periods (1990-1993, 1993-1996); Secretary of the Organizing Committee of two Latin American Congresses of Mycology (1993 and 1996); participant and member of the Organizing Committee of two National Exhibition of Fungi (1991 and 1993) in the National Botanical Garden (Cuba).

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