(10 May 1895 – 1965)

Taisiya Leonidovna Dobrozrakova

Taisiya Leonidovna Dobrozrakova, plant pathologist and mycologist, was born on Nizhegorodskaya oblast, Russia, on 10 May 1895. In 1923, she graduated from Leningrad [St Petersburg] Agricultural Institute, staying on as a postgraduate student under the supervision of N.A. Naumov. She defended her candidate degree thesis "Alternaria radicina as a agent of carrot black rot " in (1939). Between 1923 and 1929 she worked as a scientist at the Plant Pathology Station of Leningrad Agricultural Institute and, after 1929, at Leningrad Agricultural Institute itself, at first as a junior member of the teaching staff, then after 1932 as a senior lecturer and, after 1941, as a head of the Plant Pathology Laboratory. She also taught at the High School for Zoology & Plant Pathology (1932-1936) and worked at the Leningrad Station of Plant Protection (1934-1936).

Her main research activities were on fungi of vegetable crops and the diseases they cause, and study of fungicides. She assembled a collection textbooks and reference books on plant pathology which were in use by many generations of biology and agronomy students, and she shared with those students her wide experience and profound knowledge, with an ability to make difficult topics easy to understand. In the book "Plant Pathology" (a multiple-author work editored by N.A. Naumov, 1935), she wrote the sections on diseases during harvest products storage (pp. 295-301), diseases of potatoes and legume forage crops (pp. 144-161), diseases of cruciferous, legume and umbelliferous crops (pp. 259-276) and various other parts. In the Guide to the Identification of Plant Diseases, another multiple-author book, edited by M.K. Khokhriakov, and published in 1966 (after Dobrozrakova's death) she composed tables 60 -77. She died in 1965. Many years have passed since her death, but her students still remember her benevolence as well as her exacting devotion to science. She was an example worthy of imitation by young specialists.

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