Julio de J. Mena Portales

Curriculum Vitae

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Personal details. Cuban, male, year of birth 1958

Qualifications. Graduate degree: Licenciatura (Biological Sciences), 1982, Havana University; appointed Auxiliar Research.

Current position. Head of Department of Mycology and Member of Scientific Council at the Institute of Ecology & Systematics (IES) since 1996 and 1998 respectively. Member of the Expert Group Project National Study on Biological Biodiversity of the Cuban Republic, Institute of Ecology and Systematic, CITMA, 1995. Member of the international project Flora of the Greater Antilles and Co-ordinator at the Institute of Ecology & Systematics for the Darwin Initiative project Biodiversity Conservation in Cuba, joint Cuban Co-ordinator for the British Council project Electronic Distribution Maps of Caribbean Fungi. Interim Cuban Coordinator of MESOAMERINET y CARINET (BioNET-INTERNATIONAL). Member of the Commission for the Implementation of Cuban Biodiversity Strategy. Member of the Directive Board of "Cuba's Biodiversity Enabling Activity" Project (2002-2004). Senior Editor of the Conservation Strategy of Fungal Diversity in Cuba.

Expertise. Mycology, expert in systematic and ecology of anamorphic fungi; considerable experience of data-entry for computerized biological recording; much teaching and field experience worldwide, particularly Argentina, Cuba, Mexico and Spain. Joint Cuban National Relevant Research due to the National Study on Biological Biodiversity of the Cuban Republic (GEF/PNUMA), as part of the author's team, 1996. Scientific member and co-ordinator at the Institute of Ecology & Systematics in the following projects: Fungi of the Caribbean (Darwin Initiative, 1997-2000); Fungal Diversity at the Sierra del Rosario Biosphere Reserve, Cuba; Biodiversity Conservation in Cuba (Darwin Initiative, 2001-2004); Electronic Distribution Maps of Caribbean Fungi (British Council, 2001-2003); Fungal Diversity in Ecological Reserve "Alturas de Banao", Escambray, Cuba (2002-2004).

Scientific events. Active participation in many different scientific events, attendance to more than 50 international and national congresses including the First, Second, Third & Fourth Latin-American Mycological Congresses (La Habana,1993; La Habana,1996; Caracas,1999; Xalapa, 2002); 7th International Mycological Congress (Oslo, 2002). many publications (over 60).

Languages. Spanish, English (adequate).

Dr J. Mena Portales

Dr J. Mena Portales,
Departamento de Micología,
Instituto de Ecología y Sistemática,
Academia de Ciencias,
Carretera de Varona km 3.5,
Capdevila, Boyeros,
Ciudad de La Habana,
Tel. (+53) 7 578266 /(+53) 7 578090
E-mail: botanica.ies@ama.cu

Experience overseas. Various study periods in the following institutions: International Mycological Institute (CABI Bioscience), Egham, UK (1998, 2001, 2002); Germany, Czechoslovakia, Argentina, Mexico and Spain.

Previous achievements. Member of Anamorph Information Network (ANANET) and Latin-American Society of Botany (ALB). Founder member and Treasurer (1993-1996) of Latin-American Association of Mycology (ALM) and programming Secretary and Treasurer of two Latin-American Congresses of Mycology (1993 and 1996). Chairman of Mycological Section of Cuban Society of Botany since 1985. Awarded with Forjadores del Futuro National Medal of Youth Technical Association (BTJ) (1987, 1989, 1992) and Academia de Ciencias de Cuba National Prize (1998). Awarded in the Science and Technique National Forum (1998).

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