Ángel A. Mercado Sierra

Curriculum Vitae

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Personal details. Cuban, male, year of birth 1937.

Qualifications. Graduated from Faculty of Biology, Havana University, 1969. PhD, Academy of Science, 1984.

Current position. Principal Scientist, since October, 1986, now retired. Formerly employed by the Institute of Ecology & Systematics (IES). Head of Botanical and Mycological Department, Institute of Ecology & Systematics (1989-1994). Member of Scientific Council at the Botanical Institute (1983-1986) and Institute of Ecology & Systematics since 1986. Member of the National Commission for Scientific Degrees, Academy of Science, since 1998. President and member of the National Commission of scientific rank of the Biological Branch, Institute of Ecology & Systematics, since 1984. Secretary of National Commission for the study of Cuban Flora and President of sub-commission for the edition of Cryptogamic Flora. Member of the international project Flora of the Greater Antilles. Head of the Editorial Board, Institute of Ecology & Systematics (1987-1997).

Expertise. Mycology, expert mycologist specializing in systematics and ecology of tropical anamorphic fungi. Co-editor of the Conservation Strategy of Fungal Diversity in Cuba. Much teaching and field experience worldwide, particularly Argentina, Costa Rica, Cuba, Mexico and Spain. Member of International Project Flora of the Greater Antilles and head of National Project Diversidad Fúngica en la Reserva de la Biosfera Sierra del Rosario Cuba (1997-2000). Scientific member in the following projects: Fungi of the Caribbean (Darwin Initiative, 1997-2000); Fungal Diversity at the Sierra del Rosario Biosphere Reserve, Cuba; Electronic Distribution Maps of Caribbean Fungi (British Council, 2001-2003); Biodiversity Conservation in Cuba (Darwin Initiative, 2001-2004); Fungal Diversity in Ecological Reserve "Alturas de Banao", Escambray, Cuba (2002-2004).

Scientific events. Active participation in many different scientific events, attendance to more than 35 international and national congresses including the First, Second, Third & Fourth Latin-American Mycological Congresses (La Habana, 1993; La Habana, 1996; Caracas, 1999; Xalapa, 2002). Over 70 publications.

Languages. Spanish, English (adequate).

Dr Á. Mercado Sierra
Dr Á. Mercado Sierra,
Departamento de Micología,
Instituto de Ecología y Sistemática,
Academia de Ciencias,
Carretera de Varona km 3.5,
Capdevila, Boyeros,
Ciudad de La Habana,
Tel.: (+53) 7 578266 /(+53) 7 578090
E-mail: botanica.ies@ama.cu

Experience overseas. Argentina, Costa Rica, Mexico and Spain.

Previous achievements. Founder member of Anamorph Information Network (ANANET), Society of Biological Science and Cuban Society of Botany. Founder member and Secretary (1990-1993) of the Latin-American Association of Mycology (ALM). Awarded with Carlos J. Finlay Order and Medal for science by the government of Cuban Republic (1994), Medal of the 30th Anniversary of foundation of Institute of Ecology & Systematics (1995) and Academia de Ciencias de Cuba National Prize (1998). Received awarded in the Science and Technique National Forum (1998).

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