Tatiana Andrianova

Curriculum Vitae

  • Personal details. Ukrainian, date of birth 1961, female.

  • Qualifications. Candidate of Biological Science; Member Ukrainian Botanical Society; Founder Member of European Mycological Association; holds Ukrainian driving licence.

  • Current position. Senior Scientist, Department of Mycology, M.G. Kholodny Institute of Botany, National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine.

  • Expertise. Mycology and botany; specialist with over 12 years' experience in mitosporic fungi, mainly Coelomycetes and particularly leaf-inhabiting species, with very considerable experience of Septoria and allied genera; about 110 publications, including joint-authorship of 2 monographs. Research work has been presented at various national and international conferences, including meetings in Norway (7th International Mycological Congress), Ukraine, Russia, Egypt and the UK. Considerable experience of data-entry for computerized biological recording.

  • Current Activities. Executive Committee Member of the International Mycological Association. Secretary of the European Mycological Association. Participant in Darwin Initiative project Restoring Ukraine's Lost Steppe (2002-2005). BioNET INTERNATIONAL Contact Scientist for Ukraine (representing Belarus, Moldova and Ukraine at BioNET INTERNATIONAL's third global workshop, Pretoria, 2002). Senior Lecturer in Plant Pathology, Biology Department, International Solomon University, Kiev, Ukraine. Secretary, Mycology & Phytopathology Branch of the Ukrainian Botanical Society. Participant in the project Fungi of the Left Bank of Ukraine (National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine) 2003-2007.

  • Previous Achievements. Participant in Darwin Initiative projects Fungi of Ukraine (1994-1996, author of coelomycete entries in major checklist produced from that project), Biodiversity Information in the former Soviet Union (1999-2002, co-editor of the first English language edition of Vorontsov's Who's Who in Biodiversity Sciences produced through this project). NIS Co-ordinator of INTAS Infrastructure Action Biodiversity Information in the former Soviet Union (1999-2002, and co-editor of the CD with the first electronic version of Vorontsov's Who's Who in Biodiversity Sciences produced through this project). Secretary of Organizing Committee for XIV Congress of European Mycologists. Participated in the project Fungal Diversity in Crimea (National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine) 1999-2002. Officer Member of the Academician V.I. Vernadsky Heritage Commission, Presidium of National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Kiev, Ukraine. Organizing Committee Member for Ukraine's first National Conference for Conservation of Biodiversity, Kaniv 1997.

  • Languages. Ukrainian, Russian, English (fluent).

  • Expeditions & fieldwork. Participant in Royal Geographical Society's first Ralph Brown Expedition (1998). Several months on a Soviet research ship, mainly in the Indian Ocean (Seychelles, Madagascar) but also visiting Indonesia, Namibia, Singapore, the Canary Islands and mangrove swamps of Guinea (1991); member of Second Polar Expedition (Komarov Botanical Institute, Leningrad, 1989), including work in various parts of the Russian Federation; further fieldwork in Armenia; extensive fieldwork within Ukraine, and other European fieldwork including the Czech Republic, Hungary, Norway and the UK.

    Dr T.V. Andrianova

    Dr T.V. Andrianova,
    M.G. Kholodny Institute of Botany,
    Tereshchenkivska Street 2,
    Kiev, MSP-1, 01601,
    Fax: +380 44 234-6171

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