Vladimir P. Isikov

Curriculum Vitae

Personal details. Ukrainian, year of birth 1951, male.

Qualifications. Diploma (Lviv, Forest Sciences), Candidate Degree (Lviv, Forest Sciences), DSc (Kiev, Institute of Botany 1993); member of Ukrainian Botanical Society; much experience of organizing expeditions, conferences and other meetings.

Previous achievements. Exhibited photographs of Crimean nature in the Embassy of Ukraine (Brussels), the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Kiev), and Nikita Botanic Garden (Yalta). Photographs of Crimean nature and landscapes used in numerous other publications and exhibitions. Leader of the following projects: Saving the Poyarkova hawthorn and other rare and disappearing species of the Crimean flora [funded through the Embassy of Canada, Kiev, Ukraine, 1999-2000]; Creation of a public network of ecological control in Crimea [funded through the Embassy of Canada, Kiev, Ukraine, 2000-2001]; Introduction and conservation of the Poyarkova hawthorn [funded through the Royal Netherlands Embassy, Kiev, Ukraine, 2000-2001]. Participant in the following projects: Development of ecological tourism in Crimea [funded through the Royal Netherlands Embassy, Kiev, Ukraine, 1999-2000]; Econet and publication of colour photograph book "Ukraine: the natural heritage" [funded through Ukraine's Ministry of Environment & Natural Resources, and the United Nations Development Programme, 2000]. Major rôle in surveys and management plans for Opuk and Kazantyp, two new nature reserves in eastern Crimea; conservation programme for Crataegus poyarkovii. Participant in the following projects: Biodiversity Information in the former Soviet Union (Darwin Initiative, 1999-2002); An Environmental Action Plan for Balaclava (DFID SEPS, 2001-2002); Recovering Ukraine's Lost Steppe (Darwin Initiative, 2002-2005); Encouraging Sustainable Development of the Crimean South Coast (UK DEFRA, 2004-2005). Co-organizer of Seed Banks of Ukrainian Native Plants. Member of Organizing Committee of the 14th Congress of European Mycologists. Founder member of the European Mycological Association. Supervision of two postgraduate students. Much field experience in Ukraine, Russia and the UK.

Expertise. Environmental conservation and planning (prepared Local Environmental Action Plan for Balaclava). Biodiversity work, including surveys and conservation strategies; establishment of seed banks; mycology, specializing in identification of ascomycetes, basidiomycetes and conidial fungi inhabiting woody plants; considerable experience of photography; author or co-author of 101 publications; some experience of personal computers.

Dr V.P Isikov

Vladimir P. Isikov
Department of Plant Protection,
Nikita Botanic Garden,
Ukrainian Agricultural Academy of Sciences,
Nikita, Yalta, Crimea, 98648, Ukraine.
Fax: +38 (0) 654 335110.
e-mail address

Current activities. Local Organizer for the 6th International Congress on the Systematics & Ecology of Myxomycetes scheduled to be held in Ukraine in 2008.

Current position. Principal Scientist, Nikita Botanic Garden.

Languages. Russian, Ukrainian, German (basic), English (basic).

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