Ms T.I. Kryvomaz

Ms T.I. Kryvomaz,
Master Consulting NGO,
Olegovskaya Street 39/4,
Podol', 04071 Kiev, Ukraine.
e-mail address

Tetyana Kryvomaz

Curriculum Vitae

  • Personal details. Ukrainian, date of birth 1971, female.

  • Qualifications. BSc in Botany, T. Shevchenko National University of Kiev. Polytechnic Institute of Kiev, Chemistry.

  • Current position. Director of Master Consulting NGO, an NGO established to carry out environmental work in Ukraine. Leader of Establishing a Network of Ecologists in Ukraine a project of the British Ecological Society (2006-2010). Chair of the Organizing Committee & President of the 6th International Congress on the Systematics & Ecology of Myxomycetes scheduled to be held in Ukraine in October 2008.

  • Expertise. Environmental management with particular experience of management of military training areas. Protozoology, one of a very small number of specialists in myxomycetes in the former Soviet Union. Participant in Darwin Initiative projects Fungi of Ukraine (1994-1996) (co-author of entries for myxomycetes in the major checklist published as a result of that project), Biodiversity Information in the former Soviet Union (1999-2002) and Recovering Ukraine's Lost Steppe Land - a unique opportunity (2002-2005). Assistant site manager for the XIV Congress of European Mycologists (Katsiveli, Crimea, September 2003). Founder Member of the European Mycological Association. Participant in the DEFRA project Encouraging Sustainable Development of the Crimean South Coast (2004-2005). Leader of the British Council SEPSII project Planning, management and education for sustainability on Ukraine’s military sites (2004-2005).

  • Languages. Ukrainian, Russian, English.

  • Expeditions & fieldwork. International: La Réunion (2006, supported by Global Biodiversity of Eumycetozoans project [PBI]); UK (2000, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006); France (2005), Belgium (2002, 2005), Mexico (2005), Kazakhstan (2004, supported by Global Biodiversity of Eumycetozoans project [PBI]); Italy (2004, 2006); USA (2003, Great Smoky Mountains National Park, Tennessee, supported by All Taxa Biodiversity Inventory); Cuba (2002 - supported by UK Darwin Initiative); participant in the Royal Geographical Society's first Ralph Brown Expedition (1998); Poland (1996 - supported by UK Darwin Initiative and British Mycological Society). Ukraine: Carpathians (1994, 1995 - supported by UK Darwin Initiative, 2005, supported by Global Biodiversity of Eumycetozoans project [PBI], 2006, 2007); Polis'kiy Reserve (1998, 2001, 2006); Rivnens'kiy Reserve (2001); Cherems'kiy Reserve (2004); Shatsk National Park (1998, 2003); Dniprovo-Orelskiy reserve (1996); Kaniv reserve (1992, 1993, 1994, 1995, 2003).

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