William J.K. Minter

Curriculum Vitae

Personal details. British, male, year of birth 1984.

Qualifications. School Qualifications. Basic level (GCSE): Biology, Chemistry, English, English Literature, French, German, Maths, Music, Physics, Russian, Spanish. Advanced level: French, Further Maths, General Studies, Maths, Music, Music Technology, Russian.

Current position. Undergraduate studying Chinese at Oxford University.

Expertise. Languages. Music (piano, percussion).

Languages. English, French, German (rudimentary), Russian, Spanish, Mandarin Chinese (rudimentary).

Experience overseas. Widely travelled in Europe: Austria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Eire, Estonia, France, Greece (Aghion Oros, Macedonia, Thessaly), Germany, Hungary, Italy, Liechtenstein, Poland, Russia, San Marino, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Ukraine (Volyn, Crimea). Further travel in Argentina, Chile, China.

Previous achievements. Participant of the Royal Geographical Society's first Ralph Brown Expedition (1998). Cycling. Edinburgh to Thurso (2003), London to Barcelona (2004).

Mr W.J.K. Minter

Mr W.J.K. Minter,
Wadham College,

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