Welcome, oh mortal, to the great hall of Cybertruffle's Fungal Valhalla, the home of mycology's super-heroes.

About Valhalla. In Norse mythology, Valhalla was an enormous and gloriously decorated hall to which only the greatest heroes were taken after they died. There, presided over by the chief Norse god, those heroes spent the after-life feasting and generally indulging in larger than after-life activities. The present website provides a virtual hall for the greatest heroes of the fungal world, a mycological Valhalla, where these late-greats can feast and generally indulge in larger than after-life studies of the fungi. If you are interested in fungi, and would like to enter this great virtual hall, please contact the Chief Mycovalkyrie for advice about how this may be achieved.

Mycovalkyries. The original Valhalla was guarded by Valkyries, stern and beautiful maidens, who selected fallen heroes from the battlefield and brought them in. Only those selected by a Valkyrie had the chance to enter. Given the very limited numbers in current mycology of stern and beautiful maidens, mycology's fallen heroes are of necessity borne to the great door of Cybertruffle's Fungal Valhalla by virtual Mycovalkyries, but only the Chief Mycovalkyrie can let them through into the hall to join the august ranks there.

The Great Tables of Valhalla. In mycology's Valhalla, there are 26 great tables, and at each table a different group of super-heroes feasts. The confusing and enormous world of the fungi is universally acknowledged to be chaotic, and all of the mycological super-heroes to be found in this hall have spent their lives trying to introduce sense where there is still very little. It is only fitting, therefore, that in the after-life, they should be rewarded with such a degree of order as they seldom found during life. The tables are therefore, re-assuringly, in alphabetical order, with each table named after a different letter of the alphabet. Move on, oh mortal, with reverence, among those tables, and meet mycology's super-heroes, one-by-one.

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