Alchornea latifolia Sw.

Tree, sometimes up to 20 m; minor branches slightly stellate-pubescent or almost hairless; leaves slightly coriacious, with thick petiole, 1-10 cm, ovate to elliptic, sometimes very broad, 12-25 cm long, 6-18 cm wide, abruptly acuminate, rounded to obtuse at the base, crenate-dentate, with 3 veins from the base, stellate-pubescent on underside when young; male flowering spike slim, 7-20 cm, flowers directly attached, 2 sepals; 8 stamens; female flowering spikes sometimes branching, 10-20 cm, 4 sepals, ovate; ovary commonly 2-(3)-locular, styles 6-20 mm; capsule 7 mm, reddish.

Common names: aguacatillo, baconá, chote.

Alchornea latifolia
Alchornea latifolia, living leaf
Alchornea latifolia, dead leaf
Alchornea latifolia, bark

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