Amyris balsamifera L.

Aromatic bush or small tree, 2-4 m; branches of inflorescence and calyx hispid; leaves opposite, with 3-5 leaflets, these with petiolules, lanceolate to ovate or rhobic-ovate, 3-13 cm, pointed to acuminate at apex, brilliant on upperside; petals obovate to ovate, 3-3.5 mm; ovary ovoid or oblong-ellipsoid, hispid; stigma directly attached or stipitate; drupe oblong-ovoid, sometimes ellipsoid, usually elongated in the base forming collar, 6-14 mm, black.

Common names: cuaba, cuaba blanca, cuaba de monte.

Amyris balsamifera, branch
Amyris balsamifera, leaf, upper surface
Amyris balsamifera, leaf, lower surface
Amyris balsamifera, flowers

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