Andropogon bicornis L.

With rhizomes, perennial; culms slim or medium-thick, 1-2.5 m, branching towards the apex, glabrous; leaves with keeled sheaths, wide, glabrous, with apex largely villous; limbs flat or involute, up to 50 cm long, 2-5 mm wide, with scabrid; panicle compound; racemes numerous, geminate or ternary, 2-3 cm, on long filiform peduncles, with elongated spathe shaped sheaths; joints and pedicels filiform and pilose; spike directly attached, 3-5 mm, without awn, with villous callus at base, apex of each raceme more unravelled than next; first glume flat, with keels on both edges; second glume boat-shaped, with one vein; lemmas diaphanous, without veins; spike with very short or absent pedicel; 3 stamens.

Common name: barba de indio.

Andropogon bicornis
Andropogon bicornis

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