Arthrostylidium reflexum Hitchc. & Ekman

Slim culms, ascending up bushes and trees, glabrous; non flowering branches appressed or ascending, solitary or in fascicles; leaves with reticulate sheaths, glabrous; bristles often up to 5 cm; limbs linear-lanceolate, ascending, up to 5-18 cm long, 7-18 mm wide, acuminate at apex and rounded at base, with scabrid margins; flowering branches with many leaves, 25-35 cm, with leaves as far as base, up to 15 cm; racemes in spikes, at apex, 10-20 cm, with few or many spikes; rachis straight and glabrous; spikes cylindrical, with 3-4 florets, one fertile; first glume 0.5 mm, second slightly longer; lemmas 5 mm, 1-2 sterile, at base, 1 at apex smaller and rudimentary.

Species endemic, only growing in Los Mogotes.

Arthrostylidium reflexum
Arthrostylidium reflexum

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