Asplenium dentatum L.

Straight stem, 1-4 mm diameter; scales triangular to lanceolate, brown, irridescent, with rounded base and filiform apex; leaves dimorphic, some sterile and some fertile, in fascicles, 1.9-27.3(-30.4) cm long; sterile leaves decumbent, 1.3-13 cm long, with petiole elongated and winged or marginate, green, with scales at base, pinnate, leaflets oblong, with glabrous membrane, base truncated, apex in equal proportion, rhomboidal or flabellate; rachis green, slightly marginate, glabrous; 2-13 pinnae on each side of rachis, directly attached or with a short stem, opposite; fertile leaves erect, 6.7-27.3 cm long, petiole marginate, green, occasionally brown towards the base, leaf surface pinnate, oblong or oblong-lanceolate, 3.6-18.8(21.4) cm long, 1-2.6 cm wide; rachis adaxially marginate, with scarce inconspicuous hairs; 3-17 pinnae on each side of the rachis, with short stem, opposite (at the base) or alternate; venation flabellate, the veins 1-3 times bifurcated, apparent; 2-6 sori on each side of the costa, linear, 1.1-6.2 mm long.

Common names: culantrillo, doradilla.

Asplenium dentatum

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