Befaria cubensis Griseb.

Bush with many branches, 1-2 m; branches crusty, hispid, and viscous; recently formed ones frequently with long glandular hairs; leaves directly joined, alternate, dense, very numerous, lanceolate or linear, (2.4-)4.4(-6) mm long, (2-)4(-5) mm wide, revolute, coriaceous, pointed; base narrow; upper side with glandular hairs, sparse towards the base, hairless otherwise, bright green; underside glabrous; midrib forming impression on upperside, prominent on underside; inflorescence terminal, in racemes, with few or up to 20 flowers; floral axes and peduncles hispid, with large glandulous unicellular hairs. Flowers with discs, hemaphrodite, heptamerous; calyx with 7(8) sepals, glabrous, persistent; corolla with seven free petals, spathe-like or oblanceolate, unequal; fruit in capsule, depressed or globose; seeds numerous.

Species striking for the blood-red colour of its flowers; endemic to western Cuba.

Befaria cubensis, living leaves (left), dead leaf (right)
Befaria cubensis, flowers
Befaria cubensis, fruit

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