Bunchosia media (Ait.) DC.

Tree or bush; leaves opposite, elliptic or sometimes almost obovate, 4-11 cm, generally slightly acuminate at the obtuse apex, brilliant and with slightly marked venation on the upperside, slightly revolute with age, cuneate at the base, petiole short; pedicels pubescent; sepals ovate to oblong, 4-5 mm, glands half the length of the sepals; larger petals 7-9 mm, almost oribicular, denticulate; ovary and styles hairless; drupe 2-lobed or rarely 3-lobed, 1 cm diameter.

Common name: mierda de gallina.

Bunchosia media, branches
Bunchosia media, leaf, upper surface
Bunchosia media, leaf, lower surface

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