Casearia guianensis (Aubl.) Urb.

Bush or tree up to 10 m high, rarely taller; trunk slim; branches with red wooly hair towards apex, more glabrous with age and with elongated lenticels; leaves periodically falling; petiole 4-8(-10) mm long; leaf face obovate-elliptic to obovate-oblong, (4-)5-12(-16) cm long, 3-5 cm wide, with translucent spots and lines, rusty-red woolly hair of various length on both faces but more densely on underside, particularly on veins; inflorescence on branches without leaves, 8-12 flowers; flowers greeny-white to cream; 5 sepals, oblong to lightly obovate, slightly hairy on upper face; 8 stamens; ovary ovoid to piriform, covered with light hairs; style undivided, short; stigma capitate; fruit almost globose, reddy-black; seeds 6-10.

Common names: jía amarilla, raspalengua.

Casearia guianensis, branch
Casearia guianensis, leaves

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