Ceratopyxis verbenacea (Griseb.) Hooker f. ex Hooker

Bush or small tree; minor branches glabrous; stipules 4-10 mm, ovate-deltoid, pointed or acuminate, mucronate, resinous; leaves elliptic-oblong, lanceolate-oblong, or oblanceolate-oblong, 4.5-8 cm long, 1.2-2.5 cm side, pointed or rounded to obtuse and shortly acuminate at apex, pointed or acuminate at base, glabrous or pubescent close to base; peduncles 4.5-14 cm, thyrsus 3-7 cm long, 1.5-2.5 cm wide; calyx short, hairy, 4 mm, corolla 6-8 m, yellowish, slightly hairy, fruit 4-5 mm, slightly hairy.

Common name: cuaba de sierra.

Species endemic to Los Mogotes de Pinar del Río.

Ceratopyxis verbenacea
Ceratopyxis verbenacea
Ceratopyxis verbenacea, branch
Ceratopyxis verbenacea, living leaves (left), dead leaf (right)

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