Chiococca alba (L.) Hitchc.

Bush or small tree, branches usually sarmentose or climbing, glabrous or slightly pubescent; stipules 1-2 mm, with wide base. mucronate or subulate-acuminate; leaves very variable, oval or oval-ovate, sometimes lanceolate, elliptic or rounded-oval, 2.5-9 cm long, 1-4.5 cm wide, commonly shortly acuminate, in general papery, glabrous; inflorescence racemose or in panicles, with peduncles, branches glabrous or slightly pubescent, pedicels 1-5 mm; calyx 2-2.5 mm, lobes subulate, deltoid, slightly pointed; corolla 3.5-8 mm, lobes triangular, obtuse or slightly pointed; fruit white, orbicular, 4-8 mm, compressed, glabrous.

Common names: bejuco de verraco, cainca.

Chiococca alba
Chiococca alba
Chiococca alba, leaves
Chiococca alba, stipules

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